Baked Brie

Baked brie recipeI've been wanting to try baked brie for a while now. I think the first time I really saw it was on an episode of Down Home with the Neelys. 🙂 They baked brie on a grill and I thought that was just genius. I am a HUGE brie fan. So I've been stoked to try it ever since.Easy baked brieThis is also a super easy appetizer idea in case you are having guests over anytime soon. You only need two ingredients: puff pastry and brie. Simply wrap the brie in puff pastry (I cut the excess dough with an acorn cookie cutter to add a little decoration to the top) place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 375°F for 18-22 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve hot with sliced apples, grapes, crackers or bread. You could also serve this along with jams or honey. Enjoy! xo. Emma

P.S. Please pretend you don't see that giant crumb on my hand… since I (apparently) didn't. #ewww

A note about the rind: I did not cut the rind off before baking. It is perfectly edible and you actually don't notice it much after your brie is baked. When I'm eating brie unbaked I sometimes cut off the rind, simply because I don't enjoy it. So, either way really. It's totally up to you.

  • can someone help me find the actual instructions/recipe for this? looks awesome.

  • Yum! Baked brie is a family favorite; we have it as an appetizer at most family functions. We often like to put a layer of jam or cranberry sauce or raisins (et cetera) on the bottom, for a delicious twist!

    With love,
    Melody of From Scratch

  • Baked brie is one of my go-to apps but I have never tried eating it with apples. Sounds delicious! Thanks for the tip!

    xx Kait

  • Okay, I cannot cook/bake at all & I tried this because I love baked brie. AMAZING!!! Honestly simple, easy & fantastic. One addition: sprinkle cinnamon on the pastry before it goes in the oven.

  • I always get hungry reading your posts – SERIOUSLY. looks so good 🙂


  • Baked Brie is a FAVORITE of ours! My husband and I do this for special occasions (anniversaries, holidays, rainy days, bad days, good days….any ‘ol days…:) I like to add raspberry jam and pecans inside the pastry dough as well, so you get that special extra sweetness when you break into it! Yum!!!

  • We had 2 of these for a holiday party this year. One had Fig,Ginger & Orange Chutney and the other had Apple & Cranberry Chutney. Make sure you only cut through the skin of the Brie, run a knife around the top 1/4″ in the from the edge. Make several cuts across top making small triangles, then gently remove the skin forming a shall cup to hold the chutney. Just add 1/4 cup of the chutney to the top of the brie before wrapping in the puff pastry. You can also whisk an egg white & water and brush the entire puff pastry to make the pastry shine. So yummy! Happy New Year!

  • I have the same question that Katy Cloud had…do you remove the rind from the Brie before your wrap it in the puff pastry? It sure does look yummy after it’s baked.

  • Baked brie or melted brie is my FAVORITE appetizer!!! =)

  • I love brie, thanks for another recipe to try! One of our favorites is to make a ham, apple and brie grilled cheese sandwich. So yummy!

  • I *love* making Brie in many different ways, but my all time favorite is baked in real maple syrup. I don’t know where one would tend to find it in the States (I’m French-Canadian and every time we go to the U.S. and hit up an IHOP, the maple syrup is not at all like ours up here!), but if you can find it, it truly is the world’s most wonderful combination. Add some pecans to the top and you’ve got just the right of sweet, crunch & creamy. Yum!

  • ahah, i wouldn’t even have noticed the crumb if you hadn’t mentioned it. silly bunny. this sounds like a marvelously easy idea for a snack.

  • One of my favorites! I used the recipe on the Simply Recipes website for Xmas eve this year and I wanted to keep it all to myself at our get together, too good!

  • Mmmmmmmmm!! My roomie used to make baked brie, before I was married. I definitely love being married, but I sure do miss her baked brie : ) thanks for the recipe : )

  • Add chopped rosemary, dried cherries and some brown sugar before u wrap in puff pastry… Delicious!!!!

  • with or without the rind?? 🙂 I don’t care for it, but it seems that most people eat it??

