Bohemian Festival Knot Braid

Lovely festival style for medium hairHey, guys—it’s Katie here again! I promised you another hairstyle for medium-length hair, and I’m here to deliver. This style looks great with a fishtail braid, but if you haven’t quite mastered the fishtail (here’s a video to help you out), fear not! This style is just as cute with a simple, traditional braid.

Step 1- create waves with your curling ironPretty wavesTo begin, I curled Emma’s hair with a small barrel curling iron. Feel free to bust out your sea salt spray for no heat curls the night before.

Start with a fishtail on one sideFishtail braid one side and repeat on the otherRepeat the fishtail on the other sideStep One: Create a fishtail braid from a section of hair on one side of the head. Secure with an elastic and repeat on the other side.

Bring the sides together and tie in a knotStep Two: Once you have both sides braided, bring them together and tie them in a knot at the back of the head. 

Tie hair in a knot again and remove hair elasticsStep Three: Tie the hair in a knot a second time and secure with one or two bobby pins. Remove the hair elastics once the knot is pinned and let the braided ends fall straight.

Adorable festival style for medium hairLovely festival style for medium hairI absolutely love this look on Emma, and once again, it’s great for a variety of lengths. Happy braiding! xo. —Katie

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Credits // Author: Katie Shelton Photography: Sarah Rhodes.

  • I adore this! I also love how the different shades in Emma’s hair look when they’re braided.

  • Wonderful style!! I love the curls with it but I think it would look really cute with straight hair to !!

  • So pretty! You should have been a hairstylist, Katie ;).


  • That is really cute and easy even though it does take a bit of for small fishtails. I think normal braids will work great as well if your in a rush. 🙂

  • It’s lovely and simple and the fishtail is surprisingly easy to master! I love these hair tutorial. Bec x

  • I miss living with my sisters because they were always the ones to braid my hair, since it’s so hard to do on your own! I’m going to have to teach my boyfriend/roommate. haha!


  • Can’t wait to try this! Love the idea and it seems fairly easy! <3

  • Love this! I really like the look of two plaits like this, but have never been happy with how to finish it at the back until now 🙂

    Lovely Witches

  • This look is it…will try this once i master the skill of fish tail braiding.. that double knot looks fancy..


  • Oh wow this is so pretty. Love the photos as well!

  • I love fishtail braids! (more than regular braids) Great tutorial.

    – Christina

  • I adore this look – and am such a huge fan of fishtail braids. Just need to learn how to fishtail without my arms getting super tired.

    Warm Regards,

  • Cute style, and I love the new design… but it is harder to follow step-by-steps now that the photos are so large I have to scroll and can’t see a whole photo at once (portrait oriented photos).

  • Emma looks gorgeous! And Katie I love your hair tutorials! Would you guys consider doing Elsie’s hair? Hers looks really thick, like mine is and I’d love to see some styles that are do-able with thick hair!

  • This is so pretty!! I love that you took the elastics out, I would’ve left them in (because I didn’t know taking them out was an option) and this looks so much more elegant!

  • I’m in love with this knot braid! I want to try it on me for next month’s festival, but it seems a little complicated for me. I’m not very good with braids unfortunately. I wonder if there’s a Youtube video that teaches us clumsy girls how to do this kind of braid.

  • This is gorgeous! I am a huge fan of the “half up” hairdos, because they look sophisticated while showing off long hair. Really adorable. Too bad all my festivals are over for the season!


  • Love this style, definitely going to try this before the end of summer.

  • It looks so pretty and easy! Which is something that should only apply to hair, btw. :p

  • Wow, would look great on my short hair too

  • I’ve been looking for a tutorial for a decent medium length hair tutorial! This is perfect! Going to have to work on my braiding skills! Thanks!

  • This is really cute even though the idea of tying my hair in a knot terrifies me (my hair is past my waist! lol )

  • my goodness! this is all kinds of lovely! wonderful job, katie!

  • This is gorgeous! I actually think I am going to do be doing this hairstyle today! Hopefully it works on my long hair just as well as it worked on your short hair!
    Much Love, AnnCates xx

  • This is perfect! Going to try this look now that my hair is no longer long!

  • This is so sweet! And simple! Loving your tutorials, girl!

  • this is adorable! i am terrible at making my hair look good, other than just worn down and straight. i’m trying to get more creative though! can’t wait to try this look this weekend!

  • First of all, I LOVE your new blog look!! Secondly this hairstyle is so summery and looks pretty easy if you’re good with fishtails braids!

  • I haven’t mastered the fishtail braid yet, but this looks really cute! I’m growing out my hair, and it’s at that awkward shoulder length right now, so I need all of the styling ideas I can get!

    <3 dani

  • That looks so effective! Don’t think that i could do that to myself though! x

  • I have such a hard time doing side braids or any braids because I have bangs! Can you do a tutorial on some cool braid styles for people with bangs?? 🙂 Thanks!

  • I love it! Adorable… Now i just need to find someone who will do it for me! 😉

  • I love this hairstyle. It looks perfect for a beach wedding or something low-key!

  • love this, thanks for the inspiration!! i’m definitely trying it out 🙂

    also, congrats on the new design!! it’s amazing, i love it.

    x tiphaine

  • Love this look! Fishtail braids are my favorite

    xo, erica

  • Such a cute hair style!! I love anything bohemian. I would say it looks best on hair with different tones of color, like Emma’s.

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