Be Ready For A Picnic With A Car Picnic Basket!

I’m not sure why spreading a blanket and eating outside picnic-style can feel so magical and special, but it always does! And depending on the climate where you live, picnics can be a spring/summer/fall activity with different attire and treat offerings as well. We partnered with Walmart to create the perfect picnic basket to keep in your car so you can be ready for a picnic whenever the mood strikes! Walmart has so many picnic perfect items to choose from and with their new “Wow and Now” section, you can grab amazing items to add to your basket or just to brighten your everyday life. Here’s what I chose to put in my car picnic basket!

I would keep as many plates/cups/utensils in your basket as you have in your family if you have kiddos, and if you don’t, then a set of at least four will give you extras to picnic on a date or with friends. These wine tumblers are great for keeping your chilled wine cool in the great outdoors (or any other drink you want to keep chilled), and they come with sipping lids to prevent spilling. I love metal reusable straws and this set is perfect to take on the go and comes with brushes to clean them out as well. I also got these cute mason jar cups as the lid, straw, and handle make them great for kids to drink from. I love a good cloth napkin since they are reusable (and just look classier anyways) and these blush pink ones are so pretty! Speaking of pink, these speckled pink plates are pretty dreamy and I kept the extra items in the set to use at home.

You’ll want to keep some silverware in your bag as well, and I love the colored handles on these (and these kinds of knifes with covers are perfect to take on the go). I like to have food containers in my picnic basket so that I can either take food in them for the picnic or have something to put leftovers in if we get our food out, so these reusable bags are a great addition to the picnic kit. I put all these items into this cute basket (this is a cute one too) and I was just about ready for a picnic. Since we will usually have a toddler with us on our outings, I added this marker set and a notebook to the bag so that our daughter will have something to do while we lounge and talk!

And what’s a picnic without a blanket, right? I’ve been wanting a waterproof blanket for a while so you don’t have to worry if the ground is still a bit wet. This waterproof plaid blanket is the perfect item to keep in the trunk for picnics, outdoor concerts, or anytime you want to sit outside! The top is really soft and the bottom is lined to keep the blanket dry. All I had to do was add some food to our spread and we had an instant picnic afternoon! Eating al fresco was a big hit with our toddler who was so excited about the blanket. The markers and notebook addition were also a big hit, so I was really glad I added that those.

If you’re trying to make the most of your warm weather seasons, a car picnic basket is the perfect way to be ready for any outdoor dining opportunity and Walmart has all the goods to create it. Check out a Wow and Now section near you to add something special to your basket! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.
  • Love this! We haven’t been eating inside with the kiddos, and we often dine outdoors or in the car with takeout. A little kit like this would make the experience more special 🙂

  • This would be great for take out too. We aren’t eating indoors at restaurants with the kids so we’ve been doing more take out when we’re out and about. It would be nice to have a blanket and supplies ready for impromptu meals.

  • Hi Laura! Great post! I love picnics so much and there’s so many different ways to accomplish it.
    I would LOVE to see a post about diy napkins. I will not be spending 95.00 for napkins. Instead, I will make my own using fabric left over from other projects or purchase fabric from the store. Let’s make napkins at home! I’m sure a tutorial from you would be fantastic! Thank you for your consideration.

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