At Work With Do Or Dye Salon

At Work With Do or Dye TexasWe love getting glimpses into the "behind the scenes" of different businesses!  Today our friend, Brandi, is here to share her beautiful salon! At Work With Do or Dye Salon"My friend Grace and I own Do or Dye Tx. Our staff of friends include 7 stylists, 2 estheticians and 1 amazing salon coordinator. Other than being the owners, we also work as stylists. We were really picky with who we let work with us, because the vibe of the salon is the most important factor. The Do or Dye team all gets along, which can be rare in the salon world. We all help each other out, learn from each other, encourage each other, and hang out outside of work."Lovely salon set upAdorable way to display magazines"An average day at the salon… Every day is different. Everyone makes their own schedule, which is nice. But for the most part we book our schedules around the time we have our receptionist there. Sometimes we get there super early, and sometimes we leave really late. But every day is so much fun. We take turns picking out the music, we dance, we sing, we bring each other coffee or lunch, we laugh with clients or listen when they need an ear, we preform miracles, we make new friends, and we make people feel good, which is the best part of the job." Do or Dye Salon via A Beautiful MessDo or Dye Salon, TX"Pretty much everything in the salon is custom built by friends or our design team (Kelly Garcia & Susan Schultz came up with name and Logo). The one functional thing in our salon that is most clients favorite: Our Shampoo bowls. We spent a lot of time looking for the most comfortable ones. People fall asleep in them all the time!"  Fun hair colorsBeautiful Texas SalonDo or Dye, TX"We keep really organized by having a system and an awesome Salon coordinator. We have a place for everything. And when new shipment comes in, Krista knows exactly where it goes. We also have a naughty jar. If someone leaves a mess, misses a pile of hair on the floor or does something naughty, you have to put a couple bucks in the jar. It helps keep us accountable, but after we get a decent amount of money in the jar we hit up happy hour/salon meeting."At Work With Do or Dye, TXHanging hairdryersThank you so much, Brandi, for sharing your space with us! Be sure to check out Brandi's blog Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno and the Do or Dye blog! xo.  **photos by Micah Bickham

  • Seriously, this is the only hair salon I’ve ever drooled over. Well done, girls!

  • that place looks amazing, such a cool name.


  • Brandi is my stylist and she is AWESOME! All the stylists there are always so positive and make you feel great when you change your hair in any way. Everyone makes comments and give you a true sense of belonging. If you’re in Houston, you have to visit Brandi!

  • So cool to sneak a peek inside this business. Clever logo!! I look forward to seeing more “at work” blogs!


  • Love how their salon is like a family:)

    xo Melanie

  • LOVE this post! The salon looks amazing and so beautiful. ‘Do or dye’ – what a fabulous name!


  • This salon looks fab. I’m dying to go there:)


  • Brandi is my stylist ( and I’m honored to say, has also become one of my favorite friends). The first time I came to the salon- I KNEW. Do or Dye is something special. The atmosphere is infectious the staff is incredibly friendly- down-to-earth awesome and it feels like a fun hangout with pals instead of an errand to be run. Lovvvve Do or Dye and Brandi!

  • What an amazing space! I’ve been following the MMBB blog for a while now and always wish I lived in the Houston area so I can get my mop chopped at Do or Dye (and hang out with these rad folks)! The logo is awesome too!

  • This place looks amazing!

    Lulu xx

  • I love and awesome idea, its great and i also want to go like this salon and want to get my hair cut there.

  • holy crap…. I live there! how have I never heard of this place??? I’ll have to go sometime soon.

  • I LOVE salons with good vibes – our salon here – Aura – is amazing – they are so kind and helpful with each other. I love it. How many places do you stop by just to stay ‘hi’, just because you really love it?!


  • I love the Bueno girls! And I love A Beautiful Mess! And even more than that, I love that one of my favorite blogs is following my other favorite blog! Great post =)

  • I love this interior design, very stylish!

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  • I didn’t even realize this was right around the corner from me, but that makes sense because MAN are they pricey! Nice to see what the inside of the shop looks like because the likes of me wouldn’t be allowed in. 😛

  • Oh. My. Gosh. This is fantastic. I would adore working at a place like that!

  • I have gone to Seattle, LA + Nashville to have my hair cut/colored by different salons that I have fell in love with through blogging. I’ll have to add this to the list!

    Thank you for sharing such a great business – love these editorials!

  • I live in Austin and travel to see Brandi to get my hair done. She and the salon are worth the wait and the drive. Brandi and Grace did an outstanding job with their business and I couldn’t see myself going any where else!! Great job ladies!!

  • this place looks so dang cute!!!! I’ll have to pay it a visit the next time I road trip to houston 🙂 I’m also dying (no pun intended) for one of those mugs!

  • I wish I were closer to this salon! Looks amazing!


  • These girls are two hilarious, fun-loving, intelligent gals who really push themselves to do and create more. The salon is super open and bright, which makes for an awesomely relaxing cut. I’ve been a lazy turd that has yet to follow through with my hairs did there (I tried, Brandi!). They are great inspirations.Plus, I like to imagine I will run into them at Blackhole Coffee. I love having such awesome bloggers in H-Tizzle 🙂

  • I would love to work in this type of salon…so unique. I love it! Thanks for the post:-) For some reason is inspired to go create more unique fun hairstyles now!

  • I <3 coming here & I <3 Ashley Krege! I always leave with pretty hair and a decent wine buzz. 3 cheers for Do or Dye!

  • Looks so comfortable!! I think creative person like you both should work there and create many new unique hairdo 😀

  • I love their rustic/industrial style! Looks like a great place to go!

