At Home With Sarah Sherman Samuel

At Home With Sarah Sherman SamuelWe are happy to welcome Sarah Sherman Samuel to the blog today to share her beautiful home with us!  Fun desk setupI need to create a bulletin board for my office!"Our home is a two-story townhouse that I share with my husband and two pups.  There are two bedrooms on the top floor, one of which I use as my studio, and the bottom floor is one big open space that includes the kitchen, living, and dining areas. The building we are in was brand new when we bought it, giving us the opportunity to choose some of the finishes and put our own stamp on it (like the dark wood flooring and the lighting). Now, six years later we are selling our place (it actually just sold!), and we bought a small house nearby. Moving from this space will be bitter sweet, as it was the first home my husband and I bought together. I also started working from home about six months ago, so I only just finished my studio space! The things I will miss the most about this home will be the high ceilings, the wide open spaces, and large rooms. Our new place is a little bungalow that was built in the 50s, so the rooms are a fraction of the size, but I am really looking forward to having a yard there and an outdoor living area, which will be a major plus." In love with all of the shelving!"The studio is now used solely as my creative space. I do photo shoots, pen my blog Smitten Studio  paint, finish wood pieces for A Sunny Afternoon, package and ship products, make plenty of messes and design the days away all from this room." Smitten Studio"One of my favorite pieces is the large framed photograph that hangs on the wall behind the sofa. It's a photo of Lake Superior that I took when my husband and I were just dating. It was one of the first times I brought him to my home state of Michigan. And although I used to vacation in the area a lot when I was younger, it was the first time I had gone back as an adult. We were both taken back by the unspoiled beauty of the landscape, and it's still one of our favorite vacations to date." Sarah Sherman Samuel of Smitten Studio in her gorgeous kitchen"We have lived in the space for a little over six years and have slowly decorated and added pieces over time. We love poking around at flea markets and vintage shops to see what we can find and surrounding ourselves with storied objects. The room that has evolved the most in our time here is the spare room.  It eventually changed from a guest bedroom into my workspace. Originally we painted it a very dark grey, so it would make the large space seem cozier, like a little library. On cloudy days or when the sun was going down the room would be SO dark, I could hardly see what I was doing, so when I started working from home I had to paint it white (aside from the chalkboard wall which was too useful to paint over). Now its bright and full of light and has a much better working atmosphere. I also swapped out the bed for a sofa bed and cleaned off the shelves so they would be more functional to my workflow." The couch, table, rug combo is dreamy!! Love the butterfly chairThank you for sharing your home with us, Sarah! Be sure to stop by and say hello to Sarah over at her blog Smitten Studio! xo.

  • Awesome home! I love the noticeboard behind the computer screen and also how the pictures are arranged around the TV. Great inspiration!

    xx Kaisa

  • Great decorations love the room!

  • amazing place to live, love that coffee table, the furniture looks amazingly comfi.

  • Could you please tell me the color of paint on the wall with the TV and the prints/pictures? it’s lovely . thanks!

  • Loving the picture wall. Organised but interesting.
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  • Uh, can I just live with them? All of their pieces in their home are so chic and original.

    xo Ashley

  • I am so jealous of people who have homes that look so beautifully put together! This is seriously incredible

  • This is a wonderfully designed home. It’s obviously been put together with lots of love and attention to detail. In this age when the tv seems to be the dominant feature of so many living rooms I love the fact that I didn’t notice it to start off with. It was only by reading Katie’s comment number 3 that I realised and went back for a second look to double check. Great design tip.

  • I love the pictures framing the TV! That is such a great idea.


  • I love this “At Home With” series! All of the homes are amazing. You’ve inspired me to rethink my living space. 🙂 –

  • AH, that coffee table! I’m dying! Sarah, if you see this comment, can you tell us where it came from? I’m in love! 🙂

  • Beautiful home, my fav part is all the pictures on the wall behind the telly :p xx Emmi

  • I love the photos/art around the TV, such a cool idea!


  • I really like how the tv disappears in the gallery wall. And the coffee table looks great too.

  • Love it!!! You guys always pick the best homes for this series!! I hope you have this series for years to come!! It’s probably my favorite!!!!


  • She has a great eye for design!

    xo Lisa
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  • Beautiful home for a beautiful lady! Great eye.

    Good luck on your move, miss!

  • gorgeous! one of my fave spaces you’ve shown.


  • So beautiful! I really like the gallery wall placed around the TV. THAT is a great idea. And your space is so clean and crisp. And the kitchen back splash is fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Stunning! I’ve been following her blog for a while and I love her style. It’s so crisp and fresh! I’ve always wanted to live in a townhouse 🙂


  • Love it love it. They did a lot with their vertical space, which is SO important when living in tighter quarters. Thanks for featuring her!

  • What an airy and modern space that is still homey! I would love that kitchen to spread out in for my recipes.

  • I’m normally not a fan of the color blue but this home looks comfy (do english-speaking people really say that or is that just my mad-man idea of America?).

    Love from Europe,

  • What a great space! I love that it looks well designed and like each piece was picked out with care, while still looking like a space that people actually live in!


  • This space is STUNNING! So sad that they are leaving but lots of wonderful opportunities in a new home as well.

  • What a lovely home! It is like all of the elements of my dream home in one. Great job Sarah! Definitely checking out her blog!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • What a beautiful home! Very open and refreshing! I’m always so jealous of people with lots of natural light!

  • Such beautiful colors! And so many great patterns and prints! Love this one. So beautifully captured! 🙂

  • I completely love that place, colors, organisation… i love the frame photographs in the principal room.
    I look forward to have my own definitive place to organise a wonderful place like this.. !

  • Utterly loving that wooden table in the living room

  • I love the desk & the wall behind it in the living room.

  • Cute home, the kitchen looks really nice and slick.

  • This looks so dreamy, what a shame to be moving! But worth it for an outside space 🙂
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • That wood coffee table is amazing. I love the use of space in this home!

  • Gorgeous feature, nice inspiring spaces !

    XX Luba

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  • the color for her gallery wall is too perfect and now i am seriously lusting after one of her wood cutting boards. i like it all, so much.

  • this home is gorgeous! I love all the frames used behind the tv, it gives the whole space a sort of whimsical touch.

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