December Daily Week 4 (Done!!)

December DailyI'm pretty excited to wrap up this project this week. It feels good to call it done! I enjoyed making this album and the momentum of completing it this month is definitely motivating me to plan more albums. Also, I haven't showed Jeremy yet and now that it's finished I'm looking forward to sharing it with him tonight! 

Here are my last few pages-

12On Christmas Eve-Eve we had an epic donut-making-fail. Emma has already promised to give me a lesson, don't worry! On Christmas Eve we celebrated with my family and ended the evening with a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity with my parents. They were pretty good at it! 

344On Christmas day we traveled all over to celebrate with both sets of my grandparents and Jeremy's side of the family. It was a wonderful day. My grandmother likes to tell the Christmas story to the whole family before opening gifts and this year she made us all copies of Bible verses, so that's her handwriting on that last page. 

6Until next year… 😀

77I'm so happy I joined Ali's challenge to make this December book. It's a fun keepsake, but even more so making this book reminded me how much I love scrapbooking. This was the first album that I've completed since Jeremy and I have been married (two and a half years!). I've always had "catch up on scrapbooks" on my to-do list, but now I'm motivated to make it happen for real. Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and a fresh new year coming soon! I'm so excited for 2014! xo. Elsie 

In case you missed anything- here's getting readyDecember Daily BeginsWeek 1 and Week 2 and Week 3.

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

  • I love how the Larson family is sewed on. The whole book looks fabulous! I’m currently doing my project life for 2014. I’d love to hear any tips! Or how to sew on embellishments like that. Also where you get your supplies!

  • That’s one of the cutest scrapbook I’ve ever seen , really :))
    Can you tell me where did you find those plastic pages? I’ve been looking for em forever and I don’t even know how are they called 😀


  • It turned out so great! I really enjoyed seeing you go through this process. It’s always fun to see what people choose to share in their scrapbooks.

    P.S. Maybe if you had such trouble with one of Emma’s donut recipes you should share the tips you learn from her on here so that others can avoid the problems you had – I haven’t braved a donut recipe yet. 😉

  • I love how when you take pictures of little things, people look at you like you are bonkers. Then you produce a scrapbook and people ooh and ah. Great job. I’m waiting for photos to arrive I ordered online to use in my next project!

    Sam (a fello crafting addict from England)

  • swooning over having Grandma’s handwriting in your DD! perfect!! excited to see you scrapping again soon!

  • owesome, it’s nice. i think, i wanna make like this, thank U for posting about it.Really, it’s nice

  • This looks awesome! Such a great way to remember christmas!
    Definitely want to check out Studio Calico and try it out!

    Happy new year! Charlotte xx

  • Your book turned out really cool. I´ve never made a scrap book in my whole live, but I definitely want to make a big album from my university years.

  • Beautiful December daily! I LOVE your papercrafting style! What brand book did you use? Love the size for this type of book.

  • I LOVE how yours turned out! You inspired me to do December Daily this year, but I decided to turn it into a holiday scrapbook that I’ll add to each year and that we’ll display during the holidays! (So we can flip through it and reminisce!) Just thought I’d share how it’s looking!

  • I’m so happy that you managed to finish your album! The results are amazing and just so festive! I especially love the handwritten bible verses and the card with the word ‘joy.’ xoxo

  • Wonderful Idea and the final result looks fantastic. Looking forward to keeping up with you and your super-charged inspiration in 2014. Happy New Year A.B.M.!

  • This is absolutely wonderful. What a great idea, and it turned out so well!


    Artsy Abroad //

  • I love this! Congrats on finishing it! CAH is my favorite game. You should try the game “What’s Yours Like” too. So funny!


  • Such a lovely idea, like many of yours! I’ll be adding this to my list of things to make 🙂

  • This is so pretty! I wonder how many hours you put into this project..I’m inspired now to not just leave all my pictures sitting there in my laptop, and actually make something pretty with them instead 🙂

  • That looks really, really fantastic. I have pics only in pc what is not good. I know it and I need to print them to the book. Hm..

  • This album is awesome! You guys have inspired me to get my photos out of the hard drives and into out real lives this year!

  • I love this! It’s such a nice idea to look through in the future. I’ve never really been into scrapbooking, but seeing this little series has inspired me to do a scrapbook from our 2 week road trip in the US a couple of months back.
    Have a lovely week!

  • Amazing! Where did you get the album and wallets from? Happy new year!

