At Home With Krystin McCourt

At Home With Krystin McCourtToday, Krystin McCourt is here to share her lovely open living room and dining area with us!

Lovely bright dining room"When we walked into our home for the first time two years ago, it was this space my husband and I instantly fell in love with. The light, the ceiling, the rock fireplace. We knew it would be the perfect back drop for our little family to live and grow. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, and some of my favourite moments in this house have been cuddling up in front of the fireplace with my loves during the (very long) cold, dark winter months, sipping tea and listening to records."Cozy little corner with vintage pillowsBeautiful living room via A Beautiful Mess"Our living/dining room is definitely the most used space in our home. It's rarely ever tidy with Star Wars Legos and crayons between the couch cushions, cheddar bunnies and receiving blankets on the floor, and fabric scraps on the tables. But I'm okay with that—most days."The bunting gives this room a fun touchSweet personal details make a roomLovely teacup succulents
"Although we haven't been here long, we feel very much at home. This space is filled with meaning: wedding and ultrasound photos, paintings and volcano science projects. I have tea cups and milk glass mugs filled with beeswax candles and tiny succulents."Lovely record cornerDarling little mug"My favourite and most important item in this room is our photo albums. We don't have many. I need to get around to printing most of the last 10 years worth of photos… But the few we do have are precious to me for obvious reasons. I feel incredibly fortunate to have any of this. A safe, cozy space to come home to each and every day. Thousands of people in our province have lost their homes due to flooding over the past few days, and my heart goes out to them."Krystin McCourt's beautiful homeAfterlight (32)Darling dining roomThank you so much, Krystin, for sharing your space with us! You can find more of Krystin and her adorable family over at her blog Sappy Apple or at her shop . xo.

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