DIY Custom Stenciled Wall

DIY Stenciled Statement Wall (by A Beautiful Mess)Today we’re teaming up with Valspar and their Love Your Color Guarantee again to share a fun and easy idea for a statement wall! I was excited about this solution, because wallpaper is hard to find (especially if you have something particular in mind) and expensive. This DIY solution took us two afternoons and under $50! It’s fun having something special in our home that you can’t buy in a store. I feel like this new wall adds a lot of personality to our entryway. Here’s how we did it:

How to DIY a stenciled wallHow to stencil a statement wall: Before beginning we painted our wall with two coats of Valspar Signature paint in Semi-Sweet. It’s a rich dark grey color. I chose a neutral color, because I wanted the pattern to stand out. Step 1: Trace an image onto stencil paper. You can use a favorite photo or mimic a pattern from a fashion piece. I traced the horse that I illustrated for this dress. 2. Use an X-Acto knife to cut the image from your stencil paper. 3. Using stencil tape (or masking tape) adhere your stencil to the wall. 4. Start tracing with a white paint pen. Continue tracing, spacing evenly between each stencil. When you get to the edges you may need to fold your stencil to continue into a corner.

Horse wall made with stencils!Horse wall made with stencils!I am so happy with my new statement wall! It was fun to create. And since I didn’t invest too much in it, I wouldn’t feel guilty changing it up in a year or two. Have you ever tried stenciling a wall in your home? What image would you choose?

xoxo. Elsie

  • Oh I love it!! It would be fun to continue a pattern found on a nearby rug, maybe, like a southwestern print…! Must try! : )

  • years ago I stenciled randum ferns (3 different designs) all over the bathroom walls in a dark ivory over deep gold walls, everyone thougth it was wallpaper… somehow I moved and never took any pictures, so wish I had… loving your horse design, using a white paint pen… I must remember that, thanks for sharing it with all of us. x

  • I live this! I was just staring at the exact wall in our house today! Trying to figure out what the heck to do with it. You’re brilliant!!

  • That is soo awesome! I love your boots collection and I fell in love with your wall stencil on horses, just amazing!

    Ed of

  • THE coolest diy i’ve seen (possibly ever) but at least within the last year. KUDOS!

  • I love the color choices and the idea…but I definetly wouldn’t have done horses. Maybe a nice scroll pattern instead.

  • Cutest idea ever! Urg, I can’t wait to have a house of my very own that I can do fun things like this.


  • Amanda- the paint color is called “Semi-Sweet” 🙂

    A stencil sounds amazing (and like a great arm workout- haha!)

  • Love this idea! We just finished painting our living room and are working our way to the entry way. I’m thinking Navy ceiling and cream walls – maybe a stencil on the ceiling would be awesome!
    What color paint is that deep gray? It’s lovely!!!!

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  • So good! I love that it looks like a print you would find on fabric. Not getting to paint your walls is one of the big downside to renting – I would love to do something like this in my place! I’m envisioning a subtle plaid…


  • I absolutely love your blog! You are so amazing and creative! Wanted to wish you a very Happy Holiday and thank you for brightening my days. We made a little Holiday card on YouTube and I thought you might appreciate my Vintage Shirt-Time by Bobbie Brooks dress.

  • Fantastic and fantastic. Where is yours follow button? Where? I adore your blog

  • Hmm, I’m wondering how you would space the stencils out evenly so it doesn’t look would. Have any tips for that Elsie? Is there something you did there rather than trying to eye it out? Would love to do this!!

  • I want a stampede of horses on my walls too…I love love love this! Affordable and amazing at the same time.

    To my dear little home studio…watch out I’m coming to stencil your walls! XS

  • I didn’t think I would EVER like a stencilled wall, but I love that idea!! What’s next… you’re going to show a way that sponge painting can actually look current?! 🙂

    I think this idea in a fleur-de-lis pattern would look cool… Love your blog!!

