At Home With Stephanie Zak

Love all the details in this room!We are excited to welcome Stephanie Zak to the blog today to share her home with us!Every detail here is perfect!This room looks sereneI absolutely love my home. It's in an attractive red brick 1930's block in central Brixton in South London. When I bought it 3 and a half years ago it was literally just a shell –bare concrete floors and badly plastered walls. The only room in any way liveable was the bathroom which was so hideously decorated with swirly floral pearlescent tiles that I had no choice but to rip it all out and really start again from scratch. The wonderful thing about getting your hands on a place that needs everything doing to it, is that you don't end up having to compromise  and you don't  have  to put up with something which you think is  just ok. I put in central heating, new flooring throughout, knocked through the small galley kitchen into the living room so it's now open plan and built in lots of additional storage. I say, I did this – that's not technically true –a very close friend of the family who owns a building firm brought in his team of wonderfully skilled builders, carpenters and decorators and completely transformed the place, following my designs and ideas and I'm forever grateful! The space itself is fairly small; one cosy bedroom, a small bathroom and a little hallway which leads into the open plan living room and kitchen. Although the flat is centrally located, just minutes away from the crazy hustle and bustle of Brixton high street, it's strangely peaceful –almost like living in the countryside! My windows overlook  pretty Victorian almshouses and a large forested ground which is just beautiful in the spring and summer!Colorful dishesGreat use of smaller spacesIt was a bit of an unorthodox choice, but I opted not to have kitchen units above my kitchen counter and instead have everything on display on shelves. And I'm glad of my choice, despite the extra cleaning needed! It makes the kitchen space look bigger and I love always being able to see my pretty crockery and glass kilner jars filled with rice, pasta and colourful pulses! And the builders cleverly put in lighting below all the shelves so it all looks really twinkly and atmospheric at night. Lovely bedroomLove the colors in this home!I bought the flat as a first time buyer just before my 30th birthday. To celebrate my 3 decades I went to Marrakech with 9 close friends and whilst I was there the majority of the building work and decorating took place. I returned to find a brand new sparkly flat with a suitcase full of Moroccan wares to fill the space! Notably my cream sequinned hand made bed throw which I adore and which is always on my bed, no matter the season. It was such an exciting time and ever since I've always embraced long moments spent at home.

For me, home is a place to either really chill out and relax after work or on weekends –or to entertain! There is always a lot going on in my area so friends often descend on my flat for pre-drinks before heading out which I absolutely love –the more the merrier –all are welcome! And Ben is an expert cocktail maker, much to the delight of all our thirsty guests! He is a music producer and often works from home on his laptop so lucky, him –gets to spend more time at home than I do. As well as myself, Ben and my friends enjoying the space, we've started renting it out for weekends and short stays on air B&B. We've had a whole host of lovely travellers from far and wide, from all corners of the world. It means we have to temporarily move out but we don't mind at all. It means we get to stay with different family members which is great and it funds our own trips. We make a bit of money by people having a lovely time in our home and then we spend that money having a lovely time elsewhere. It's a win-win situation!Lovely mantleSteph beautiful mess 0250Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us, Stephanie! You can see more of Stephanie's home right here! xo. photography by Alex Curtis

  • I merely wanted to thank you one more time for that amazing blog you have made here. It is full of ideas for those who are definitely interested in that subject, primarily this very post.

  • This flat is awesome!! Love the Moroccan details and sweet personality here!! So glad you shared.

  • I love the dish and cup collection. This is a stunning house! There are a lot of things that are orginized in a way that looks clean and streamlined. Thanks for sharing.

  • That is a beautiful, beautiful house. I love the décor. Also, everything looks so tidy and neat it’s unbelievable! You are truly blessed to live in a place like that. 😀

  • so exciting to see a home that’s near where I live! on another note Brixton has really come on since I was born ahahaha
    Betty x

  • This is such a beautiful space! I love how it’s small and looks so inviting. Great floors too.

  • Wow, what a beautiful home! I live in Brixton too – it’s funny seeing my local area featured on ABM!

  • The bedroom is my favorite–the view, the cozy bed, the stylish decor and the blue curtains! Yes!

    Great idea to include under-cabinet lighting on all the open shelves, too. Also, open kitchen shelving is becoming more and more popular. People like showing off their wares!

