Brigitte Bardot Headband Hair

Brigitte Bardot Headband Hair-Yes Please! (click through for tutorial)         Everybody has their style icons that they look up to for fashion, hair, or just overall swagger tips, and I’m no exception. Being a blonde that also loves mod style, thick lashes, and a nude lip, it’s no surprise that the bombshell Brigitte Bardot is at the top of my muse list.

Since both time travel and body switching are still new sciences that haven’t been perfected yet, I’ll have to settle for the occasional nod in her direction with a few clothing details or hairstyle choices.

One of Brigitte’s greatest attributes is that she can style so many “easy going” traits into a classic and sexy look. I love how she makes even a simple headband seem like a glamorous choice, and it’s one of her looks that I like to recreate the most. Here’s how you can do it too!

Brigitte Bardot Headband Hair-Yes Please! (click through for tutorial)
teasing brush
-medium hold hair spray
Bumpits in your hair color (I use the medium size)
-black cloth headband (almost every store that sells a hairbrush will also sell these)
-curling iron or hair straightener

First, you’ll want to put your headband on over your head, but keep it around your neck until it’s time to pull it into place.  Lightly hairspray and tease the bottom half of your hair to the roots at the very back of the top of your head (this is where the Bumpit will sit).

Place the Bumpit on top of your teased roots and wiggle it into place. The Bumpit has little teeth that will grab onto your hair, so wiggling it will help the teeth grab hold. Once the Bumpit feels secure, continue to hairspray and tease the rest of the hair in front of the Bumpit in small 2″ sections.

Pull your headband up into place and smooth out the top layer of your teased hair. Spray the top of your hair in place. Use a large barrel curling iron or a straightener to create some curls on the bottom half of your hair. Repeat with another light misting of hairspray or use some spray wax to add some texture to the ends.

I use the Bumpit because my hair doesn’t hold volume very well and it helps me keep that shape for the duration of the hairdo, but if you don’t have a problem with volume, you may not even need to use it. If you normally part your hair in the middle like I do, I would also suggest blow drying your hair straight back after you wash it so it won’t fall back into a middle part once you put it in the headband.

Brigitte Bardot Headband Hair-Yes Please! (click through for tutorial) Brigitte Bardot Headband Hair-Yes Please! (click through for tutorial) Brigitte Bardot Headband Hair-Yes Please! (click through for tutorial) Brigitte Bardot Headband Hair-Yes Please! (click through for tutorial)     Aren’t those chair photos so cool? We did a throwback pose to recreate a classic Bardot snap. Don’t feel like you have to brush all the visible teased parts completely flat either. Leaving a bit of that texture is what helps give your hair that bedhead look you’re going for.

This is a pretty quick look to achieve as far as hair tutorials go, and you could skip the curl part or put your hair in a ponytail for a different variation. Hope you decide to add a little Bardot to your day, you won’t regret it! xo. Laura

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Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Janae Hardy.

  • I need a bumpit ASAP! My hair would hold that look or volume. Really like the look. You make it look so easy with these photos. I’m going to have to order one of those things and give this style a try. Thanks!

  • I’m sorry if this has already been asked and answered but I couldn’t see it. I need those boots in my life Laura! Where could one get a pair?

  • wow…. i can honestly say i get some really good hair tips from you guys thanks….

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    Please think twice about naming a post after her.

  • Love this hairstyle. Although I would have loved to see this tutorial with out the use of a bump it.

  • It looks great! I love your dress!

  • Wow I really adore this look! I definitely need a little volume on he crown of my head 🙂

  • Great Job. Try to follow your steps!!!

  • Love this look. I used to worry about my hair volume but now i know how to solve it for this look. Thanks a ton for sharing.


  • Looks fabulous! I always find hairbands tend to creep back on my head though. I guess the bumpit would stop that?

  • So gorgeous! Whenever I’m thinking about trying something different while getting ready I always seem to steer towards Brigitte Bardot, but then I abandon the idea when I remember that my hair doesn’t hold volume in that way. Maybe I’ll give it another try 🙂

  • Love it! It’s such a classic look and it really suits you!

  • My friend’s mom was the one who invented the bump-it. (and my friend is actually on the cover of most of the boxes) So glad to see they’re still getting used…and not ironically.

  • Return of the Bumpit!! I love Brigie’s and anything 60s, I can’t wait to try this out!

  • My exact reaction! Hahaha. Never thought I’d see one used non-ironically. Turned out great though.

  • this look is so cool, and easy enough for everyone to give it a try..


  • Woohoo! That’s SOME volume! Loving it. So cute on you, Laura!

  • Woohoo! That’s SOME volume! Loving it. So cute on you, Laura!

  • Love this style so much! X
    eleanor’s adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  • If I didn’t have curly hair I would probably do this 5 out of 7 days. It’s a sweet look for you!

  • Aw, your hair looks lovely hun, I really like the idea and I always loved Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyles, I also like that your hair looks more voluminous and full of life.

  • This is such a great look for you, Laura! And it’s so classic Brigitte – classy but so effortless. Thanks for this easy tutorial!

    xx Kathryn

  • Oooh this reminds me a lot of the photos of my mom I dug up from her photo albums! I love it with the headband.

  • This is SO cute! Love the look! It’s so darn cute with that headband! 🙂

  • Great idea!! So simply, yet pretty. 🙂
    I need to try this out tomorrow!

  • Gah! Bumpits… I used to have one in every size and could never get them to work in my hair. It looks super cute here though, good job!

  • I love this hairstyle on you, Laura, and I can’t wait to recreate it myself. Your hair just makes you look like you stepped out of the 60s, and you do an amazing job at channeling Brigitte Bardot.

  • It’s actually a really old dress from Forever 21, but I think Asos has some kind of like it 🙂

    Laura 🙂

  • It’s actually a really old dress from Forever 21, but I think Asos has some kind of like it 🙂

    Laura 🙂

  • Wow–that’s a great job! I’ll be saving this post. It looks really simple! I love the classics–so lovely. Love your photos!

  • I am SO going to recreate this look. I love Brigitte, I really do 🙂 I just didn’t know these bumpits existed. That’ll make it so much easier for me to create this hairdo. Finally something I can work with.

  • This look is so perfect! Love the simple but stunning take on Brigitte Bardot!

    XO, k |

  • Stunning photos (the chair ones): you can learn so much through trying to recreate!

  • I love that your bringing bumpits back! Super cute!

  • Laura pulls off this look flawlessly! I love the photoshoot you have here – very chic!

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Laura you are BEAUTIFUL! Those chair pics are simply stunning. xx

  • Never thought I would ever want a Bumpit but this style totally proved me wrong. I am in LOVE with it. So great! And Laura, as always, your style is phenomenal.


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