DIY Moccasins for Children

DIY baby moccasinsAdorable baby moccasinsDIY baby moccasinsFinding cute shoes for babies and toddlers can be hard sometimes. I'm always on the lookout for adorable footwear, but often I'm unwilling to pay the high price for something I know my kiddos will only wear for a season or two. I came across this tutorial last year for felt baby shoes, and realized I could slightly modify this pattern for kid's moccasins made from leather scraps!Baby moccasin steps1. To create a pattern for your moccasins, trace around an existing pair of shoes. Measure the perimeter of the sole piece to get the dimensions for the top piece. You can cut it down if needed. 2. Connect the top piece at the toe and stitch a short line along the toe. You don't have to pin this, but if you do make sure it is on the seam where you will be sewing.  3. (optional) Tape off the sole of the shoe with masking tape and paint. Let dry and remove the tape. 4. Flip the top piece and sole inside-out and line them up. You can pin this as well, but if you do make sure you pin where you will be sewing. 5. Sew around the outside of the shoe with a sewing machine. Flip right-side-out. 6. Add any embellishments you want and enjoy your new moccasins with your favorite little one! Baby Moccasin DIYBaby Moccasin DIYBaby Moccasin DIYBaby Moccasin DIYTips: *Because you are sewing with a machine and flipping them right-side-out, make the toe of your shoe extra wide. It took me a couple of pairs to realize that. Even though it might look funny in the beginning stages, it is necessary to get a wearable shoe.

*Painting the bottom of the shoe is best for babies who don't walk.  Make sure you use non-toxic paint for little ones, though. Babies love to put those little toes in their mouths! (I used Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint)

*For any trim you may want to add, use a Crop-A-Dile tool. It will save your hands!

*If you are new to sewing leather, you may want to check out this post on tips for sewing leather.

*If the top part of your shoe is a bit large you can insert a pleat at the back and tie it tight with a leather cord.Baby Moccasin DIYI've been making these sweet little shoes for every little one I know. These are going to make the cutest gifts this holiday season!!

xoxo. Katie

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