At Home With Laura Mazurek

Lovely work areaWe are pleased to welcome Laura Mazurek to the blog today to share her lovely home with us!Love the shape of this potLovely office area"I live in the Texas hillcountry with my husband James and our three 'furry and feathered' babies, Violet (our dog), Bella (our cat) and Nico (our lovebird).  We became homeowners in April of 2011 and have absolutely been loving it ever since.  We kind of came upon this house by chance actually.  I decided one day that I wanted to 'pretend' to house shop, by making an appointment to see a house down the street from us that was for sale.  I had been browsing houses online for weeks and was just feeling really excited to kick start the process.  We instantly disliked the house we went to go look at, but I had just seen a beautiful looking house come up on the market a few days before.  I asked our realtor (who is also our friend) if we could go look at it and within an hour we had an appointment to see it.  The moment we both walked in the front door we knew we wanted to live there.  It just felt like home.  So, our pretend house hunting date turned into the real deal and a month later we got the keys to our first home!"

Such a folky:fun homeLove the folky detailsAt Home With Laura Mazurek"The things that instantly drew me into our house was the neutral earthy wall color, the arched doorways, the bay window and the fireplace.  I didn't grow up with a fireplace, so it has always been on my list of 'wants' in a home.  During the winter it is one of our favorite things!  I always dreamed I would paint my house with lots of color, but I am so drawn to the color of my walls I have not had the desire at all to change it.  My decor is very earthy, so it just mixes perfectly.  Most of the furniture and decor in our house are heirlooms from my parents home.  Since they are no longer with us it has been very important and comforting to me to have these things in my daily space.  My mom and I shared alot of the same aesthetics so it feels very natural."

Love the homemade tapestry above the fireplace"My favorite item in my space is the handmade quilt my mom made when she was in her 20's.  It's the big sun quilt hanging over the fireplace.  It's hand stitched and all of the fabrics in it I recognize from baby clothes she made me or curtains we used to have in the bathroom when I was little.  If there was ever a fire in our house I have always thought it would be what I would grab."

Pretty boho cornerLove everything in this spaceGreat cacti!"Both James and I run businesses out of our home, so the space is muli functioning.  I set up my studio for Roots and Feathers in one of the back bedrooms, and have my office next to our living room.  So James can be watching a movie while I'm 10 feet away writing a blog post.  He has his screenprinting set up for Skyline Fever in our garage, as well as using the space to write and record music.  Part of our constant rearranging has been to create a space that seamlessly flows for all that we use it for.  I kind of hope it never stops evolving!  We dream about adding a covered porch on the back and renovating the backyard with fun gardens and sitting areas.  I can't wait to see how this house grows."IMG_7064Succulent loveThank you so much for sharing your home with us, Laura! You can find more of Laura at Roots and Feathers or her online shop! xo. 

  • Although my personal style is quite different to this in many ways,I do like certain aspects, just I’d mix them up with other stuff. And I like this as it reminds me of MY parents too 🙂 I reackon this is what our family home could have looked like if we’d have bothered being stylish and tidy ;P

  • Lovely! I love how natural and relaxed the space feels! I’m in love with that chartreuse chair next to the fireplace (:

  • hi shae,

    if you mean the white one with the succulent in it, its from ikea! its was suppose to be for utensils i think!

  • Hi Jeanne,

    thank you so much! i wish i knew! it was painted this color when we moved in. it is the best color!!!

  • This is something i’ve rarely seen before..such a beautiful house…


  • Laura,
    love the house – especially the color of the walls – my husband andI are bldg a house – and I think I’d like to use your paint colors – can you tell me what they are? thanx

  • Where are the plant hangers from?? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for some just like that!

  • I’m instantly charmed by the red Buddha 🙂 And the little owl next to it on the wall!! So adorable. Such fun pops of color around this space.


  • I spy a Volpi salami box! Our family has been shopping at Volpi’s in St. Louis for close to 100 years! If you’re ever in St? Louis you need to check it out. Love this eclectic cozy house!

  • The quilt my Mom made me is also on my “grab in case of fire” list! Yours is a great piece. I love how quilts can be so much more than fabric–they are a real story of your family. Thanks for sharing. I actually just posted on my Mom and the quilt she made me. Here’s a link:

  • Wahoooooooo <3 Congrats, Laura <3 I need to come have a sleepover with you one day when we move to the hill country ;)Stalker-Much!

  • such a cute space! love that big dreamcatcher over the bed


  • So cute!
    I’m writing just to tell you that chocolate belga has talk about your lovely blog at today’s post.

  • Such marvelous color selection! I love all the earthy hues. Thanks for sharing! So great! 🙂

  • I love this home! It gives me inspiration for my new apartment 🙂 I love the earth tones.

  • Yay Laura it’s so great to see you featured I miss you and been wanting to plan a trip to go up there to not only visit my sissy but get caught up with all the wonderful people I met up there. And to all the people you do t personally know Laura she not only has wonderful taste and style but she is just a wonderful and amazing woman on the inside!!!!!

  • Thanks for featuring her. I love her blog and her home is so pretty and comfy!

  • Seems like such a warm, dreamy place to call home. Love how they’ve filled it with lots of different plants & animals, too. 🙂

  • her home is so spiritual i love it!

  • THE BEST “At Home With” post yet!! What an amazing space! The dream catcher hanging above your bed is so amazing – I need one like that in my house!

  • Wow have a nice collection , I like it most. Really an excellent post,I cant forget . its an amazing.

  • What a fantastic collaboration! I love ABM and Roots and Feathers! Laura’s home looks so beautiful and comfortable. Great post 🙂

  • MY GOD take me there! I want to live in that house *_* so beautiful!

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  • Gorgeous! So earthy and arty, I love it! I love love the macrame owl. It’s so awesome, something I’d love in my house.

  • My favourite pair of earrings are from “Roots and Feathers”, she has a special style and is unique. I love their home. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • I love this home, I love all the homes you show but this one somehow feels so completely different to any of the others. She very obviously has a strong sense of personal style!

  • Laura’s one of My all time favorite bloggers and to see Her featured on this blog, which is also on the same list of favorites, weirdly makes Me happy ^^!!!
    Always loved Her home decor, such a spiritual place!

  • Love it! I actually have been meaning to re-arrange my apartment and after seeing this post I finally made some moves! Thanks!

  • This is really awesome. The tradition and culture are the part of the decoration. Really beautiful! 🙂

  • I love the Southwestern inspiration in this home. And those earth tone walls would have drawn me in as well.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  • I completely love her blog!! And her home is amazing!!! I love it!!!


  • I’m really excited about those I,ages. They feel sort of different from so many of the homes you’ve featured. So warm and inviting.

  • Oh! It is so lovely to see the rest of her home. Beautiful! thanks Ladies.

  • So gorgeous! This is one of my absolute favorite styles as far as interiors go.

  • Wow this is definitely one of my favorites that you’ve shown! I like a home that’s more cozy than modern!

    It really shows a lot of pride in their region, and I love that!

  • Oh, I love Laura!! Her house images are always an inspiration to me. I love how cozy it feels and all of the bohemian touches are all kinds of awesome!

  • Her home is beautiful and she has a wonderful dog! x

  • I love her blog and style, seeing photos of her house is always very inspiring.

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