Citrus Sparkler Cocktail Recipe

Citrus Sparkler Cocktail (by A Beautiful Mess)There are times when all the heavy holiday food can leave you craving something light and fresh. For times like these I present to you… The Citrus Sparkler Cocktail! It's so refreshing. Lemons + GrapefruitFirst, slice lemon and grapefruit pieces. Citrus Sparkler CocktailFill a glass with ice, lemons and grapefruit pieces. Combine one part Gin, one part sweetened lime juice, a splash of citrus bitters and two parts club soda. Stir and serve! 

If you prefer a non-alcoholic version try one part lemonade, one part sweetened lime juice and two parts club soda. 🙂 Citrus Sparkler Cocktail RecipeEnjoy! xoxo. Elsie

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