Blog Essentials – My New Course!

I am beyond excited to share my new course, Blog Essentials, with you all! I created this course to be a fast, no-fluff beginner (or new) blogger-friendly course that will help you have more confidence in growing and monetizing your blog. It’s no secret that blogging has completely changed my life and allowed me to have a creative career that I LOVE. I’ve been blogging for well over a decade and in that time I’ve learned a LOT and watched the industry change many times over. I want to help those just starting out, or those who have started but can’t quite make the leap to creating income, to find their own success story.

What’s in the course?

Lesson 1: What is my blog? Defining and refining your purpose.

Lesson 2: Creating Blog Posts – Never get stuck again.

Lesson 3: Content is Queen – Amplify your blog content.

Lesson 4: Design & User Experience – Think like a blog reader and plan like a pro.

Lesson 5: Monetizing Your Content

Lesson 6: Sponsorships & Collaborations

Bonus: How to Start a WordPress Blog

Bonus: How I Shoot Flat Lays

Bonus: Our Affiliate Marketing Guide

Bonus: The A Beautiful Mess Media Kit & How to Make Your Own

Sounds great. What does the course cost?

Blog Essentials = $294 or four payments of $73.50 — but for a very limited time (this week!), the course will be 50% off to celebrate its launch, making it $147, or 4 payments of $36.75 with AfterPay.

Feedback from students:

Emma speaks from years of blog experience […] if you’re thinking of starting a blog or feeling a little blog jaded then Emma’s course may just give you the boost you need.” — Jo S.

This course was more of a how-to guide on “so, you started a blog, here is how you actually can make a living off it,” which I really love and have been looking for.” — Jennifer H.

If you have ever wanted to start a blog, or started but didn’t see the success you wanted, I hope you will check out Blog Essentials. And if you know someone who might be needing a little boost in their blogging career, it truly would mean a lot to me if you shared the course with them. Thank you in advance! -Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy.
  • Wooo hooo! Thank you so much for creating this course! I’ve been hoping and waiting for you to create something like this, so I’m signing up now! x

  • A Beautiful Mess is THE blog that made me want to start blogging and spent many a college class pretending to pay attention but really reading your posts. ? I just wanted to ask how this course is different/better than your previous blog courses? Thanks! LOVE you both SO much!

  • Not relevant to the post, but just dropping in to say you look extra-pretty lately – pregnancy suits you! Glow on, girl!

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