At Home With Krystin McCourt

At Home With Krystin McCourtToday, Krystin McCourt is here to share her lovely open living room and dining area with us!

Lovely bright dining room"When we walked into our home for the first time two years ago, it was this space my husband and I instantly fell in love with. The light, the ceiling, the rock fireplace. We knew it would be the perfect back drop for our little family to live and grow. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, and some of my favourite moments in this house have been cuddling up in front of the fireplace with my loves during the (very long) cold, dark winter months, sipping tea and listening to records."Cozy little corner with vintage pillowsBeautiful living room via A Beautiful Mess"Our living/dining room is definitely the most used space in our home. It's rarely ever tidy with Star Wars Legos and crayons between the couch cushions, cheddar bunnies and receiving blankets on the floor, and fabric scraps on the tables. But I'm okay with that—most days."The bunting gives this room a fun touchSweet personal details make a roomLovely teacup succulents
"Although we haven't been here long, we feel very much at home. This space is filled with meaning: wedding and ultrasound photos, paintings and volcano science projects. I have tea cups and milk glass mugs filled with beeswax candles and tiny succulents."Lovely record cornerDarling little mug"My favourite and most important item in this room is our photo albums. We don't have many. I need to get around to printing most of the last 10 years worth of photos… But the few we do have are precious to me for obvious reasons. I feel incredibly fortunate to have any of this. A safe, cozy space to come home to each and every day. Thousands of people in our province have lost their homes due to flooding over the past few days, and my heart goes out to them."Krystin McCourt's beautiful homeAfterlight (32)Darling dining roomThank you so much, Krystin, for sharing your space with us! You can find more of Krystin and her adorable family over at her blog Sappy Apple or at her shop . xo.

  • this is beautiful it looks very peaceful and i love all the subtle greens. rosie l Every word handwritten

  • This is so beautiful 🙂 It looks very peaceful and I love all the subtle greens.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • I love the simple & clean look – thanks for sharing 🙂

  • What a beautiful space! The infrastructure is great, but the home decor and personal touches are what make it truly special. I love the idea of having tiny succulents in tea cups! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photographs with your readers!

  • This space is absolutely lovely and charming, I especially love the tone it sets, creative but relaxed 🙂
    Yasmine xx

  • This space looks awesome! So cheery and bright! I love the succulents in the tea cup, along with the candles! I love how open and uncluttered the space is. And that baby rug is the cutest!! 🙂

  • I love the bee mug! Where is it from?


  • I was just getting ready to repaint my grey living room but you have inspired me to keep it. Xoxo

  • Beautiful space, so airy and yet cozy! And I love that they basically have the exact same furniture in their living room that we have 😉

  • wow love the decor. outstanding.

    – Janine

  • Such a great space! Absolutely love. And I like seeing the dining area in the same space as the living area- it helps to give me ideas for my own place. Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh this is too cute and I live right close to Edmonton so I will definitely be checking out her blog!!

  • WOW! This is a beautiful home!

    xo Lisa

  • so bright and cozy living it..long coffee table is so useful for all guests..

  • I really identify myself with this home
    Love every detail
    Love those posts about real homes

  • Oh this is such a lovely space!

  • Loving the color scheme here. It makes me feel so relaxed just looking at the pictures. Beautiful children she has as well!

    Best, x

  • What a beautiful space. Such a lovely home.

    Alex from

  • I adore this, I love the little tea cup plant and the banner and the castle. It’s amazing.


  • Oh my goodness – this really speaks to me. So beautiful.

  • The bunting in this beautiful little space is just the icing on the cake of perfection…if it were a room of course! xxxx

  • I love it! Also, I’m totally obsessed with poufs and jealous of people who have them. By the time I get one they will be out of style, but I won’t care! Hah. But that living room looks so inviting and fun!

  • So lovely! I love the teacups 🙂


  • I love how open and light her home is.

    xo Jennifer

  • I love the grey walls in contrast to the wooden floor!

  • LOVELY!! My favorite house tour yet! Lots of inspiration for me as we just moved into our own home!

  • What a beautiful space. I always look forward for these features on your blog.

  • I really like how the grey/natural color theme is accented with a little green here and there. And the fireplace seems to be great!

  • This room is very calming with its muted colors. There are so any wonderful subtle details.
    Lovely room.

  • Wow! Gorgeous. I love the dining area and the pop of color hanging from the ceiling!

  • I love that dining table and chairs! Beautiful space!

    Molly from Mint Atelier

  • Thanks so much for featuring Canadian homes! It’s so cool to see someone from my hometown on one of my favourite blogs – something I didn’t think I’d see happen! Love love love the “At Home With” series!

  • Such beautiful, cool and neutral colors. It looks comfortable and homey. 🙂

  • I love how bright and airy this space is!


  • It feels just like home. Comfy!

  • I think this might by my favorite “At Home” yet. I love the natural light and the soft color pallet.

  • What a cozy and warm looking home. This is exactly the type of environment I want to create for my (someday) family.

  • Have I told you how much I love this series? I love this series.
    This featured home is so simple, yet so stunning. The shots of the bumblebee cup and the castle are my favorites!
    These little glances into intimate lives always make me smile.

    ♡ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  • that bunting out of vintage material/sheets is brilliant. now if only i could bring myself to cut some up haha…until then i’ll just adore hers!

  • Lovely home! I am also in love with that couch and currently in the market for one…where is it from??

  • Such a lovely house, the tea-cup succulents are awesome.

  • What a gorgeous space. That fireplace is breathtaking.


  • Gorgeous home! All the details are amazing, especially love the fabric flag banner!

  • Does she have a tutorial for that Chevron crocheted blanket? I’ve done a similar blanket with the braided sections, but it was just with straight rows.

  • beautiful, beautiful home! i love how comfy it looks & she’s got some great taste in seating 🙂

  • Oh goodness, this is gorgeous! I love her color palette, it feels so natural and light 🙂


  • Gorgeous! I’m in love with that fireplace…the whole space looks so cozy.

  • i love the color of the walls and all of the windows, what a great space!

  • Oh I love these photos! The openness and light truly is eyecatching. I can absolutely see myself living here!

    Juliette Laura

  • looks like such a lovely home! xo

  • Her house is beautiful, and my heart jumped a beat when she said Edmonton! Yay Canada! I live pretty close in Calgary, AB and I appriciate that she mentioned the flooding. It’s been devastating.

    Thank you for sharing your home!

  • I love all of their furniture. Basically this is my dream living room.

  • This has to be one of my favorite At Home posts you’ve featured. I love the floor and the fireplace – I can see how they fell in love with this gorgeous home.


  • Every single time I see those white chairs I fall a little more in love with them! Lovely space.

  • I love that garland! And I love that the space just radiates zen. Seems like it would be such a lovely space to unwind or find a little relief in the middle of a busy day.

  • A beautiful living room – very simple, elegant and most importantly lived in and enjoyed. Perfect.

  • I love the succulents in the tea cup! At Home With is one of my favorite posts!

  • i was unaware Edmonton had anything nice about it, and I live here! haha Nice surprise though and beautiful space!

  • I love this space!! I’m totally in love with the dining chairs… heading over to check out Krytin’s blog now!

  • LOVE that you’re sharing homes in canada! and I love even more that she mentioned the flooding. her house is gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  • How lovely! Krystin is one of my favorite people. So nice to see her space on A Beautiful Mess.

  • That is my dream couch.

    So adorable.
    Love the little guy on the blanket!

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