At Home With Rubyellen Bratcher

At Home With Rubyellen BratcherWe have been patiently awaiting the day our friend, Rubyellen, would be ready to share her amazing living room with us. We are overjoyed to welcome her here today!Gorgeous vintage details"We live in a normal tract home in the regular 'ole suburbs of Southern California. Despite the cookie-cutter-ness of all the homes in our neighborhood, we fell in love with our home because of the wonderful design of the home. Our house has these wonderful arches leading from one space to another, big windows in every room that let a lot of light in, and this sweet little front courtyard/porch area that can be accessed from our dining room. Of course, we had to look past all the standard fixtures (and probably cheap stuff) builders put in a home, and be patient in being able to infuse the personality we would have loved to have in an older home. Last year, we were able to finally change out all the carpeting they gave us and put in white-washed wood floors and change out the baseboards. It was a dream to have wood flooring, and, after a bit of saving, we were able to make that happen (see the progression here). I think with any home, new or old, it takes a bit of patience (and pennies) in getting it to where you want it to be. We're working slowly, but every year we get a little bit closer." Darling living room detailsRubyellen Bratcher's amazing living room"I think our most unusual item in this space is the hammock! We had this colorful one up for a while, but then we switched it out for this ivory one to keep the color palette a little bit more simple. But my girls are asking to put back the colorful one for the summertime, so we may just do that! Ever since we put the hammock up in this room, the room gets used a whole lot more. The girls will go in for some quiet reading time, or they all pile in while they watch a movie on the portable DVD player. I always wanted to put a hammock up inside our house, because it just seemed so relaxing and unexpected, but when we had carpet, it wouldn't have looked right, but once we got wood floors in, it was the first thing I was bugging my husband to put up. Now, everyone in the family loves this spot!"At Home With Rubyellen via A Beautiful MessGorgeous blue couch"The couch is from Anthropologie and I loved it when it first came out. But there was no way I was going to spend $3,000 on it, so Ben and I were stalking it for years to see if it would ever go on sale. Then, out of nowhere it disappeared from their website. Ben noticed it first and had me call their online shop to see if it went on sale. Well, lo and behold it went on sale, but was no longer available online. I called a few Anthropologies to see if they had it available, and it turns out a local one had it. They were willing to sell me their floor sample with an added 10% off. We were ecstatic! We had my parents come over that night to borrow their truck and we went to pick it up! It was such a steal of a deal at 75% off the regular price and for a piece we were waiting on forever—we couldn't pass it up. Really though, every piece in this room has a story and special meaning. The tall metal cabinet is a little trade I did with Jeni from Found Rentals (she wanted an old table I had), the long wood table was an old table used in a French flower shop, and the vintage rattan chair was a great deal I found on ebay. Lately, I've been crazy about making pillows for our house, and the one on the pink rocker was one of the most recent makes." Love this little cornerI need a hammock in the living room"We If you want to see what the room looked liked before with carpet (and decorated a bit differently), you can see it here. It wasn't until after the wood floors came in and the hammock went up that this room started getting used. Everyone loves the hammock, so it's what draws everyone to the space. Everyone who comes over, wants to lounge in the hammock. It's the perfect spot for doing just that! Plus, with all the green in the room, it just feels so tranquilizing." Such a sweet little cornerLovely details in Rubyellen Bratcher's home"The space is mostly used for reading. I'll sit on the couch (because the girls take charge of the hammock) and read, while they all read in the hammock. The large white wall is also great, because I'll use that for a lot for pictures. I'll just slide the couch out of the way, and then I have a nice plain wall to use. I even had friends who needed a plain white wall for pictures, and since this room has such great light, they'll come over to use mine. Some Misha Lulu and Me and Mr. Cassidy shoots have taken place in this room and used that white wall." Rubyellen Bratcher's amazing living roomThank you so much for sharing your space with us, Rubyellen! Be sure to pop by and say hello to her over at her blog Cakies. xo.

  • i loooove this place!!


  • I adore that blue couch in the light-colored room. It’s such a beautiful pop of color!


  • The hammock completely makes this space! What a fantastic idea!

  • What an incredibly creative way to use this space! I love the scalloped doily look on the bottom of the hammock!
    Very inspirational!


  • This space is beautiful. I love the hammock and the chandelier. Thanks for sharing


  • Such a cute space!


  • Cute !

  • I love this room it looks gorgeous!
    It looks fresh and sleek.
    Do not hesitate to visit our blog for inspiration.

  • Wauw, this is really inspiring. it’s my dream to have a house that looks like this. the hammock is really nice.

  • I can’t believe you have a hammock in your living room! That’s genius!

    Maria xx

  • I love the net in the living room!

  • LOVE the indoor hammock! What an adventurous and yet stylish choice! It feels so cozy and welcoming 🙂

  • I’ve been obsessed with hanging basket chairs…. But the hammock… Inside… I may have just found a new love!!


  • A lovely and funky space. The idea of a hammock in the living room is wonderful!

  • What a dreamy space!

    xo Jennifer

  • I love that there are so many plants in the room and the flower cushions and globes are also great.

  • Such a beautiful room and such a clever idea to have a hammock in the middle of the room – it gives an almost holiday feel!

  • This is such a fun room! What an amazing idea to put a hamock inside the house. I would have died to have a room like this as a kid.

    New fan and follower here!! Hope you can stop by decor-eat sometime soon.


  • thank you for sharing! I love all of the natural light, that everything has a story & that hammock! TO DIE FOR!!!

  • Oh my goodness what a beautiful home! And great arches!

    xo Lisa

  • where do people learn how to do this? out of a magazine! so lucky to have talent!!! but very inspirational 🙂 thanks for the tips and ideas!

    Heart of Chic

  • Oh what a beautiful and airy space! I love the wood floors and that cute hammock!!

