December Daily

December DailyAh—December Daily. Such a fun tradition. What I love about it is it makes me more intentional about saving memories and getting cute photos throughout the month. This was probably the most rushed and stressful holiday season I can remember, but I can STILL look back on it with a smile because of this book. I love that!

I’ve done this a few other years, I think this was my third time! Here’s 2014’s album and 2013’s album. Last year I intended to do it, but I never got around to it. I definitely regretted breaking my tradition. So I vowed to complete it this year no matter what!

December Daily On the inside cover, I added a fun little hand painted stripe.

December Daily Pro tip—always lead with your most flattering photo!

December daily 2016I don’t really like to journal that much in my scrapbooks. That will probably change when we have a kiddo, but for now this was about all I had to say.

December Daily December Daily Pretty much 100% of the photos I used this year were taken with my phone. I remembered to screen shot a lot of stupid IG story and Snapchat photos this year… It adds character…?

December Daily This face swap moment was full-page worthy.

December Daily December Daily December Daily I’m thankful for my phone because if it wasn’t for that, I probably wouldn’t have any photos. You saved me, iPhone.

December Daily My favorite pages.

December Daily I decided to include our NYE party in the book because A. I have WAY more cute photos of it, and B. it was one of my favorite holiday memories ever. It was so much fun and a great bonding experience for J and I to tag-team throwing a big dinner party.

December Daily My favorite photo.

December Daily Awwwe.

December Daily December Daily December Daily And the main reason why I LOVE this project is that it gives me a place to store all the cute holiday cards we get in the mail. It hurts my heart too much to throw them away.

OK! That’s all for this year! Thinking ahead for next year, I think I would like to change it up next year. I was thinking about it as I was putting this together. I think next year I’d like to focus more on photography and maybe tell a handful of stories, but mostly make a big photo book with big photos. That’s pretty far off, so we’ll see what I’m feeling when the time comes. Laura also did December Daily this year, so here’s a few shots of what her December looked like!

Laura's December Daily 2016 (click through for more!)Laura's December Daily 2016 (click through for more!)Laura's December Daily 2016 (click through for more!)Laura's December Daily 2016 (click through for more!)Laura's December Daily 2016 (click through for more!)Laura's December Daily 2016 (click through for more!)Laura's December Daily 2016 (click through for more!)All in all—this project is always 100% worth the effort! I love looking back on past years’ albums!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Elsie Larson and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • This is so cute and such a fun keepsake to have from the most magical time of year! Especially love the idea to store all those holiday cards – I never know what to do with them!

  • So cute!! I need to start doing this more often, I only have ever made one scrapbook and it was so time consuming but such a beautiful way to store memories.

    I wouldn’t have any photos if it wasn’t for my phone either! Technology has our back!


  • This is so cute Elsie! I should really take more pictures of my day to day life. I’m sure I would be happy to look back when I’ll be an old lady!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • This is a really good idea! I never know what to do with all of my cards that I received in the mail.

  • I have every card I’ve ever been given since I don’t have the heart to throw them away. ❤️

  • So cute! What is the brightly colored rug in the background of the first few photos?

  • This is so adorable!!! The photos and the paper you have used fit perfectly together – I just love it <3 Amazing!!!

  • This is such a wonderful idea! One of the reasons I quite like having a fake Christmas tree is I hate throwing Christmas bits away! I like being able to put it back in the box and know I can get it out another year and it takes away the blues of taking it down. Being able to put all my lovely cards in a scrapbook would make me feel much chirping!

  • I so need to do something like this, but full of photos from the whole year – I take so many! Would be cute to put a few photos from each month into an album and make it a new year’s eve/day project or perhaps first few weeks of Jan (avoid the glum of holiday season being over and horrid cold weather – I live in Minnesota).

  • Scrapbooking is such a great idea! I always start one and then forget all about it. I’m becoming better at storing pictures digitally though…. and btw all of you look like you’re having a great time!

  • This is such a beautiful idea, and the photos are so cute!

  • Totally in love with both of your books!!!
    And congrats again ladies on the babies~~!!

  • Seriously in love with this! I have a really cute scrap book I want to add memories to. It’s mainly finding the time to do it but having something to look back on feels really special ♡. Great post!

  • Super, super cute project! This makes me want to scrapbook again so much.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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