At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse in Springfield, Missouri

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse You guys are in for a treat today! One of my long-time friends (I met Lindsey in junior high!) is here to share her very personal and colorful home with you! As soon as I saw this before/after photo on her Instagram, I instantly begged her to share her home here on the blog. Take a look–

Before&AfterYep! AMAZING update. I wanted to know more about their renovations, and I thought you would enjoy it too! Here’s a peek into her process.

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse on A Beautiful Mess At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse on A Beautiful Mess “I’ve always wanted to live in an older home with a lot of character and a fun exterior color. We shopped around for months praying for the right one, but couldn’t find anything that felt right. Renovating was not on our radar, so when we changed gears and bought our 100 year old home in an auction, I had a hard time seeing the potential. But, we couldn’t get over an undeniable peace that let us know it was “the one”. So, we moved forward. I was a little bit excited, and a lot freaking out! Luckily my husband was confident in it and saw something I didn’t!

“When we began renovating, we knew we wanted to start with the exterior. The chipped, old paint was an eyesore, and to feel better about our purchase, I needed to see a BIG change right away! It was so exciting and very intimidating choosing an exterior color. I mean we were painting a whole house!!!! We definitely felt the pressure! We have a neighbor with a blue house and another with yellow, so we knew we could get away with having something colorful. Perfect! Since the original color appeared to be somewhere in the green family, we decided to stick with that, but go much bolder. Bright, clean, and welcoming were criteria for our ideal color choice. I was so nervous when they started painting, and I remember driving up to the house for the first time when it was done… it was just SO BRIGHT and such a drastic change! But we love it!

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse “We knew from the beginning we wanted to paint all of the walls white (who knew there were a million shades of white to choose from?!!!!). We wanted our home to feel light and bright and also allow us to incorporate some bold colors throughout. Also, one of our favorite things to do is host parties, so we wanted a blank canvas that would always allow us to decorate accordingly.

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse “One of my husband and my favorite things to do together is get coffee and stroll through flea markets. Oddly enough, it seems like we never find the good pieces when we go together. He travels locally for his job and passes through small towns, which from our experience seem to have the best treasures, for the best prices. When it comes to hunting our vintage pieces, he is usually the one that hits the jackpot. Plus, I get bored with our decor pretty quickly, and I love to change things up. So this allows us to do so affordably. Out with the old, in with the… old!

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse “Painting the stairs blue was a spur of the moment, last second decision! We were originally planning to paint them white, but decided this would be a good area for a punch of color! We chose Behr’s Dark Cobalt Blue in high gloss. From our experience, many paint brands market as “high gloss”, but this brand gave us the glass effect we really wanted! This color choice was actually a compromise, as I wanted to go with an even brighter blue and my husband wanted something darker to contrast all of the white. I think this compromise ended up working out in our favor!

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse “Much like the rest of our house, we kept the kids’ rooms simple. We chose the crib as the statement piece and decided to go with a bold, gender-neutral color. We used Olympic Icon’s Acorn Squash. It’s washable and zero VOC, two things that were important to us in choosing paint for our kids’ furniture.

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse on A Beautiful Mess “The yellow door in our kitchen is actually the same color of paint we used for Matthews’s crib. This wasn’t something that we did before we moved in or something we planned. Haha, the yellow door is a rainy Saturday project we just did on a whim! We had the paint and the time, so we just went for it! Now that I think about it, most of our statement pieces/areas weren’t planned at all, but just sort of happened!

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse on A Beautiful Mess At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse on A Beautiful Mess “When it comes to juggling my style with our kiddos and dog, I’ve learned to compromise with certain things to keep the look I love but also keep things safe. Matthews is getting to the age where he can be told not to touch and he will mostly listen. However, Polly is now entering the stage where she’s into EVERYTHING. So it will be awhile before I get to have exactly what I want, where I want it. Thankfully, places like Ikea and Target have allowed us to find items that are fun for the kids and also line up with my style. Cute toys and storage is important, you guys! 😉

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse on A Beautiful Mess “When renovating our home, we felt it was really important to keep a balance between details of what makes it “us”, while also maintaining the historic integrity and character. But most importantly, we were given the advice that this is our home, or sanctuary if you will, and so the decisions should be based on making a space that creates sweet, happy memories, rather than worrying about what others think.”

At Home With Lindsey Key-Clouse on A Beautiful Mess Thanks so much for sharing your space with us, Lindsey! Follow Lindsey’s Instagram here. xx- Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Lindsey Key-Clouse.

  • I love the exterior color of your home reclining green. Can you tell me the name of the exterior white color is on the home? Thanks

  • 2 questions. Did you paint a wood table white and if so what paint did you use? What kind of dog do you have (so cute)?

  • I just love the pops of color like the stairs and yellow door. I would love to see know if the neighbors appreciate their exterior color choice. I love it. What a great place to call home.

  • I especially love those blue steps and the yellow door – what a fun and beautiful home.

  • Hi! The walls are Pearly White by Sherwin-Williams! Happy renovating!!

  • Love the splashes of color and your views on decor and creating a happy home. And your dog is absolutely adorable!!

  • This is actually amazing, I absolutely love the exterior colour.

