Bigger and Better Everyday Afro

Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial)The great thing about having a fro for me is the upkeep. Rather, the lack of upkeep. Once styled, my fro can be kept up to look even better than it did right after it was styled. It always ends up bigger. And when it comes to a natural fro, bigger is better.

I love that I see how strong my hair is getting during the everyday fro days. I’ve come a very long way since my initial big chop, where I was practically bald, about two years ago. 

There are many ways to accomplish this everyday afro look, and most of it depends on your personal preference, and how much time you have every other night or so to do your hair. 

To keep a bit of my curl pattern and achieve this everyday fro look, I create large chunky two-strand twists in my hair and finish it off with a few bantu knots. If you’re looking for a similar look, I’ve shared my steps below! 

Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial) As usual, you’ll want to make sure your hands are moisturized with a natural base moisturizer before you touch your hair. This is so very important for your hair. I always use ample amounts of coconut oil for my hair, and it never fails me. 

First, you’ll want to part your hair with your hands, following the part lines you created when you first styled your hair. For me that meant a side part in the front, and a middle part from the crown to the nape of my neck.

After you’ve created those larger sections in your hair, you’ll want to split each section in half. Chances are you have pretty thick or relatively thick hair, and one twist for each larger section is a hilarious mess. But if you have hair that’s on the thinner side, I suggest keeping the section larger. 

Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial)  Now it’s time for twisting! I kind of love this part because it’s so much easier in comparison to the small two-strand twist I showed you before. If you’d like, you can add more coconut oil every time you twist. I know I probably sound like a broken record with all this moisturizing talk, but it’s so very important, you guys. 

Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial)   At this point you can choose to just finish off your twist and leave it as is, or you can continue to create a bantu knot. I chose to create a bantu knot to help keep my twists in place, and also to define the curl pattern a little more. My hair will usually come undone in larger twists eventually, so a bantu knot is great for keeping it together.

If you’re unfamiliar with a bantu knot, it’s just your hair wrapped around in a circle creating a knot. You can tuck the end of your hair into the bantu knot, or you can use a hair tie or bobby pin to keep the knot in place. I used a bobby pin. I actually love bantu knots as a style on their own, but since I am not a perfectionist in the slightest, the style kind of looks silly on me.

My parts are always off and the knot is always kind of wonky. With that said, I think I can make it just good enough to keep my larger twist in, and protect my hair all at the same time. 

Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial)    Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial)    Now that your twists and knots are all done, it’s time to give your scalp some relief! Every time I do my hair to prepare for a fro style, I take the opportunity to give my scalp some TLC while it’s all exposed. I use a mixed oil spray, but you can use anything you fancy. 

If you do your hair at night, you can throw on a silk cap and relax now that you know your morning prep time is cut. Or, if you happen to be a procrastinator like me and end up doing your hair in the morning before you shower etc, begin your morning routine knowing your hair will look great in no time. 

Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial)      Simply undo your bantu knots and twists, tease your roots to your desire, and you are on your way! 

Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial)       Bigger and Better Everyday Afro (click through for tutorial)       Do you see the difference in how “big” my hair is after in comparison to before? Crazy right?  It’s what I love most about doing these simple steps. My everyday fro is always taken to new heights. 😉 –LaTonya

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Credits // Author: LaTonya Staubs, Photography: Peter Staubs.

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