DIY Camera Strap

DIY Camera Strap (via Easy camera strap DIYJust sharing a little DIY camera strap I made recently. You can make one in just three easy steps, and you only need to have the ability to sew a straight line. Ha! But my favorite part is that I added my own little camera setting “cheat sheets” to one side. Yes, it’s practical, but I also just thought it kind of spoke to my love of photography. Me and photography, we go way back. Although the first few years I resisted learning to set my camera, so this cheat sheet would have made ZERO sense to me back then. 🙂

How to make your own camera strapFor this project, we are working with our long-time partners at Canon USA. I used my new PIXMA TS9020 to print the camera setting “cheat sheets” that I added to my camera straps. But you could change up this project to print any kind of design you love for your camera straps! It could be a photo or something you love (landscapes, donuts, you know—the pretty stuff of life), or you could print your name or a fun quote in a favorite font. The possibilities are endless, and I love that my Canon printer is so great with printing on different materials like the fabric transfers in this project.

How to make a camera strapSupplies: 
-sturdy fabric for the straps (two 35×2.5 inch pieces is what I liked for the length)
-sturdy fabric for the end pieces (that’s the denim thick-looking “I”s you see pictured)
-2 big clasps or swivel snap hooks (the hardware to attach the strap to the camera)
-fabric transfer sheets
Canon PIXMA TS9020 inkjet printer
-fabric and non-fabric scissors (you know you’re a crafter when you require both)
-sewing machine
-iron + ironing board

Step One: Cut out and stitch together the main strap. Then turn it inside out, hiding your stitches, and press with the iron. See the video below to watch this and the entire tutorial from start to finish.

Step Two: Sew on the end pieces with the hardware attached. I experimented with a couple ways on how to do this, and my favorite is the one you can see in the video. Also, this is the area where you want to use sturdy fabric, so a thicker denim or even a thinner (could still sew with a machine) leather would be good here.

Canon Pixma TS9020Step Three: Print your design or image to the fabric transfer paper. Cut out and iron on to your strap (check the paper instructions for tips on how to iron on properly).

Camera strap proto typeIn my first prototype, I experimented with different ways to sew the end pieces on as well as a few other things. But then I decided, after I had already ironed on my design, that I wanted the colored area a little bigger. Oops. Luckily this project is so easy and inexpensive that it was super simple to make another one anyway. But, live and learn.

Also, if you’re wondering where I got my camera setting “cheat sheets,” they are downloads that come with our DSLR Basics e-Course. The ones I used are for f-stops and shutter speed, but there is also one for ISO in the course as well.

DIY Camera Strap (via I made the backside of my straps denim so I can either show off the “cheat sheets” or I can hide them, and it just looks like a denim camera strap. Pretty fun and easy! You should totally make your own! Thanks for letting me share, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with #ABMcrafty when you make your own! -Emma.

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. 

  • Wow – I love this idea! It’s so (sew?) simple and effective. I particularly like that it’s so easy to customise too 😀

    That Pentax K1000 brings back soooooo many memories though – it’s the model I learnt SLR photography with, many many moons ago. I often wish I still had a working K1000 and am still keeping my eye out for one when I go op-shopping. Thanks for such a great, simple and effective tutorial! Lisa

  • I love the dress / setting you used to model the camera!!!

  • this is so cool! what a great way to keep your “notes” with you. Can’t wait to share this!

  • That corner is magical! That chair! Those pillows!!! Those plants! So cool. Any info on the stuff? I love your eye for design.

  • I love the idea with the cheat sheets, so cool!

  • This is adorable! Love the denim. And I can sew a straight line (kind of)! Yay! 😉

  • Ha! It’s from F21 a few seasons ago. I change up what I have on that dress form every month or so as I kind of brings a different feel or other colors into that space without me having to do much. 🙂


  • You should get one! I love mine, although I don’t make the time to use as much as I would, I am always happy when I do though. 🙂


  • Yep, you could print just about anything that fits. It’s one of those projects that has endless possibilities really.


  • So cute! My camera doesn’t have a strap so I should make one. Love how this DIY is customisable too.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I love this idea! This is super fun and different too!

  • Projects like these make me want a sewing machine so bad. Great project! : )

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