At Home with New Darlings in Phoenix, Arizona

At Home with New Darlings Hanging macrame/Lark and Arrow.

At Home with New Darlings Today Robert and Christina are sharing their beautiful apartment with us! The earth tones are so great!  We love their blog New Darlings and seeing their adventures together. So cute. Ready to see more?

At Home with New Darlings Couch, Coffee Table, and Rug/West Elm. Indigo and Mudcloth Pillows/Etsy.

At Home with New DarlingsWall art inspired by this DIY.

R&C: “Shortly after getting married in 2013, we moved across the country from New York to Arizona. Many of our friends and family thought we were crazy, but we grew up in NY and lived there our whole lives… we were ready for a new adventure and a new chapter together. We definitely went through a transition phase our first few months in Arizona, but we quickly found our place in Central Phoenix and fell in love with a mid-century apartment with white brick walls and all the original charm. We’re currently in the early stages of house hunting, but this apartment has definitely been our favorite place to live so far in a prime location. It was a little two bedroom, one bathroom casita. So it felt more like a house than a traditional apartment. With its clean white walls, it was the perfect blank space for us to explore our style with lots of plant life, piles of our favorite books, and a lot of texture. We definitely have fallen in love with the southwestern desert, bohemian style since moving west.”

At Home with New Darlings Basket/Amazon.

NewDarlings-UO-PlantsFeature-28At Home with New Darlings Robert: “Our living room seems to always be the heart of any place we live in. Luckily in this place, the living room was open to the dining room and kitchen too, which created a nice open concept and was really fun to decorate. When moving into this apartment, we made a conscious decision to only bring in pieces we absolutely loved.”

Christina: “Yeah. I grew up in a house with a formal living room and dining room. They were the kind of rooms you had to tiptoe in and make sure not to ruin any throw pillows on the couch. We really only used them on holidays, and it was always so silly to me. So when we picked out furniture for our place, we wanted to make sure it was something we loved visually but that was also comfortable. We lounge around, celebrate with friends, and host movie and game nights. It’s a place for gathering and laughing, but can also be a place to just kick back and relax with a good book when we need it.”
At Home with New Darlings
Leather Butterfly Chair/The Citizenry.
At Home with New Darlings
R&C: “While we don’t have many traditional photos framed and hung in our place, we loved repurposing the terrarium on the coffee table and filling it with polaroids from our dating days and different trips we’ve been on. It’s a fun little conversation starter too. We have quite a few photo booth strips in vases and baskets on different shelves as well. The hanging/plant swings were a fun DIY we did with our friends one weekend after a quick trip to Home Depot. It created an interesting plant display with varying heights and we love that it’s something we all did together.”
At Home with New Darlings
Robert: “Although most of our furniture is newer, we filled our home with a lot of little treasures we’ve picked up along the way. Our favorite older pieces are definitely the accents and knick knacks we’ve incorporated into the space. Each one has a story and memory attached to it, like the framed ballerina postcard in the living room.”
Christina: “On the back is a note that was written to me from my great Uncle before my first dance recital as a young girl. I’ll never forget how much I cried my eyes out that day, but it’s a gentle reminder to keep reaching for things that might be a little scary at first.”
At Home with New Darlings
Robert: “One of my favorites has to be the triangle shelf made by a talented Etsy shop owner out of California. For us it acted as a less traditional spice rack and we nestled in a planter we picked up on our first trip to Palm Springs together.”
At Home with New Darlings
At Home with New Darlings  At Home with New Darlings
Bicycle print/Etsy.
At Home with New Darlings
At Home with New Darlings “Although we are currently on the hunt for a home, and this wasn’t the first apartment we lived in together, this little casita will always feel like our first real place together. In one short year, we created a space that was so comforting to us with a mix of textures and earthy tones, that just created a feeling of life and happiness. We’re excited to see where we end up and know this place will serve as a major source of inspiration for us moving forward, as well as be full of many amazing memories.”
Thanks so much for sharing your space with us! You can find more of Robert and Christina on their blog and on Instagram. xo!
 Authors and Photography: Robert and Christina. Wall hanging above the bed from Lark and Arrow
  • could you tell me where you got the desk from? please and thank you

  • I would LOVE to know what shade of white you used on the walls, it is so perfect and creates such a light and airy feel against the dark floors, and provides the perfect canvas for all your wall art!

  • Such a cool space! Light, bright and fun. I love that it is a good balance between masculine and feminine too.

    xx Jenelle

  • I’m loving their home! I read their blog and they’re such inspiring people x

    Jessica — WS Community

  • I’m torn over this! On the one hand, it’s a beautifully put together space, and I love a lot of the details. On the other, it’s SO similar to interiors I see on here a lot. The grey and white rug that everyone has, the macrame wall hangings, the unusual shaped shelves, the same succulents, the same hats on the wall, same bar cart… I sound really down on this, and I don’t mean to! But I love it best when you showcase interiors that are really different, not just ones that fit with the current style.

  • Such a gorgeous home! I’m obsessed with all the mid-century elements! And plants, of course!


  • Looks so cosy and lovely! And very Instagrammable 😉

    Ingrid x

  • Well that was an expensive read for me! Just bought up a whole load of indigo coloured fabric to change all the cushions on my couch! Such a beautiful home!!
    mel x

  • I originally found Robert and Christina on the Urban Outfitters Instagram, and I’m so glad to see them here as well! They’re a lovely couple, and their photos are amazing. Plus, Christina’s hair is to die for!

    Angelina Is|Bloglovin’

  • Looks like Elsie’s house! Kitchen and bedroom hat display reminded me of her! Great minds think alike!

  • I love this interior design! And also the pictures look amazing 🙂

  • I am in love with their apartment ! It is like everything was pulled out from Pinterest.
    So absolutely beautiful !
    I’m moving in!

  • Lovely, beautiful space. ‘Especially love all the greenery. You can tell much thought went into the decor, it looks so well put together!

  • OMG. ADORE the dining set & the corner cabinet(next to the bike), can you guys share the source???

  • I love New Darlings, thanks so much for sharing their beautiful home!

  • I love how they incorporated so many plats into their decor. My cat would knock them over before I turned around, alas…

    There is some great local work in turquoise and copper in Arizona. One of my favorite places to visit is the town of Sedona. I’ve lived somewhere in the southwest my entire life and love it! I hope your friends do too.

  • So lovely!! I love how much they’ve really customized the space, even though they’re renting. As a former homeowner and current renter, that’s something I’m really struggling with, but this is giving me hope!


  • What an amazing space, I love how they displayed the bicycle on the wall!

  • This has to be the most beautiful space I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love everything!

  • Oh wow their home looks so comfy and inviting =o) I love all of the plants everywhere!

  • We love New Darlings! They are literally our couple goals. Thanks so much for giving us this in-depth look at their space!

    The Newsette

  • Got to work, checked ABM, saw that you had an “At Home With” post and literally went YAAAAAAAAS outloud! These are my favorite posts, so fun getting a peak inside other people’s homes. 🙂

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