Black Lives Matter

Hi everyone,

Today, we want to set aside our usual content and amplify black voices, as well as provide you with some resources that could be extremely helpful. As a white blogger, I have been guilty time and again of being defensive and centering myself, but today our goal is to step out of the way and support Black Lives Matter!

If you have other helpful resources, please leave them in the comments here. We’d also love your links to black-owned businesses we can all support!

We hope this heartbreaking time will bring true and lasting change to the world. It starts at home. So let’s listen, educate ourselves, and talk to our children. Let’s keep going one step at a time with both visible and private actions.

Here are a few links we’ve been sharing with our Instagram community today:


(all book links direct you to Semicolon Chicago, a Black woman-owned bookstore)

Woman of Color by Latonya Yvette
How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad
Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson


Rachel Cargle
The Great Unlearn
The Conscious Kid
Check Your Privilege


Black Lives Matter
Reclaim the Block
Minnesota chapter of the ACLU
George Floyd memorial fund
Color of Change


Text FLOYD to 55156 or sign this petition

Here is a more comprehensive list of ways of anti-racism sources for white people, including resources for parenting by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein.

We love you. Elsie + Emma

  • In this Unfortunate time it is very refreshing to see this.
    I am a black business owner myself and having support and resources makes a big difference. Thank you

  • Beautiful written, ladies. Thank you for not taking a blind eye to the travesty that continues to pledge the Black & Brown community. I have followed your site for years and I am so glad you guys stood up for my community.

  • I appreciate you posting this and links to such excellent resources. For parents searching for more, I wanted to draw your attention to my upcoming book Bringing Up Race: How to Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World. It’s out in September, currently available on Amazon UK and hopefully North America soon. Here’s the UK/Europe order link if you’re interested and would love to connect on this at a later date:

  • Please consider adding to the donate list! ❤️

    • Please evaluate the companies you work and partner with, and consider if their stance (or lack of stance) on the BLM movement is one that aligns with your business.

      • I agree with the above. There are so many companies that still haven’t spoken out about the injustices in America. This includes crafting brands like michael’s and joanne’s as well as Canon.. Partnering with them sends the wrong message.

  • Thank you for your courage in speaking out. White women especially have a duty to support our marginalized citizens and as a long time reader I am so encouraged and heartened by this post. Please consider diversifying your staff and posting content from bloggers of color.

  • I seriously do not understand how you can approve of Tanya’s comment about Shaun King not being black. You do not have to post my response to her. However, by allowing her to perpetuate this ridiculous conspiracy theory originally circulated by RACISTS and their , you are kind of nullifying your entire statement. Come on, ladies. Put your money where your mouth is!

  • Do you plan on hiring women of color on your staff or as a contributor to your site? Your entire team is full of white women, and one of your husbands…

  • Thank you for sharing this!
    It is beautiful reading words full of love, I really hope that our world can be better, one day <3

    xx Elisa | DIY & LIFESTYLE BLOG

  • Another place I’m trying to direct donations is to Gianna Floyd who is now growing up without a father.

  • Hi! I was hoping to come here today and find POC shops to support. Appreciate the resources you shared, and am hoping in the future you’ll feature more links to POC craftspeople, artists and voices. Thanks so much

  • I just wanted to add that a great podcast I enjoy is Pod Save the People. Deray is amazing. He (along with co-hosts sam & brittany) also run Campaign Zero which uses data to identify and propose actual solutions for police violence.

  • What happened in the states is so heart-breaking… really.
    We all need to stop for a minute and think why is this happening. Why there’s still so much racism…
    Thanks for the post!


    Curly Style

  • thanks! please make inclusion of Black-made content a regular part of your blog <3

  • “The New Jim Crow” is an incredibly informative book, and I also appreciate the Shaun King podcast “The Break Down” provides action steps at the end of each episode that anybody can take. Whether it is calling a legislator, calling a federal prison, or making a donation to an organization so that you can utilize your time, privilege, etc to tangibly making the world a safer place for POC

  • As an African American Senior Citizen I simply want to say, Thank you❤️.

  • Pod Save the People is a VERY insightful, informative weekly podcast created and hosted by activists & organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement. I appreciate the way they direct people towards ACTION when things seem hopeless. Really excellent pod – get ready to learn.

    • As a black blogger and maker, all I can say is that I appreciate this and I would like to see more inclusivity on this blog. I love the many things being made, yet I get tired of the same old buy this at Amazon and lack of POC on here. Jmho.

  • Thank you for making this post and amplifying Black voices. As a long time reader, it is refreshing and important to see a blog take this stance.

    I would love to see more Black authored content and support of marginalized voices.

  • I’m a long time reader and I just wanted to tell you I miss LaTonya’s content on this blog.

  • Thank you, Elsie & Emma! Black lives matter. Please take action to amplify voices like Latonya’s and others regularly.

  • Garner’s Garden is a black owned, family company specializing in skin and teeth care products. Most are vegan.

    They have an affiliate program too. Any money raised from this link will be donated to BLM causes.

  • Thank you for using your platform for good. I appreciate you speaking out!

  • Thank you for this.

    As a longtime Black reader, it would also be nice for you to amplify the voices of other Black lifestyle bloggers, as well. I often feel left out and unseen in the extremely homogenized lifestyle space.

    Black women buy your courses. We click your affiliate links. We support your creative endeavors. You have a platform that is wonderfully positioned to be an example of intentional inclusivity. Show us that we are a valued member of your audience by making us feel seen. Show the lifestyle world that Black people are present.

    Don’t just tell us that you believe Black lives matter; prove that you mean it.

    • You are absolutely right. Thank you to the Black women who have been buying products, watching videos, reading recipes, etc. Black women have been supporting us and we have not reciprocated. I am sorry. Not only should white business owners continue to contribute by donating and using their platform to provide knowledge, we must take it one step further. I recommend that businesses complete an equity audit and make changes based on the data that they uncover. This needs to be an ongoing process and is not a simple one step fix.

    • As a Black woman,Thank you for the article it is really appreciate!

    • Strongly echo this! My friend Tinuke Bernard has a fantastic list of Black British Bloggers and Influencers on her site

      • Thank you for these resources. Big up to.the black British African Caribbean collective

    • Parys; I reiterate this comment, recently I was browsing and this beautiful young black girl. had this wonderful blog. Beautifully presented lots of interesting links and not one person anywhere had responded or commented, it broke my heart all the love and work she put into it. I will make sure from now on to be proactive. Have nice day

    • Don’t just do this for one day. Do it everyday. I look forward to seeing more posts that amplify black designers & their voices.

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