Blueprint Copies of Family Photos (DIY sneak peek!)

Blueprint copies for DIY family photo posters  I am working on a large scale DIY project in our home and I needed some giant copies of old family photos. I remembered seeing this pin a while back, which said that you can get giant prints called "engineer prints" at Staples for $4.99.

We called around locally to see what we could find. Our local Kinko's had a similar giant photo copy option called a "blueprint copy". I also heard from a reader that they are sometimes called "draft prints". These prints are only .75 per square foot. Totally affordable! 

Blueprint copies for DIY family photo posters (via A Beautiful Mess)This is the largest print I ordered, it's about 3×4 feet. The photo it is copied from is a tiny 3×3 inch photo of my grandparents. Some people have asked about the quality. I would compare the quality of these prints to any black and white photocopy. It's not perfect, especially since my prints are made from small photos that are very old. The thing is, when you have such a large poster the quality doesn't matter AS much because it's the scale that really catches the eye. If you want a perfect quality print, you can get those a lot of places… just not for under $10… ha! 

Blueprint Copies (also called Draft Prints) to enlarge family photosHere's one more of my (other) grandparents on their wedding day. Again, you can see that the image is definitely not perfect, but the size is what makes the statement. I love these memories and I am so proud to use them in our home decor… it's special. Now I can't wait to make more copies. 

I'll be back soon to share the project I'm making with this gigantic beauties. I just wanted to quickly pop in and share where/how to order these prints for any of you who might want to make your own! xo. elsie 

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