Bohemian Festival Knot Braid

Lovely festival style for medium hairHey, guys—it's Katie here again! I promised you another hairstyle for medium-length hair, and I'm here to deliver. This style looks great with a fishtail braid, but if you haven't quite mastered the fishtail (here's a video to help you out), fear not! This style is just as cute with a simple, traditional braid.

Step 1- create waves with your curling ironPretty wavesTo begin, I curled Emma's hair with a small barrel curling iron. Feel free to bust out your sea salt spray for no heat curls the night before.

Start with a fishtail on one sideFishtail braid one side and repeat on the otherRepeat the fishtail on the other sideStep One: Create a fishtail braid from a section of hair on one side of the head. Secure with an elastic and repeat on the other side.

Bring the sides together and tie in a knotStep Two: Once you have both sides braided, bring them together and tie them in a knot at the back of the head. 

Tie hair in a knot again and remove hair elasticsStep Three: Tie the hair in a knot a second time and secure with one or two bobby pins. Remove the hair elastics once the knot is pinned and let the braided ends fall straight.

Adorable festival style for medium hairLovely festival style for medium hairI absolutely love this look on Emma, and once again, it's great for a variety of lengths. Happy braiding! xo. —Katie

Credits // Author: Katie Shelton Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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