  • Love this. Love how modern a simple sillouette looks compared to what I’d normally think of when I hear “stenciled”.

  • Hi! I am new to your blog, and love it! I am just getting more crafty and DIY. My mom has a hallway that she has been wanting to change and when I showed her this she loved it.. She’s thinking dogs or elephants! Thanks a lot for the inspiration 🙂

  • Wow, Elsie! I’m so impressed! This is my favorite DIY of yours yet. I’m sure you love having this in your home.

  • SO cute! I would definitely chose a cute pattern like this. I absolutely love how easy it is and how you can change it up so often!

  • I love this idea! I think it would be fun to do in an office area too. 🙂

    instagram: @anfandhcogirl_us

  • I love this idea! We’re currently keeping a box of wishful wants and ideas for our dream home. Definitely putting this idea in!

  • What a cool idea! I love how its just a little part of a wall too, so it’s not overwhelming. Great job!
    xo Jac

  • This looks absolutely stunning!Wow,I really love it,particularly that you have chosen a horse print!


  • This is fabulous, I think I am going to try mine with giraffes. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Jessica, we did just “eyeball” it. Our spacing was about 3-4 inches between each horse. 🙂

  • This is an awesome DIY! I’ve been looking for wallpaper recently but I was hindered by the fact that I already could picture the wallpaper in my head and I could never find something that met my expectations (or my budget)! This will be perfect, I can’t wait to give it a try in our guest room. I’m interested to know how you made sure the stencils were evenly spaced? Did you measure and mark it out or just eyeball it?

    Thanks! You are such an inspiration!

  • I absolutely adore this and would have never thought to tackle a statement wall in this way … Obsessed!

  • I am truly in love with this! I love how graphic and simple it is!


  • I love that you posted this! I’m moving THIS WEEKEND and all of the walls are bare there! I was just thinking about a statement wall and how to make it unique!

  • I am so in love with this idea. Totally doing this before the holiday madness. My mom will fall in love!


  • Nice and sweet idea. I love the little horses and they look so well with your boots . For myself I would probably choose little robots, I adore them since I was a child. You know, I must just do that, this was very inspiring. Thanks

  • This is so great and the neutral colour behind the stencil really makes it all come together in a sophisticated husband and I are buying a house soon and this seems like the perfect project for one of the walls…!

  • This looks beyond gorgeous! What a great idea. Statement wallpaper can be such a pain to cut and join the patterns together correctly, this seems like a much easier (and cheaper!!) idea. Love it!

  • Wow nicely done ladies!!! This is really cool. I love how that paint color looks like a chalkboard.

  • I’ve never tried stenciling but I did try bordering…It really is nice and it makes you feel like you accomplished something! I love the lil horses…really cute! =)

  • OH. MY. GOSH. I think this is my favorite DIY you have ever done. Scratch that, my favorite DIY that I have seen on the internet period!! This is one of those things where i think. Oh man! I with I could have thought of that first!! How are they so inspired!! I need to create some machine so I can get inside their minds and see how and where they get these GENIUS ideas!! Once again, ABM crew, you have astonished me, surprised me, and made me leap for joy (because I kind of really really really want to do this now!!!)

  • This is adorable! I too have a small, triangular wall space under my stairs that would be perfect for this project. Now to choose a shape …

  • Great idea, especially for that little section of wall like you have there. Plus, so much cheaper and easier than wallpaper! Very cute.

    Strive to Thrive,

  • This is so super cute! And it looks like that wall was the perfect place to have a unique wall. Not too big or overwhelming…just perfect!

  • Oh my goodness, this is so cool! I have a wall in my entry way that would be just perfect as a statement wall. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • This turned out so awesome! I would have never thought about doing something like this! But now I do. Love it

  • Oooh! This really got the wheels turning to do something for my son’s wall! Thank you for posting this!!