  • Wow, I am impressed that you managed to get such a gorgeous Anthro sofa for 75% off!!! What an amazing find. Gorgeous space!

  • What a divine space!! love it all.


  • This is so lovely! Really love the archway and the cute little chairs. So cute!

  • I’ve been a fan of Cakies for years. What a fun treat to find Rubyellen and her beautiful living room here today! Thanks for sharing.

  • What a comfortably charming room! Great use of salvage pieces. The hammock is genius! I especially love the tall metal cabinet. Way to go on the sofa, that’s how I shop too 😉 -Marie Vlasic

  • Rubyellen made me fall in love with blogging after I started following her blog two years ago.

  • I love the look and the idea of a hammock indoors. So cool.

  • As I am from north of Brasil we have hammocks on every room of every house here…and I can say for sure that it´s a wonderful thing to have inside the house, also really great to sleep at night, anyone who never tried should, its much better than a bed because it embraces you 😉

  • I love that face pot! I’ve been seeing them all over the blogs. Where can I get one?!?!

  • This room is so good. Like, SO good. I just want to jump through the screen and hang out in there! Ruby, you have incredible style. So inspiring!!

  • Oh my goodness! I always wanted an indoor hammock! Is it safe??

  • The hammock is so beautiful i love hammocks i want to do this when I’m older!

  • Love it. This is exactly how my home would look like if I had space, natural light, money, taste and a hammock.

  • wow that’s beautiful !
    Love from Paris

  • This house decoration is really nice and my favourite thing is the hammock!!! it’s really cool idea!


  • Wouldn’t mind icing here, what a lovely place and love the idea of the hammock! xx

  • I love that couch! And I love the story behind it! I feel the same way about a couple on the urban outfitters site and I don’t even own a house!!

  • I want a hammock in my house!

  • That looks there really so nice and I like that white tones of colors. That looks perfect.

  • Amazing! Always looking forward to your “At Home With” series :)Is there a possiblity to reblog this from a wordpress platform? Anyone? 🙂

  • wow! love the round archway, the hammock and the choice of art! thank you for sharing this space. so inspiring as usual! xx. gigi.

  • OH MY GOD. favourite of all time. “at home with” is my favourite section and this house is amazing. i have ALWAYSSSSSS wanted a hammock in the house! love this perfectly minimalist style!
    xo, aiyanajane ||

  • What a great space! The cream walls make the whole room look so open. I love the idea of having a hammock in doors.

  • Moring,dear
    I invite you to join Choies Giveaway, good luck!

  • Love the indoor hammock! So unique! Beautiful home!

    Juliette Laura

  • An indoor hammock?! so jealous right now! Plus I’m loving all the white space and all that natural sunlight!

  • Loving the laid back beautifully pulled together not appeal to the masses design. This is the refreshing nature of many design blogs and I find it inspirational. I have a “At home with…” series as well, and it’s funny because the home I blogged about reminds me of this too!

    Check it out at

    Great job and the photos are great too!

  • The house is great but more importantly, I’m stealing that lace dress!!

  • just fell in love with this room and the hammock.

    – Janine

  • Love the riddling rack I spie in the corner of one of the photos. As a wine & champagne lover I covet owning a vintage one.

  • This definitely makes the perfect reading space with lots of natural lighting and nothing too distracting and that hammock… now that’s perfect.


  • oh, that couch! and what a neat idea of putting a hammock in a living room?! neat!

  • The soft, bright, neutrals of the room are made even more spectacular by the navy blue couch. Love it.

  • What an amazing room! I love the neutral colour palette with pops of colouring, the hammock and all the plants! Does anyone know what types of plants these ones are? I’m looking for some nice indoor plants at the moment, and there are some awesome ones here!

  • I adore the hammock and it looks so light and airy in that room 🙂

  • WOW – what a funky, creative space!
    thank you for sharing 🙂

  • What a bright and lovely space! I too, am in love with hammock, as everyone else is I’m sure;)
    The arches are too cool…

  • Just beautiful. I am loving these ‘at home’ posts! Now I need to go make some pillows…

  • This house is amazing! I can’t get over how awesome that archway is and that hammock in the middle of the room. Such creative ideas. I hope you guys never stop doing this series!

  • This is a gorgeous space. It just goes to show how natural light and a neutral base colour lend so much elegance and space to a room!

  • Stunning – those walls, that floor, that light and of coures that hammock!!!
    Gorgeous styling. Loving this series of yours, Emma and Elsie.
    Ronnie xo

  • I love the hammock! So unique but I’d be so scared to fall off!

    Seaside Beauty <3

  • I have always wanted an indoor hammock! When i was a kid, we had an indoor swing and it was just magical. Someday

  • gorgeous photos! this is such an amazing space!! I love all the little nooks and crannies!

    Hannah xx

  • Love it! Love the hammock and can’t believe what a great deal they got on that lovely couch! Thanks for sharing!

  • In LOVE! The clean feel of the room with all that greenery is just perfect. Our rooms are so small that I don’t feel like I can get away with white walls, but I am certainly drawn to them in well decorated homes. And the floor turned out so nicely!

  • it’s so bright and airy, i love it!! big fan of this girl and her style.

  • Beautiful space! A great home inspiration 🙂

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  • Ah this is such a beautiful space. I’m in love with the hammock!

  • What a unique room! I love the scallops on the hammock and the royal blue couch the most.

  • The thing I love about your “At Home With” series, is that the homes are all so personally decorated. It’s not a bunch of houses done by designers to look professional. These houses look beautifully lived in. Thank you for showcasing homes like this.

  • ok now i MUST have a hammock when I get a house someday! Love the idea!

  • This space feels very calm and has so much personality. Can I ask where you got your hammock from?

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