At Work With Little Hip Squeaks

The Little Hip Squeaks StudioToday we are excited to welcome Amy from Little Hip Squeaks to the blog to share a little behind-the-scenes of her business!

Pretty thread colorsLovely prints on Little Hip Squeaks products"Little Hip Squeaks is a kids apparel and gift brand that includes simple, well made pieces in bright, fun colors and prints manufactured in small batches in Brooklyn. When LHS started 2 years ago, I was sewing all the items for LHS at my kitchen table, shipping in our small hallway, and editing photos from our bed — now that our items are manufactured (just a few blocks from our studio space!) my normal day has shifted quite a bit to a more administrative and creative roll; which usually includes getting an enormous coffee before tackling emails from blog partners, customers, wholesale clients and vendors — my VP works out of Philly, and we usually have a brief meeting over iMessage in the morning over the days agenda, which as of late includes how we're going to tackle the holiday season and what our goals are for the first quarter of 2014 will be."

At Work With Little Hip Squeaks"I spend a few hours each morning shipping packages, mostly to our retail customers, but also direct sales from the website – I have a shipping manager who comes once per week to help me catch up, which is crucial on weeks we've launched a new product or relisted headbands. 

I have a really hard time focusing on one task at a time, so I'll usually switch between shipping orders and email for a couple hours, before I take a chunk of the afternoon to work on designing new patterns and preparing seasonal collections, making cutting tickets and tech packs for new product lines, or photograph any new items we're adding to the shop. My production assistant and I will also spend some time in the afternoon working on product samples for future products, we're currently finalizing a long-sleeved dress for winter, a hooded sweatshirt, and layette!"

Darling Little Hip Squeaks headbands

Paper PatternsLove all the bright colors"I'm really inspired by contrasting colors and patterns, and my studio is a huge reflection of that. There's so many little things with fun prints or bright colors that get my mojo going, I have a nook on my wall filled with a commissioned  gold metallic "boss" print on white leather paired with a painted wood wall hanging from IAMHOME and a triangle canvas from Perrodin Supply that my 2 year old drew on for me. This little section is my absolutely favorite part of the space."Amy of Little Hip SqueaksLittle Hip Squeaks Studio"No matter how hard I try to be organized with supplies, you'll usually find them half-scattered in the places their supposed to be; but I'm lucky to have a lot of hidden storage under our work benches for shipping and packing supplies, and love Poppin desk organizers for invoices and receipts I need to file away."

Adorable Little Hip Squeaks romper and bibThanks so much for sharing, Amy! Make sure to pop by Little Hip Squeaks and have a look around! xo.

  • I LOVE Little Hip Squeaks!! I found them on Pinterest and can’t wait till my baby is born so he/she can wear these cute little outfits! And for love and kisses of course 🙂
    xo kristen genevieve

  • Amy, where did you get your tall workspace tables? I have been looking for something exactly like that for my office. Thanks!

  • I’m a huge fan of the brand-it’s lovely to see behind the scenes! Awesome studio.

  • I am studying fashion design, a diploma , also I am learning to sew, I am not the best jajaja, however i wish to have a studio, hers looks flawless , perfect :3 Love the idea of sharing room studios

    xo Elsie and Emma.

  • I love this post, such an inspiration to me. I have always wanted to design a children’s line. You inspired me to post about my dream on my little blog. I linked to your post and to the Little Hip Squeak page.
    Thanks for reminding me to dream!

  • Brooklyn produces some real stars!

  • Such darling little pieces! What a fun company! Love it! 🙂

  • Awesome! I can see that your little business bring cheers to kids everywhere. I am a fan of DIY homemade crafts myself and I love to collect sites that just “do the magic” to children. Love the cute green pj.

    Support the artisans @

  • Oh my goodness, she makes such darling pieces! And what a fun workspace!

  • Ah, the coolest job! Everything is so adorable.


  • Totally agree with Leah! I’m a newer reader so haven’t seen this series before, and really love it! And really like this little green/white outfit:)

  • Loved the peek into Amy’s workspace! It’s so bright and perfect.

  • I find this post really informative…great post! I want to
    create and make my own scarfs and it is hard work!

  • So cute! I love the prints/fabrics they use, and those headbands with little bows are just so adorable. I’d buy one for myself 🙂


  • Everything looks so precious! What a bright and beautiful work space to have.


  • those little headbands are so cute!


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  • Oh my goodness this is adorable! Her work is so cute. I love this series!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • These are so sweet, I like her stuff a lot. I really dig these sorts of little glimpses into the lives of makers. Very cool.

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