At Home With Sarah Sandidge

At Home With Sarah SandidgeOur next guest in our "At Home With" series is Sarah Sandidge! Sarah is here today to share her lovely living area with us. Beautiful vintage living room"My husband, our two sweet children (Lula – 4, Diesel – 2), and I bought a lovely little home built in the 1930s about three years ago and have been renovating voraciously since day one. I was five weeks pregnant with Diesel when we moved in and he was actually born in the room that is now his. So this house is pretty special to us for that reason alone. Not to mention all the blood, sweat, and tears (literally!) that we’ve put into this place. It was very ugly and very blue when we moved in, but now it’s the cozy, dreamy little place we call home. The living room is not very big, but it has great light and feels calm and peaceful. I have grand plans of taking out the ceiling to reveal the A-frame attic above and really make it something! But my husband’s eyes glaze over when I bring up my crazy plans! It’ll have to do for now!" Lovely vintage details Lovely vintage living room"There isn’t much I would consider 'unusual' in the living room. People may say the big 'e' is unusual because it doesn’t stand for anything. But I think perhaps our 'private' door is the most unusual. I found it at a flea market after it had been removed from a high school renovation in town. I adore old doors, and I knew instantly that I had to have it when I first saw it. The door covers up the opening to the stairs that lead to our master suite. So the 'private' lettering was perfect. We turned it into a sliding door and added a handle, but other than, we haven’t touched it." Vintage Sliding DoorDarling bookshelf"We’ve lived in this house for almost three years. Although it seems much longer than that considering how much we’ve done to it. The living room hasn’t changed too much except that it was completely blue when we moved in. I mean blue carpet, blue wallpaper, and heavy blue drapes. The very first 'renovation' was removing the carpet and wallpaper throughout the house. Then we painted everything white. I just wanted a clean, fresh start. A blank canvas to work from. But sometimes people come in and ask, 'What color are you going to paint your walls?' Ummm, well, they already are painted! 

The furniture has changed a lot too, but I finally feel satisfied with all the pieces I have and with their location. A friend once said, 'I think every time I come here you have different furniture!' But when everything is thrifted or from a garage sale, it’s easier to change, since the investment isn’t that big." Lovely mantleCozy reading cornerThank you so much for sharing your space with us, Sarah! You can find more of Sarah over at her blog Lovely Chaos. xo.  *All photos by Janae Hardy

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