  • The name is adorable! I think I’d be one to fall asleep in one of those shampoo chairs. Love the coffee cups with their logo ~ so cute and a nice added touch.

  • Love the decor and how it’s not your typical salon look.

  • Omg, something tells me I’d feel WAY more stylish if I got my hair cut here 🙂 -EP

  • Very cool salon tour! The vibe in a salon really does make a difference. The experience of pampering yourself can be ruined by a catty stylist, stressed out receptionist, or just an all-around grumpy staff. I have stopped going to places in the past because of things like that, so it’s great to see that these two ladies are making sure their salon experience is just as important as their talent!

  • I am really close friends with Grace – her and Brandi are amazing business women, as well as being very talented, funny and kind. This is a wonderful business to support! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love to hear that they all get along. So often I go into a salon and I can feel the cattiness in the environment. It seems to come with the territory but I love to see that the gossipy-salon behavior isn’t necessarily everywhere. Gorgeous pics!

  • Nice ! I’d love to go there !
    Love from Paris

  • I love this series, and love the design of this salon, really unusual and fun!

  • thank you thank you thank you for the at work with series!!! i am crazy about it!!! it’s inspiring career-wise, design-wise, as a customer I feel inspired by such a great place (love the logo), but it also makes me think about where I work, how I work, etc. Looking at the work place is a great lens for talking about career, it’s a whole new angle. I seriously love it, please keep this series going!!

  • This is beautiful, I wish we in Croatia had just one salon like this. It would be enough! 😀 I can feel the creativity in the air.
    Great post though! =)

  • I really like the look and feel of this place. Wished we had one here….


    Talisa xx

  • salon looks amazing. one thing i like about salons is that they help me relax my body and getting a little pampered also.

  • Love the idea and look of this whole business! Seriously swoon worthy. I wish I could get my hair done here.

  • seemed comfortable salon once, I will feel at home when you can work here

  • Uhm..Wow! I was a hairstylist for a few years and this looks and sounds like my dream salon!

  • This looks like a great place to get your hair did 🙂 Love the vibe!

  • Wow it is so spacious! My first job was in a salon, if only it had been one like this, this is an absolute dream!!

  • I’ve been a mucho mucho bueno bueno follower for a while how exciting to see them on your blog!! Two amazing sister sister teams 🙂

    Love the salon, I have family in Houston so I’ll definitely plan a salon trip next time I’m out there!

  • such a cool salon!
    gaaah looks amazing!

  • Gosh this place looks fantastic. The branding is AMAZING! Love love love!
    xo Heather

  • These photos are so cool, I love your blog girls, thanks for sharing!

  • I love the metal wire baskets in the first shot? any ideas on where to get them?

  • Oh Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite blogs!!! I stop by there every day and if there isn’t a new post I read something from the archives! I’m a fan. lol If I were rich I would fly to Houston to get my hair done by Brandi. She has such a rad aesthetic, and I don’t think she would chop my hair off like I’m terrified of everyone else doing!! : )

  • aww I really hoping to see that they were dallas based so I could stop in some time =( beautiful place none the less.. i love their blog as well.

  • what a gorgeous gorgeous salon! such a great visual vibe for a place where you’re going to become prettier and revived

  • What a fun looking salon! We don’t have such unique looking salons here in Aust, at least not that I’ve come across! It sounds like it really has a fun vibe there

  • This salon looks amazing ! I would definitely go when I stop by Houston…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • This salon looks awesome! I love the design and Brandi seems really cool -going to check out her blog next. Thanks for sharing!

  • We need this in London!! I dread going to the hairdressers, these guys seem awesome!

    Nancy |

  • What a fun profile…love their branding! they should sell naughty jars. I’d like one for the house!

  • oh my gosh! i love mmbb, but have somehow never seen into the salon. it’s so beautiful! the fact that yall have comfy shampoo bowls is awesome, that is literally the worst thing about salons haha. i wish there was a place like this near me. i would actually GO to a salon then lol.

  • Seriously, this place is the cutest. I want to get my hair done here. xo

  • So fun! If I’m ever in their area I’ll soooo have to stop in!

    Juliette Laura

  • Loooove it!

    My daily outfits in

  • Looks like such a great place

  • I wish I knew about this place while I was living in Texas! I would have definitely made an appointment. I’ll have to tell my friends and family about it back home to check it out. 🙂

  • I love it, i love it, i love it. The logo, the lighting, the raw materials. Wish I could visit it!

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • I love the name of her salon!

    xo Jennifer

  • Beautiful salon! I love how bright and open it is. I stopped dying my hair a few years ago so I spend less time than I used to at my salon. I think I’d go more often if it looked like this though!
    xx Allison


  • It looks amazing ! Thanks for sharing !

    XX Luba

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  • I would love to go to or work at a salon like this! Looks and sounds like a fun, new experience 🙂

  • This is awesome! Clever name, great branding, I’d definitely get my hair cut there.

  • Oh wow!
    I just love everything about this salon; the logo, the furnishings and the whole vibe it gives off! Definately more interesting and exciting than your typical hair salon.
    What a clever name too! – I will def be checking out their blogs!

  • That is seriously the coolest looking salon! Love that you have built a team of folks that not only get along but genuinely look after each other and the good of the business.

    Hotsy Malone

  • THEY’RE IN HOUSTON! I”m going to have to check them out!!!

    I love this series!


  • I love how the salon looks super laid back, but still really stylish. Very nice!

  • I can feel the atmosphere of this salon even though I can only see it on my screen. That would be the place I would get my hair cut at.

    Thanks for sharing.

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