  • This looks so cute! 🙂 What a fantastic inspiration.
    Happy Holidays, Team of ABM! 🙂

  • The album turned out so neat! I’m up to my knees in scrapbook supplies that I’ve hoarded over the years, but do I have anything to show for it? Nope. You’ve inspired me so much with this project, though! I do have a few questions: how do you scale your photos down to fit your page protectors? Also, I know you own a few printers. Which one did you use for the photos in this project, and what type of paper were they printed on?

    Thanks so much!

  • Dear Elsie,
    Please don’t ever quit blogging! You’re such an inspiration!

  • I love this so much!! I would love the kit to do something like this in the future.

  • This is awesome! Cards Against Humanity is the best game ever! What kin of moments did you keepsake in that album? Have a great New Years guys! -Iva

  • This is such a fun idea. I’ve never been into scarp booking much which I’ve found weird because I love documenting things. Maybe I’ll try and scrapbook this year. Yours turned out wonderfully!

  • This is lovely! Lots more amazing inspiration, thank you. Getting so excited to finish mine and I just got inspired and ordered a Project Life album for 2014. I’m motivated to scrapbook again, too. I haven’t really done any since college until this December Daily book. Here’s a peek at the tiny bit I’ve done so far:

    Thanks again for posting. Looking forward to more scrapbooking posts!

  • I love the “until next time” card and love how you put your cards in there. I didn’t do the daily but I do project life and plan on stealing that. 🙂 I always love to see your scrapbook pages and such. that’s how I originally found you was through your scrapbook designs. looking forward to more!

  • I love the wrapping/drawing Jeremy did for your present, Elsie- so cute!


  • I’m glad you joined the december book challenge too!

  • It’s beautiful…..honestly lovely to look at. But I couldn’t put myself under that pressure in December, it’s too crazy busy in my world.
    Beautiful keepsake though 🙂

    (Dear Thirty)

  • This is just gorgeous! Nice work. I have 2 more days to complete then I’m done with my first December Daily! What a fun project.

  • Your December daily is beautiful – congratulations! Every year I plan to compile and every year I fail 🙁 my New Years resolution is to prioritise my scrapping and journaling and stay on you – if that is at all possible with 4 young daughters 😉

  • What a sweet idea 🙂 I have a bunch of stuff I need to scrapbook and this is wonderful inspiration so thank you 🙂

  • Love it! I’m from Newfoundland, Canada , and we always call Christmas Eve Eve ” Tibbs Eve”! Def one of my fav nights to celebrate! Merry Christmas 🙂’s_Eve

  • Such an cute idea. I love the photo memories that will now carry into the year to comes through a scrape book. I’m now inspired to finish up my “yearly” photo album 🙂
    the way to my Hart

  • Your scrapbook turned out so beautiful! It was neat watching from step 1. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • It is really fun ! I will do my own rendering on this great idea !! Thanks for inspiring me

    XX Luba

  • Always love to see what you do with scrapbooking, it’s truly an inspiration. Love this December one! Happy Holidays!

  • Stunning album, I really want to do this project no but for a different month, in the summer maybe! Hope you had a great Christmas and are going to have wonderful New Year celebrations!
    xo, Miriam

  • I love this so much. You guys have really inspired me to print out my pictures and do something special with them. Thanks!

  • I love your DD album Elsie, it’s so wonderful. I took photos and hope to still make an album once I can print some photos. Thank you for your inspiration xx

  • this is just perfect! catching up on scrapbooking is on my to-do lists as well… next year will be the year, i promise myself! 🙂

  • This is a beautiful way to capture the month of 2013. I am also pretty excited about the new year. I really love your photos and I am interested, whether you took most of the photos with your Camera or your smartphone? I always try to take some photos of my daily life and my camera take more beautiful photos as my phone, but it is so unhandy to take the camera with my all the time 🙂

  • it looks so great! really looking forward to getting started on my own album.
    xo, cheyenne

  • Your scrapbook is beautiful! It was a great inspiration for my chrismascard/wedding invites/photos/race bibs/small stories/sketch book! I have finally finished it last week! Thanks for motivating me to make it!

  • Thanks for sharing your December Daily book with us – I loved what you did with it! Makes me want to do one next year… 🙂

  • I love it! Thanks for the inspiration. Your scrapbooks are so special, and they make me want to take the plunge myself! I always buy supplies but I never actually sit down and do more than a page or two. I guess practice makes perfect… having photos of exes and other who are no longer in our lives makes it a challenge as well. What memories should be preserved, and which ones would I rather “put away”? Just some of my own thoughts/hangups on scrapbooking. I am rambling. Anyway, great work Elsie 🙂 your blog is so much fun!!

  • What an adorable book. You can look back years from now and just reminisce about the past with this book.

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