  • Perfect! I hold a knit night at my house a few weeks a month and I have been needing something easy, warm, and slightly fancy to serve. I think I’ll be doing this with some ginger/cranberry cocktails!!!

  • Is Brie really sweet enough to go with apples? If so, YUM!! Totally wanna try this.

  • Baked brie is one of my favorites! I make it every Christmas Eve! It’s hard to share 🙂

  • omg YUM i totally just had this at two different christmas parties… i only ate a little cuz i didn’t want to look like a total fatty but it was sooo good i could have eaten half of it!!

  • BRIE! I haven’t had it in so long. Will be going to buy this and try this so soon! Thank you VERY much. Yay!

  • Yummy. My husband makes something similar but only smaller with apples, bacon and herbs and puts it on top of a salad.

  • Don’t point out your flaws, sweets! Didn’t even notice till you said something.

    Great munchy idea though – looove brie cheese 🙂

  • That looks delicious! I haven’t tried the brie/apple combination yet but I think it must be very tasty. I’ll introduce this to my mom as a last-minute appetizer for tomorrow, thanks. Wishing you guys the best for the new year ♥

  • Love love LOVE baked brie. I also recommend you try stuffing the apples right on in there with the brie…saute them first in a little butter and cinnamon and sugar. Delish!

  • Just want to say that you guys are a real inspiration. You make this amazing food and things and everything is just really beautiful and creative and truly inspiring. My new years resolution to my self will be to try some of the things you do here, and simply try to live a more creative life. Thank you for a great year and may you have an even greater 2013!

  • this one is a hit at hour house to but with camembert 🙂

  • That looks great and it is a perfect idea. Have a nice day.

  • I adore baked brie and baked camembert, so gooey and delicious! I usually put it into a little wooden carrier and bake by itself without pastry…but deep fried breaded brie with cranberry jam has to be my all time favourite 🙂

  • sounds absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to try it out. I even bet my hubs will enjoy this. We are a family who loves cheese 🙂

  • I made this on Christmas with apricot jam baked inside with the brie. It was fabulous and so easy!

  • I love baked brie! My friend and I made so much of it around the holidays last year to get it right… It’s so simple and yummy!


  • My family does this all the time… one of my great vices. But sooo worth it! 🙂

    This Lovely Little Day

  • how is it that you photograph a food i don’t even like and i still want to try it?! i hate brie, but you managed to make it look soooo yummy. not fair!

  • Yum! I love brie and have been meaning to try baking it for a while now, I had thought of crumbing it but pastry sounds yum too 🙂

  • I barely noticed the crumb on your hand until you mentioned it but I like how it just makes this whole thing feel even more “real” and cute in a way. It’s nice 🙂

    And that Brie…ugh, looks delicious!

    You have a lovely blog!

  • I absolutely LOVE baked brie.
    My favorite recipe is one from Epicurious, with raspberry preserves and rosemary.

  • Oh, well sign me up! That looks soooo good .. perhaps I can make this before my Jan 2nd diet deadline 😉


  • Apple slices and brie looks delicious! Did you cut the white rind off? I don’t know if I like it’s weird mushroomyness x

  • It’s funny that lately I have been searching for an apple recipe, and here on one of my favourite blogs you post one! This looks so, so tasty. Thank you for creating such a wonderful space, that gives us all so much inspiration, I hope you all have a wonderful new year. I’m so excited to see what you will be up to in 2013! xx

  • I love baked Brie! Try spreading raspberry or fig jam right on the Brie before covering it with the puff pastry! Delicious! Happy 2013.

  • Yummmmm,never tried brie in this form,only cold!But as I am a sucker for fondue,I think I would love this one!
    Great idea!


  • If you want to kick it up a notch, add some brown sugar and raspberries or slices of mango to the brie, cover with the puff pastry, then bake. It comes out so good!

  • Baked brie is THE BEST!! Man this makes me want some now! An apricot jam is the JAM on baked brie! Yummy!

  • You can add a bit of jam or fig spread over the top of the brie and then wrap it in the puff pastry for an added layer of flavor. It looks delicious.

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