Autumn Floral Wreath Project

Autumn Floral Wreath by A Beautiful MessWhat better way to welcome autumn into our homes than with a giant floral wreath?! I love warm, rich fall colors. The more the merrier, I say! All I want to do is make crafts when the weather starts cooling down.

Autumn Wreath DIYThis wreath is super easy! Here’s how it’s made:

-12 inch foam wreath form
-glue gun
-3 bunches of silk flowers in warm tones
-6 feet of 2 inch wide ribbon in a matching color

Pull all the blooms from their stems and cut off the little plastic stem piece on the back of each flower.  Tightly wrap your wreath form with ribbon. Use hot glue to adhere the ends to the foam.

Use a generous amount of hot glue to adhere each flower. Seriously, use a bunch… the more you use now, the less likely you are to have to re-glue flowers later! I like to adhere my blooms in bunches (starting with the largest flowers) and then fill in the gaps with more blooms. This makes it easy to space out larger blooms. Last, fill in any gaps with smaller blooms. That’s it! This is a 30 minute craft. Have fun!

Autumn Floral Wreath
And here is the finished product. I’m really happy with wreath. Best of all, I think it’s a piece that I will use year after year to welcome autumn to our home!

Autumn Floral Wreath DIY

Autumn Floral Wreath via A Beautiful Mess
I’m so thankful for a new home to decorate. We’re moving in about a week, so I’ll share photos soon. We’re already planning our first small party! What are you excited about this month? Elsie

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