Try This: Personalize a Stocking!

Custom Stocking DIY abeautifulmess.comIt’s Rachel with a quick and easy idea for customizing a pre-made stocking just in time for Christmas. I love the endless ways you can match handmade stockings to your specific decor, but this year I am all about simplifying to make sure we can spend more time enjoying the holiday season instead of just decorating through them. I found a pre-made stocking at Target that didn’t look cheap (although it does have a tartan plaid ‘H’ on the opposite side), cut off the red tassels it came with and started with a clean slate.

Custom Stocking DIY 1. To make your own, you’ll need a pre-made stocking, fluffy yarn, some chipboard letters (found mine at the Target $ spot, but they are available in the scrapbooking section of most craft stores), embroidery thread, embroidery needle (mine is curved but yours doesn’t need to be), an awl or something small and sharp, a bit of sparkly ribbon for the hanger, and sparkly jingle bell ornaments (or something similar).

2. Use your awl to poke little holes through the top left and bottom right corners of each letter. Practice on a letter you aren’t going to use to get a good feel for it. Then stitch your thread through starting from the top and tying a knot at the last letter’s hole. Leave some length at the beginning to attach to the top of your stocking.

3. Use your fluffy yarn to finger knit about 2′ worth of rope and knot the ends.

4. Tie it in a bow.

5. Cut about 4″ of sparkly ribbon and stitch a hanger at the top on the inside and then stitch the hanging letters, ornaments and finally the bow to the top as well.

Custom Stocking DIY Custom Stocking DIY I’ve made a handful of stockings for our family over the years but I love the cozy look of this one and how well it goes with our white and metallic Christmas decor this year. Let’s hope we’ve all been good this year. I’d hate to get coal stains on my pretty new stockings. What about you, any ideas for personalizing your stockings this year? –Rachel

Credits // Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow

  • hi good looking your site nice posting thanks for sharing information i like this blog.

  • She also said that the other side has a big H on it, so you might’ve overlooked it at Target since it’s not really a plain knit stocking. She just flipped it over 🙂 I’ve been searching for one like this myself with no luck!

  • This is really cute, I love the colour scheme. I’m into gold and cream this season!

  • Rena,

    This one is from Target but it’s not plain white. There was an ‘H’ on the other side that’s hiding. You can keep yours hidden like I did or maybe even make one from a thrifted knit sweater?

  • Tanya,

    Hi! The reindeer is a vintage find from a flea market but I bet you could find something similar on eBay or Etsy if you searched ‘vintage Christmas reindeer’.

  • So did I! I actually never knew it was possible to finger knit with more than one finger. Now I just typed “finger knitting” on YouTube and found some nice tutorials. Yay!

  • Target has these in store
    I almost bought some myself.

  • I would also like to know where that stocking is from! I have all white decor for Christmas and I have such a hard time find white stockings! I checked Target, West Elm or Crate & Barrel and no go.

  • I love this, Rachel. Also, let’s discuss how cute the homemade stocking hanger is.

  • I like this a lot! Although I am more of a fan of the classic red and green stockings.

  • Oh must’ve missed it, thanks! I’ve been to Target a few times but haven’t seen that one. Oh well!

  • I loooove the look of this! The fluffy white yarn with silver letters and bells is gorgeous!


  • OO, that is cute. I my country we didnt use stocking but I like it, Hm.

  • Elsie && Emma,
    I seriously am so in love with your blog! You guys have the most amazing and creative ideas and I am always checking your blog to see the latest. Major props to you badass gals! I have like a list of ABEAUTIFULMESS TO DO! Great ideas, wonderful style, and always something new!
    Y’all have a wonderful Christmas (or Holidays, or Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or December)!!

  • Beautiful! What a fun way to decorate a stocking! So sweet!

  • So, I made stockings for my daughters (5 and 1) that have jingle bells and I very highly recommend it! There is something so festive and memorable and hearing the bells on Christmas morning. So much goodness.

  • Very cute! I would like it even better with a red or green stocking, but it is certainly modern in winter white!

  • would love to see a video tutorial on that finger knitting!!

    x. Paige

  • So cute! I was looking for a good way to make unique stockings. This is great!


  • LOVE the idea of a name on it!

  • I love this idea! I always have a hard time finding stockings that I really love, so this would be great! I also really love the mason jar snowglobe-type thing you used to decorate the stocking holder!


  • This is a really adorable idea! I love the white and silver colour scheme xo

  • I LOVE this! I’ve been browsing for inspiration for a luxe stocking and this fits the bill! I especially love how you used the chipboard letters to customize it. Pinning… 🙂 Btw, is that a DIY stocking holder??

  • Really liking the contributor’s holiday posts!! Hope you’ll update the contributors info on the about page soon.. It’s fun!

  • I’ve been looking for a knit stocking just like that to customize but have been unsuccessful in finding one! Where did you get this one?

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