DIY Custom Stenciled Wall

DIY Stenciled Statement Wall (by A Beautiful Mess)Today we’re teaming up with Valspar and their Love Your Color Guarantee again to share a fun and easy idea for a statement wall! I was excited about this solution, because wallpaper is hard to find (especially if you have something particular in mind) and expensive. This DIY solution took us two afternoons and under $50! It’s fun having something special in our home that you can’t buy in a store. I feel like this new wall adds a lot of personality to our entryway. Here’s how we did it:

How to DIY a stenciled wallHow to stencil a statement wall: Before beginning we painted our wall with two coats of Valspar Signature paint in Semi-Sweet. It’s a rich dark grey color. I chose a neutral color, because I wanted the pattern to stand out. Step 1: Trace an image onto stencil paper. You can use a favorite photo or mimic a pattern from a fashion piece. I traced the horse that I illustrated for this dress. 2. Use an X-Acto knife to cut the image from your stencil paper. 3. Using stencil tape (or masking tape) adhere your stencil to the wall. 4. Start tracing with a white paint pen. Continue tracing, spacing evenly between each stencil. When you get to the edges you may need to fold your stencil to continue into a corner.

Horse wall made with stencils!Horse wall made with stencils!I am so happy with my new statement wall! It was fun to create. And since I didn’t invest too much in it, I wouldn’t feel guilty changing it up in a year or two. Have you ever tried stenciling a wall in your home? What image would you choose?

xoxo. Elsie

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