Baked Apple and Bourbon Ice Cream

Baked apple and bourbon ice cream recipeThis ice cream was very much inspired by my favorite fall pie recipe. I love baked apple and a little bourbon. This was my first time experimenting with using liquor in an ice cream batter. I wondered if it would effect the consistency of the ice cream after freezing (since liquor doesn't freeze) and it turns out it does. But only slightly. You will only use a small amount of bourbon in this recipe but it will cause your finished ice cream to be just a bit softer than the usual. Worth it. 🙂Baked apple ice creamBaked Apple and Bourbon Ice Cream, makes 1 quart

1 granny smith apple
1/3 teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/2 cup milk
1 cup + 1 tablespoon sugar
5 egg yolks
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 shot (about 1.5 to 2 oz) bourbon

Heat the milk and sugar in a pot over medium/high heat just until it begins to boil. Then reduce the heat slightly. In another bowl whisk together the egg yolks. Pour a few tablespoons of the hot milk mixture in with the egg yolks and stir. Once the egg yolk mixture is tempered add it to the pot of hot milk. Whisk to combine. Continue cooking over medium heat until it thickens. Turn the heat off and remove the pot from the burner, add in the whipping cream and bourbon. Stir to combine. Pour into an air tight container and refrigerate overnight. 

Peel and chop your apple into very small pieces. Coat in 1/3 teaspoon cinnamon and 1 tablespoon sugar and bake in a small oven-safe bowl just until soft (I baked mine at 350°F for about 8 minutes). Set aside and allow to cool completely.

Pour the ice cream batter in to your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer directions for use. A few minutes before your ice cream is done stir in the baked apples.Baked apple & bourbon ice creamIf you find your ice cream is a little too soft put it in an air tight container and freeze for a few more hours or overnight. And if you just aren't feeling the bourbon feel free to leave it out and add a few more sprinkles of cinnamon for flavor. Enjoy! xo. Emma

  • It’s a very useful article, thanks to everyone who is interested in reading it.
    I will try to follow you, it will be the most delicious dessert I have all the steps to do really.

  • Oh my god, this looks divine. Have you tried the bourbon and cornflakes recipe from the Humphrey Slocombe cookbook? It’s appropriately called “Secret Breakfast.” I had it at their shop when I lived in San Francisco, and it is amazing, but I don’t live there anymore, so I was excited to make it at home. I checked the book out from the library and whipped up a batch, which just would *not* freeze. Turns out they issued a correction saying they accidentally doubled the bourbon in the recipe. When I was making it I thought that 1/2 cup seemed like a lot. Anyway, yes, if you have too much alcohol your ice cream won’t freeze (I had to double my batch, and ended up with twice as much ice cream. There are worse problems to have).

    Definitely going to have to try this recipe soon!

  • amazing.. I really must get my ice-cream maker out and try this soon!

  • It sounds tasty! I just got out of a class where we learned everything and all the things you would want to know about ice cream. For the alcohol(since it freezes at such a low point)try soaking the apple pieces in some over night then drain them so when you incorporate the pieces into the ice cream there will be some of the flavor contained in the apple bits and the ice cream may not be as runny. Also if you ever try it again instead of ground cinnamon try leaving cinnamon sticks in the ice cream base to soak over night. You can make almost any flavor by just flavoring up the base.

    xo Amber P.

  • I have a similar recipe for a stuffed baked apple and vanilla ice cream. I LOVE Baked apples!!

  • Awesome! I have started getting into ice cream making so this is great. My most popular flavour so far has been strawberry and basil =)

  • Yum! I love homemade ice cream! I still have yet to make some in my ice cream maker.


  • wow this is making me drool at my computer hahah


  • sounds very yummy. I definitely want to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  • WOW, the ice-cream looks splendid! I wish I had an ice-cream maker to make some of it myself. BTW, have you tried making red velvet cupcakes? Would love to see you make them or do a post about them 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • Looks yummy! I shared this with a friend of mine who happens to have an ice cream maker.

  • I have always wanted to learn to make ice cream! Oh yum, that looks delicious!

    xo Michelle

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  • This is going straight into my ‘to cook’ list. It’s a shame it’s snowing outside…

  • yum! this looks delish. apply and bourbon sound perfect together!

  • Everyone needs to at least try homemade icecream. It is beyond amazing. Your recipe looks soo good. This combo would be a winner for my fiance!
    xo Emily @

  • Honestly, I don’t like apple desserts but this sounds amazing. It’s probably the bourbon calling me :p

    xo Jennifer

  • YUMM!!! I’ve actually been wanting to get an ice cream maker! 🙂 Inna

  • I love apple flavored anything and I would make this today if I had bourbon on hand – now I’m craving apple pie!


  • I think I never tried apple ice cream. But this one I surely would try, because I love the mix of apple and cinamon. Plus Bourbon, it must be delicious! Thank you for the recipe!


  • That looks really yummy. I like that ice cream and it could be perfect with burbon. Have a nice day.

  • This looks and sounds amazing, I will have to try it!

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  • Ohhh yummy! This would be a lovely end to a dinner party (Or just for me on my own………..not sharing cos its mine! Hee hee!)Thank you for the recipe.

    Jerra x

  • yummy !!!
    New post up:

  • This sounds so yummy so joke! I just got an ice cream maker for Christmas and I really want to try out this recipe.

  • Sounds so yummy! I’m always looking for good ice cream recipes. Last time I did chocolate red wine and balsamic vinegar

  • sounds amazing, such a good combination of flavours!

  • Sabine- Yes, it is. It’s been a long time since I made ice cream without an ice cream maker though. So I would google around for a tutorial. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Wowzers, that looks tiptop!! Can’t wait to try it 🙂 Waistline here I come

  • This sounds delicious! I have just started my love affair with bourbon and am loving all recipes that include it!

  • This sounds amazing! I might have to try it for a birthday party in a couple of weekends!

  • This sounds really yummy. Do you think it’s possible to make it without an ice cream maker by just freezing the batter?

  • This is definitely my second favorite ice cream recipe. The first one was the lavender one from a couple of months ago! This looks so delicious and I Can’t wait to try it. Not a big fan of bourbon though and I’m not feeling the cinnamon either… I think I’ll try adding some kind of nut-flavor. What do you think? 🙂 Love this recipe, Emma, thanks! xo

  • Mmmmm, this looks so yummy! I’m allergic to milk, so I’d have to find an alternative for the ice cream, but I love the idea of adding the baked apple! I’ll have to try this soon! 🙂

  • Oh yum! I love apples. I’m sure that is a very interesting and delicious taste.

    Juliette Laura

  • This sounds so good! Best recipe ever! xx

  • Uhm, it looks good. Soft creamy icecream is the best 🙂
    Could you send some in my way please, haha. Too bad Denmark is so far away, otherwise i would have come to visit you.
    Sometimes when i look at blogs, i think, “we could totally be friends irl” 🙂 Thats how i feel with your blog, Elsie and Emma 🙂


  • yuck! I’m only 12 so borbon, yuck! But baked Apple Ice cream, YUM YUM YUM, SOUNDS SOOOOO GOOD!


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