Crochet Basics: Slip Knot & Foundation Chain

Holly Neufeld Crochet BasicsHolly Neufeld Crochet BasicsHave you been wanting to learn how to crochet? It’s such a great hobby, especially for the fall and winter months. We introduced this series with a post on getting started and reading patterns, and in this post, I will demonstrate two fundamental steps: a slip knot and a foundation chain (or chain stitch).  These steps are needed to begin all crochet projects. A slip knot is how to secure the yarn on your hook to begin any stitch. 



To begin, take your yarn and wrap it around your index and middle fingers twice, crossing it over to make an “X”. Take the first loop, lift it up and grab the second loop, and pull it through the first one. Pull gently to make the knot, leaving a loop. Insert your hook into the loop and pull on the shorter strand of yarn to secure it on your hook. You’ve made a slip knot!



Holly Neufeld Crochet BasicsTo make a chain stitch, hook your yarn over your left-hand ring finger, and with your right-hand middle finger and thumb holding the loop on the hook, wrap the yarn over the hook end (yarn over/yo) and pull it through the loop of yarn on the hook.  That’s your first chain stitch (ch st). Yarn over again and pull it through the loop of yarn on the hook. That’s 2 ch st. If a pattern says to “ch 12”, you would do this 12 times. You can count each stitch in the chain easily. Now you’ve made a foundation chain! 

Holly Neufeld Crochet BasicsHere’s a fun tip: use a jar to hold your ball of yarn in place while you’re crocheting! I like to wind my skeins of yarn into balls before I start a project, and the jar keeps it from rolling away. You can also use bowls and other dishes that are specifically made for this purpose. Just choose something bigger than your ball of yarn and it will be able to roll around freely as you work.

Use a jar to keep ball of yarn in place while crocheting!Use a jar to keep ball of yarn in place while crocheting!Keep practicing these simple steps, and then you’ll be ready to learn some stitches! – Holly

Credits // Author: Holly Neufeld, Photography: Sarah Rhodes, Video and Music: Jeremy Larson.

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