Backyard Bonfire: Trail Mix Party Favors

Table Granola 2Last week we shared a few recipes from our little backyard bonfire party—we had so much fun making fancy s'mores and enjoying frozen hot chocolates! And here is our super simple take on party favors: trail mix jars. Having little treats for guests to take home can be such a fun little end to any get-together. Favors can be anything that reflect the vibe of the event, and should be easy for guests to travel with.Granola jarFabric on jarsLayer your trail mix into mason jars; we used granola, mini M&Ms, dried fruit and nuts. Cut out circles of fabric for the tops of the jars. We love using any type of canning jars because you can easily tuck a thin layer of fabric in between the lid and the sealing ring.GranolaHave fun making your own trail mix jars! xo. emma and elsie

All photos by: Janae Hardy.

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