DIY Mini Pinch Pot Planters

Is it just me or is it physically impossible to resist those tiny $2 succulents that are everywhere this time of year? Between bringing tons of those home every time I leave the house and the cuttings I take from existing plants (yikes, do I have a problem?), I have lots of succulent babies this time of year that need cute homes. I made these super easy pinch pots from oven bake clay in my current favorite color scheme: neapolitan!

These pots aren’t supposed to look like perfectly shaped terra-cotta ones from the store. They’re intentionally a little quirky and organic looking, which I think is a better fit for succulents and their wacky shapes anyway!

oven bake clay in a variety of colors
Sculpey glaze
-a paint brush
-succulent cuttings or other small plants

Pull off 3 pre-marked segments of clay in 2 or 3 colors. Knead each piece of clay in your hands until it’s warm and pliable, then roll into oblong rope pieces.

Braid the three pieces together, and then roll the braid into a ball between your palms to blend the clay colors.

Pinch the ball into a pot by making a small indent with your thumb (this will become the center of the pot) and turning the clay as you pinch with your thumb and index finger to shape the walls of the pot.

Use the end of your paintbrush to make a drainage hole in the bottom of the pot, and then bake at 275º F for 20 minutes. Allow pots to cool. Then paint the insides with the glaze–this will protect them from water and make them extra durable. Once they’re dry, plant away!

These pinch pots are such a welcome change from my boring old clay pots! They turned out a nice, heavy weight for their small size and seem like they’ll be durable for many seasons of plant hoarding to come. xo, Kayleigh

Credits // Author and Photography: Kayleigh Kosmas. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess presets for Lightroom.

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