At Work With Do Or Dye Salon

At Work With Do or Dye TexasWe love getting glimpses into the "behind the scenes" of different businesses!  Today our friend, Brandi, is here to share her beautiful salon! At Work With Do or Dye Salon"My friend Grace and I own Do or Dye Tx. Our staff of friends include 7 stylists, 2 estheticians and 1 amazing salon coordinator. Other than being the owners, we also work as stylists. We were really picky with who we let work with us, because the vibe of the salon is the most important factor. The Do or Dye team all gets along, which can be rare in the salon world. We all help each other out, learn from each other, encourage each other, and hang out outside of work."Lovely salon set upAdorable way to display magazines"An average day at the salon… Every day is different. Everyone makes their own schedule, which is nice. But for the most part we book our schedules around the time we have our receptionist there. Sometimes we get there super early, and sometimes we leave really late. But every day is so much fun. We take turns picking out the music, we dance, we sing, we bring each other coffee or lunch, we laugh with clients or listen when they need an ear, we preform miracles, we make new friends, and we make people feel good, which is the best part of the job." Do or Dye Salon via A Beautiful MessDo or Dye Salon, TX"Pretty much everything in the salon is custom built by friends or our design team (Kelly Garcia & Susan Schultz came up with name and Logo). The one functional thing in our salon that is most clients favorite: Our Shampoo bowls. We spent a lot of time looking for the most comfortable ones. People fall asleep in them all the time!"  Fun hair colorsBeautiful Texas SalonDo or Dye, TX"We keep really organized by having a system and an awesome Salon coordinator. We have a place for everything. And when new shipment comes in, Krista knows exactly where it goes. We also have a naughty jar. If someone leaves a mess, misses a pile of hair on the floor or does something naughty, you have to put a couple bucks in the jar. It helps keep us accountable, but after we get a decent amount of money in the jar we hit up happy hour/salon meeting."At Work With Do or Dye, TXHanging hairdryersThank you so much, Brandi, for sharing your space with us! Be sure to check out Brandi's blog Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno and the Do or Dye blog! xo.  **photos by Micah Bickham

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