  • Oh wow, we viewed a flat in that block when we were househunting in Brixton about 4 years ago- it was also in a terrible state and at the time we didn’t have the money or vision to make anything of it. I wonder if it was the same flat?!

  • I especially love the living room! And I’m intrigued by the open shelving concept in the kitchen, but I think that would take too much cleaning for me. Thanks for sharing this one, it made me think! :]

  • Lovely home! I love that beautiful shelf above the fireplace!


  • What an amazing decoration! I love every single object shown in the photographs, amazing work, love love love love it!
    I’m new in this community so I would appreciate any kind of comment, suggestion or recommendations 🙂
    Thanks you and have an amazing day!

  • I’ve always dreamed about having a kitchen with open shelves like that. It’s just a matter of needing gorgeous plate-wear to fill them with!

    Her home is absolutely lovely.

  • oh wow such a beautiful home – she has done a great job decorating. Cannot wait to own a home of my own.

  • I love this house! My boyfriend always makes fun of me for loving white interiors so much, but I can’t help it! I love that all the white-ness of this home is just layered on each other and gives it so much texture!


  • This is literally my dream home! I’ve gotten a fair bit of inspiration from this! thank you! xoxo

    Emily ⎜

  • Aj hvor er det flot – vildt fint at de er holdt i disse farver. Jeg kunne flytte ind med det samme 😉

  • Love the white walls! So minimalist!

  • what a gorgeous home!! so many unique pieces


  • what a beautifully curated space! i so miss having open shelves. my last apartment had them and i invested in a ton of fun dinnerware pieces that are now sadly hidden behind doors.

  • So pretty! Are you guys still accepting home tour submissions? If so, where would I go to submit one? Thanks!

  • Lovely lovely lovely (and so beautifully orchestrated). You’ve created such a cool home! Thanks for letting us have a peek 🙂

  • This home! So lovely! Such a great mix of pattern and color against the white. And that print about dancing on the table is fabulous. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Ok, that is a magnificent home! I am beyond intrigued with all those little artifacts, especially that chunk of tiling on the mantel piece. And those greys! Is it wrong to pick grey as a favourite “colour? 🙂

  • So great! What a beautiful space – lots of inspiration for my new Austin apartment. I bought my first property in SE London too – there is no where more fun.

    Love from a now-even-more-homesick Londoner.


  • What a lovely flat! You have such a great color palette. I lived in Brixton during my first two years in college and just adored it.

  • All that white is so calming! Love the bedroom with the pop of blue in the curtains!

  • I love the color palette through the house. And the open shelves in the kitchen look sto nice.

  • What a beautiful home. I love all the personal touches and the clean colour palette.

  • I quite like the open shelves . I would love the ability to see my plates and glasses because it would force me to be organized!

  • what a gorgegous home! love the open shelves that display tr mismatched dishes❤

  • Gorgeous. I love all the fun, interesting elements. All those little trinkets really make the rooms.

    xo Denise

  • This home if gorgeous! We love the fresh whites and eclectic details. So glad you shared! XO

  • Beautiful house, very decorative & roomy. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fond memories of this place down the line 🙂

  • Love the white walls, and that bedroom is amazing. Would love to visit Marrakech someday!

  • Everything is just absolutely perfect with this home. Stephanie has a great eye for design and those light white wooden floorboards are just stunning.

    rae of lovefromberlin

  • I used to live in a flat exactly like this in Brixton until last year (rented). It is amazing to see what it could have looked like!

  • Wow, what a beautiful home! So many creative ideas! The pineapple is lovely… Thanks for sharing!

  • What a wonderful space full of little details and decorations! leo love her wooden floor, the color is amazing and the place looks huge! xx

  • Love every little detail of this home. It is so full of personality. 🙂

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  • It’s just beautiful! I love it ! I love your kitchen and all your dishes. Your bedroom is so cosy and ligthing ! And your living room is great!! Thanks for sharing Stéphanie !

  • oh I am going to stay with a friend in Brixton next month!! I wish Stephanie had a blog so I could see more of Brixton before I go 🙂 Lovely flat, so pretty and airy…

  • I love these images and definitely following the link to see more. This is really close to where I live – i love seeing local home tours!

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