  • omg this is so flippin cool I want some of these stencils. maybe in a diff cutout but for sure gonna get some of these for my next apt when I paint the kids room. for now will pin it away with pinterest for then thanks for sharing this!! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • This is such a wonderful idea to personalize a home. This would be fun to do with chalk paint as well that way you could change the print with your mood.

  • this is wonderful. 🙂 did you kind of mark somehow where the patterns would be on the wall, or did you eyeball the spacing?

  • I **LOVE** this! Really great idea that seems easy to do. My wheels are turning now 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh my gosh! So cute, and the possibilities are endless.

  • This is pure genius and looks so fun! You are truly a talented person.I cannot wait to try something like this in my new home, once we purchase! 🙂

  • Paint pen, eh? That might work well for our bathroom, super dark walls. I tried stenciling several times with paint and it got under the edges of the stencil and looked terrible so I gave up in defeat. Might try this if I could find a simple stencil line!

  • oh wow! this is so adorable! must do this all over my walls now 🙂
    cute idea. love it

  • this is so super cool!! it’s the first stencilled wall i’ve see that doesn’t look really naff! good work!!! maybe i’ll stencil some birds on my daughter’s wall..


  • What a great idea! We have a couple of chalkboard walls that I can see myself stenciling like this for a party.

    Also, I’m digging your birthday boots. Do you mind sharing what brand they are?? Thanks!

  • Nice! this is so sweet. A fun little craft to do over the weekend, and such a lovely spot to do it.


  • Oh love this idea! It actually just spawned another idea using these same steps. You are such an inspiration and this is why I love visiting your blog 🙂

  • What a cute idea! …and it would be a great and easy substitute to wall paper – love it!!

    xx Ashleigh

  • Wow, that looks amazing! I love following your blog as it gives me some many great ideas. Thanks for the amazing work you do!

  • Paint pens are the best! I’ve painted a row of birch trees free hand in our living room, I love it and so does everyone who comes over 🙂

  • Really nice but I I think I would ruin it! Still love it though! xx

  • I feel like I’ve said this before, but this time I mean it – this is your best DIY ever! I need to do a fox print door somewhere in my home…


    PS: Head to my blog if you like thrifting, flower crowns, cat dresses, clogs, and general thrifty-fashion.

  • the wall looks lush, this is such a good idea! When I get out of the renting cycle this is definitely happening… reckon I might try a tulip or arrow shape…but i’ve got quite some time to think about it!x

  • Hey, sorry to leave this here, I couldn´t really find an email adress. I posted a picture of my finished cotton + leather clutch, and linked back to that article on your blog. I hope this meets your rules about posting & linkign your stuff, if not, please let me know so I can change it!!

  • That’s so beautiful! It’s kind of an unexpected detail and space that a lot of people don’t even think about doing anything to. We have a staircase like that before and I kind of wish we had thought of doing something like that, hehe.

  • This is great! When you posted the first little thumbnail, I thought that the pattern looked familiar! My boyfriend is buying his first home (it’s actually his parents home where he grew up!) and I keep sending him all sorts of DIYs to motivate him to make the space into his own, as opposed to simply continuing to live “as is” (and feel like a teenager forever, haha). I’m probably irritating him, but he’s getting this in an email right now anyway. May his house become so beautiful, some day!


  • this is an awesome DIY {you two are killing it lately with the DIYs}!!!!
    also love this design for the little nook!!! must find a place to do this at the house!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  • Oh my goodness, I love this! I have just the right spot to do this in my own home. Thank you for sharing Elsie! 🙂

  • I like this image because is very little and funny!
    I don’t really like stencils in general, but I would try this one for sure!
    fashion – beauty – DIYs

  • So cute!! I’ve been thinking of stenciling my craft room with gold polka dots!

  • I absolutely love this!

    I am so yoinking your idea and making my own – thinking of doing the porch with umbrellas – rainy UK!

  • This is one the coolest DIYs I’ve seen here in a while. Love how original and classic it looks at the same time! So beautiful!

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