Braided Rope Basket

DSC_0489 copyI’ve been seeing all these various handmade baskets popping up on blogs lately, and I wanted to try my hand at making my own. With some cording or thick cotton string, you can make a basket to hold some of your favorite things. It’s a simple project that will probably take you about an hour to complete. After you discover how easy it is, I guarantee you’ll want to make more! 

16′ of 5/32″ parachute cord in three different colors (could also use cotton cord)
-coordinating thread

-sewing machine

SuppliesStep One: Braid the entire length of the cord. I wedged one end in a closed drawer as I braided the entire length. In the beginning, you have to keep untangling the ends, but it gets easier as your braid gets longer. Once the entire length is braided, sew the ends together, 3/4″ away from the cord end, with a straight stitch. 

Step3Step Two: Set your machine to a zig zag stitch. Start by coiling one end around and start your zig zag stitch there. You want to make sure the machine is sewing the center between the two braids as it wraps around; the zig zag stitch will sew in the middle of both braids joining the two together. Continue going around the center about five times around, winding the braided cord around itself in a clockwise direction. Be sure to keep the center flat as you sew.

Step3Step Three: After you have done your five rows around, hold the base at a 45° angle, gradually increasing it to a 90° angle as you continue to zig zag stitch the braid around to create the sides of the basket. Continue sewing until you have sewn up the entire length of the braid. When you get to the end, backstitch 3/4″ away from the cord end to reinforce. I used small scissors to lightly fray the end of the cording. 

Last shotDSC_0566 copyDSC_0557 copyDSC_0526 copyYou can make these baskets in all sorts of sizes. Use various colors, or paint the basket after it’s been sewn together, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind container to display in your home. Make little ones to hold keys and knick-knacks or large ones to hold yarn or books.

I made ours to hold these funny faces wooden blocks we made, and it sits on our coffee table. The black, white, and grey cording looks so great holding the colorful blocks. Ever since I put these out on the coffee table, they get played with everyday, and it’s easy to scoop up all the blocks and put them in our homemade basket. –Rubyellen 

Credit // Author and photography: Rubyellen Bratcher. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Looks fun! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this morning that links to your tutorial:

  • Very cute…going to link this to my sister..she’s the arty one in the family!!

  • WOW! What a brilliant idea! You guys are the most creative of all, and I love it! | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • That’s impressive…I don’t think I’m crafty enough to even try, but it looks great 🙂

    Love from Italy!


  • Soooo pretty and woderful and easy!
    I love it!

    Greetings & Love

  • Woah! When I saw this I thought it was a product, not something you made!! This rope basket is amazing and now I’m really wishing I could sew. Loving your blog! xx

    The Life of Little Me

  • These are so cute, and they would probably hold up okay outside as well if you used the right material!

  • That is absolutely gorgeous and so useful!

  • I love this basket. These would be really great to put cookies in (if you lined them with wax paper first) for the holidays.

  • This would be the perfect sort of basket to put by the front door to collect keys, gloves, the dog leash, etc. So chic!


  • This is such a cool idea! it would be such a good little basket to hold rings and such.

  • This is so pretty…wish i knew how to sew.. such a pretty basket, and can easily customize..


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