DIY Embroidered Photo Art

DIY Embroidered Photo Art by A Beautiful MessOne of my favorite things to do is make crafts from my favorite photos! I’ve been planning some hybrid craft/photography projects for a while and this is a favorite. Adding embroidery to your photo is fun, easy and so cute. Here’s how I made this photo art…

Adobe Elements step 11. Open a photo you love in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Adobe Elements step 22. Choose the Enhance menu on your top bar and then choose “Convert to Black and White”.

Step 33. After you choose “Convert to Black and White” this pop-up menu will appear. You will see this menu where you can preview different “styles” for your black and white photo. Some are more intense or more grainy. Experiment with each one them and choose the one you like. You will be able to preview the finished product in your After window on the screen before selecting!

Adobe Elements step 44. As a final step I always adjust my levels. The key command for this is command + L. You can read more details about what levels can do for your photo in this post. Save your new black and white photo under a new name.

DIY 1Next, print your photo. I printed in an 8×10 size, but you can print in any size that matches a frame you want to use for your project!

For the craft portion of this project you will need: An 8×10 inch photo, an 8×10 inch frame, colored pencils, embroidery thread, a needle, some burlap, glue and scissors.

DIY 2Trim your photo to size. Mine was a little small, but I knew I wanted to add a border at the end so it worked out well!

DIY 3Use colored pencils to sketch the embroidery that you want to add. You can embellish the actual elements of your photo (like the bike) or you can add elements (like this grocery bag). A few fun added elements would be words, hearts or arrows.

DIY 5Alright, take a small needle and start stitching! This is the fun part. Just add colored details all over your photo with basic stitches.

DIY 6This is a fun detail… did you know that by making several knots in a row you can create a little flower? With about 5 knots each I made this little bouquet for my bike basket!

DIY 7It’s time to finish stitching all the details on your photo. Decide which details you want to stitch. I chose our bikes and bike baskets.

DIY 8Last, add a cute burlap (or any textile) border to the top and bottom on your photo. Use the glue sparingly so it doesn’t wrinkle the paper. Allow it to dry completely and then cut the excess fabric away from the photo and put it in your frame. That’s all! Now you have a cute embroidered portrait. These make great gifts!

DIY Stitched PortraitEmbroidered Photo Art Embroidered Photo Art Have fun making your own photo art! XO. Elsie

Special thanks to Adobe Photoshop Elements for partnering with me on this article. You can follow them here…Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Pinterest

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