  • We are about to start on our 1950’s renovation and I am looking for the perfect white color for the walls. Love what ya’ll picked! What is it called?

  • I like the creepy mix with the bold colours (yellow and blue), toys, and the fluffy stool, with the God-painting and dark piano underneath. Happiness and wackiness all in one.

  • WOW!!! I’m so much in love with this house!!! I can so see myself live in something like that! 🙂 Best wishes to Lidnsay and family! xx

  • Thank you for your kind words, Mackenzie! We hired a local flooring company to refinish our wood floors. We chose Early American for the stain.

  • Thank you, Abbye! The exterior color is Reclining Green by Sherwin-Williams (duration).

  • Hello Vegangal, the exterior color is Reclining Green by Sherwin-Williams (duration).

  • Thank you, Rachel! The exterior color is Reclining Green by Sherwin-Williams (duration).

  • Thank you, Courtney! 🙂

    The plant on our dining table is a pineapple plant. My husband actually found it at Wal-Mart! It literally grows a pineapple, how fun is that?!

  • Thank you, Lindsay! As much as I hate to admit it, the brick flooring in the kitchen is one of my biggest regrets. Because of all the grout required, it’s been difficult to feel that it’s actually clean. A mistake we made was to buy the flooring sealed, which meant that we couldn’t just roll a sealer over all of it, but the grout has to be sealed without getting any sealant on the bricks. Does that make sense? Basically, if you go this route, my suggestion would be to choose a brick that isn’t sealed, so you have an easier project ahead of you! Good luck on your renovation!

  • So pretty! What is the name and brand of the exterior color? I am in love with it.

  • This is the best At home so far, love that outside color, the stairs, door, it’s all so wonderful! 🙂 Ahhh!

  • What a gorgeous house! There isn’t a thing I would change x

  • Wonderful! Realy Wonderful. I love the style!!!

    Greetings & Love

  • This is EXACTLY how I want my future home to look like, but much more bold (look at those blue stairs!). I seriosly love the color of the exterior, seems like it brought everything around it to life!

    xx |

  • I love all of the bright pops of color, it seems like you took a risk and it definitely paid off! Now if only we could be that brave!

  • What a gorgeous home! I absolutely love all of the pops of color. It truly looks stunning.

  • Such a gorgeous house with so many great pops of color! It’s such a hard balance to get enough pop without going overboard in every room but they seem to have found the perfect fit.
    – Julia,

  • That feeling in the house is like the perfect combination of chic, bohemian, and eclectic. I love it!

  • I love your home! I thought the inside couldn’t possibly be prettier than the outside but I was wrong. Great mix of new and old, topped with bright colors.
    Such a nice contrast to the black and white scandinavian interior trend!
    xo, hope

  • All those vintage pieces are so great (especially that white round dining table). And the house (best colour ever)! I want a house with character like this so much. We have great older homes here in Ottawa, Canada but they are so expensive and often need so much work it would be impossible for me to ever afford one. A girl can dream though, right?

  • Did you refinish the wood floors yourself? I’m wondering what “color” stain you used… Thanks for sharing photos of your cozy, fun, fresh home!

  • This is my dream house! Love the colour!

  • I love the outside! Can you share the color and brand of the exterior paint?

  • What a beautiful home! I love the outside paint color and the random doses of yellow inside. I’m very drawn to yellow couches myself. This is very much what I’d imagine my home to look like someday if and when I’m a homeowner.

    Thanks for sharing! It seems like a home with lots of happiness and love and life in it.

  • Love the colour of this house! SO PRETTY!

    Alex | Pink Elephant Blog.

  • I love the exterior. We stayed in a Airbnb in St. Augustine, Florida, this winter that was the exact same colour. I think it may be the perfect house colour.

  • Just followed her Insta! I love this home. Looking at what others have done always inspires me! When I purchase a home I definitely want something older with charm. And having more rooms will allow me to experiment with different looks. Can’t wait! Thanks for letting us into your home and your life Lindsey!

  • Je suis complètement sous le charme de la couleur de la façade ♥ Très jolie maison

  • Her home looks amazing, I love her colourful details like the yellow door!

  • OMG this house is so pretty! I love the outside color choice!

  • Completely obsessed with this house! The exterior color is so dreamy. Love the white walls and bright statement pieces!

  • I love it all! Good choice in begging Lindsey to share 😉

    What kind of plant is that on the dining room table?! I love it!

  • What a wonderfully bright, happy looking home!! I especially love the shade of green you chose for the exterior – so pretty!

  • LOVE your home ~ love the color of the outside …. your dog is cute too ~ and kids 😉

  • Awe, this house is just a little piece of heaven on earth. I know Keith and Lindsey and since they live like heaven on earth, I am not suprised. It is truly a reflection of who they are as people.

  • Beautiful home! I’m curious how your brick floors in your kitchen are working out. My husband and I are in the process of renovating our 1926-year-old home and considering putting brick pavers in the kitchen. Would you recommend it?

  • This home is a dream! Literally my dream home. It’s so perfect.

  • Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home! I love your color pops and statement pieces, also the begging but sweet looking dog, the outside color, and the map in the nursery. 🙂 Such cuteness!

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