DIY Lucite Plant Stand

DIY Lucite Plant Stand with Tapered LegsLately I’ve been rearranging practically everything in our home, finding new sweet spots for vases, art, and potted plants. When creating new vignettes, I like to vary the heights of objects to add interest. Usually I’ll do this with stacks of books and magazines, boxes, or pedestals, but when it comes to styling plants, I’m always mindful of moisture. Plant stands are really the most practical and stylish way to add some height to a pot, but it can be tricky to find smaller stands that fit specific size and aesthetic goals.

And this, my friends, is why we DIY!

DIY Lucite Plant Stand with Tapered LegsWhat I wanted was a chic little plant stand that would add style to a vignette, without overpowering the arrangement with a strong stylistic presence or deep color. I’ve been really drawn to vintage lucite objects as of late, so I figured acrylic would be a great material for my project. I just love how it turned out, and I’ve gotta say – this might be the easiest DIY project I’ve ever shared here.

DIY Lucite Plant Stand with Tapered LegsSupplies:
9″ x 1″ acrylic circle
3 acrylic ring displays
epoxy plastic binder
200 grit sandpaper
-masking tape
-disposable stirrer + plate or scrap of cardboard/wood

DIY Lucite Plant Stand with Tapered LegsStep One: Peel off the protective paper from one side of the acrylic circle. Arrange the three ring holders (which will act as feet) evenly around the perimeter of the circle, keeping them 1″ from the edge.

Step Two: Mark the placement of the feet (ring holders) with masking tape.

DIY Lucite Plant Stand with Tapered LegsStep Three: Lightly sand the flat surface of the feet to allow for a better bond with the epoxy.

DIY Lucite Plant Stand with Tapered LegsStep Four: Mix a small amount of epoxy according to the instructions. Be sure to use clean, disposable materials for this step, and definitely make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area. There will be fumes.

Step Five: Dab a moderate amount of epoxy onto the sanded surface of the feet and lightly press them into place in their designated taped-off areas. Remove the tape right away. If you notice any glue seepage (eww, hate that word!), clean it off immediately with a cotton ball, cotton swap, or paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.

You have about two minutes to make sure all of the feet are straight and pointing the correct way. The epoxy will set up solid after 20 minutes, and then you can flip the stand right-side-up and remove the remaining protective coating.

DIY Lucite Plant Stand with Tapered LegsI think small amounts of lucite can add the perfect touch of glamour to a space. I’m loving the ’70s influence we’re seeing in interiors these days, but I prefer more of a gentle nod than a heavy hand when it comes to incorporating the decade into my own home. (…Says the girl with a glitter countertop! Ha! Although, I suppose that’s more of a ’50s element, eh?)

DIY Lucite Plant Stand with Tapered LegsClearly lucite is having a moment right now (har har), and I personally am having a moment of satisfaction with how this little project turned out! I love it when things are easier than I’d hoped, and just as cool. I hope you’ll give it a try! –Mandi

Credits //Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson.

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