Copper Pipe Wall Hanging DIY

Diy macrame wall hangingHi, it’s Sarah Sherman Samuel here again from Smitten Studio & A Sunny Afternoon with a new gift-able DIY. I love the texture and dimension of woven or macrame wall hangings, but they can be quite pricey to buy, as they are usually so detailed and time consuming to make. Right now I am saving all my pennies to put towards our home renovation. So until our finances recover, I decided to create a simple wall-hanging that is reminiscent of my favorite macrame pieces (with the addition of a little copper bling!).

-25 yards of 1/2″ (size 5) Cotton Piping
-3 copper pipes measuring 1/2″ x 2′
-19 copper couplings 1/2″
copper tube caps 1/2″
-hack saw

Wall-hanging-tutorial via A Beautiful MessI started by cutting off an 18″ length of cotton piping, then I tied a knot onto one of the copper bars, approximately 4 inches from one end (images 1 and 2). Then I cut off the excess piping to about 3/4″ (images 3). Next, I tied another knot around the second copper pipe so that the two copper pipes were about 6″ apart (image 4).

Wall-hanging-DIY-smittenstudioFrom there I tied another knot 6 inches down the cotton piping, added on one of the copper couplings and secured it with another knot directly below that. Finally, I trimmed the and excess cotton piping at the bottom to a 3/4″ tail like the top. To continue on, follow the same steps for each subsequent row increasing the length of the cotton piping by about 3″ each time until you hit the center. Continue from there decreasing the length by 3″ each time to match the opposite side.

Entryway-wall-hangingTo create the design in the middle I cut down the remaining 1/2″ x 2′ copper pipe into three pieces using the hack saw (the two small ones measuring 5″ long and the middle one 7.5″ long). Be careful with the edges of the cut pipe, I used the file here to smooth out any sharp edges. To finish it all off I placed the tube caps on each end of the two copper pipes and voila, that is it!

Easy diy Entryway-wall-hangingMake this macrame wall hangingI am loving the texture, the subtlety of the white on white, and how the copper really shines. I think it brings just enough visual interest to our entryway without breaking the bank. It would make a great holiday gift too! Maybe for a special gal pal or stylish sister? I might tackle another one to gift once my fingertips recover from tying so many knots!  xo Sarah

Credits // Author and Photography: Sarah Sherman Samuel. Product sources and more photos on Smitten Studio.

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