DIY Palm Leaf Soap

DIY Palm Leaf SoapNothing says summer like palm leaves! I, Kara, am so excited summer is finally here and am in the process of giving my home a little summery refresh. I’m adding in pineapples, palm leaves, and pops of sunshine yellow. So, naturally this DIY palm leaf soap is the perfect addition to my bathroom to give it that summery feel. And by using melt and pour soap, these bars came together quickly, so I was able to make all of these in one afternoon.

DIY Palm Leaf Soap
DIY Palm Leaf SoapMaterials:
white melt and pour soap
clear melt and pour soap
silicone soap mold
yellow and blue non bleeding soap colorants
-spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
-microwave safe bowl or measuring cup
essential oils (optional)DIY Palm Leaf Soap
Step One: Begin by cutting up 1/2-1 cup of white soap into 1″ cubes. Microwave for 20-30 seconds until the soap just melts and before it boils.

Step Two: Add in your soap colorants to get a pretty shade of green, mix, and pour into your soap mold. You want to only fill the soap mold about 1/3″ full. Repeat to make as many color variations as you wish, and then let the soap sit for 30 minutes to harden.DIY Palm Leaf Soap
Step Three: Remove the hard green soap from the mold and use a sharp knife to cut into a leaf shape. I started with a general leaf shape, and then cut triangle shaped wedges out of it to get the palm frond look.DIY Palm Leaf SoapStep Four: Once you have all your leaves cut, it’s time to make your soap bars. Begin by using a clean bowl and cutting up 1 cup of clear soap into 1″ cubes. Melt the soap as before, and then let cool until it just starts to form a film on top. Remove the film with your spoon.

Step Five: Pour the clear soap into the soap mold about half way up the sides. Spritz with the rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle, and then immediately place your palm leaf shaped soap into the clear, making sure it goes all the way to the bottom of the mold.

Step Six: Once your clear soap is hard, you can either un-mold your bar for a clear soap with palm leaf inside, or do as I did and add a light pink layer on the bottom. To do this, melt more white soap and add a little bit of pink colorant. Spritz the hardened clear soap with the rubbing alcohol and pour on your melted pink soap. Let this soap cool for another 30 minutes to an hour.

Step Seven: Once your soap is completely cool and hard, un-mold it and it’s ready to use!DIY Palm Leaf Soap

Looking for more easy soap DIY’s?

DIY Palm Leaf SoapI am so obsessed with the summery vibes of this soap! And it was seriously easy. Don’t be intimidated by soap making. The melt and pour soap really is as easy as melting in the microwave and pouring into the mold of your choice. Now I am trying to think up other shapes of soap to embed into clear soap. Maybe a few gemstones? Let me know some of your ideas! xo. Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom.
  • These were bigger than I expected them to be, they’re so lovely! I have to make them, along with the dragon-fruit popsicle soaps. ???? By the way, I love your entire blog and all of your posts. Your blog is b e a u t i f u l ! ????✨

  • Love these! I’ve never made soap, even though I keep adding the supplies to my amazon cart… and then getting nervous. I’m curious why you spray the alcohol in between layers?

    Cutest soap ever!

    • The alcohol helps the layers of soap stick together otherwise, without it, they would separate and peel apart during use.

  • How cute are these!? They make such a cute detail for a guest bathroom!

  • This is so cute and doesn’t look too hard! I need to give this a try this summer! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • Dear Kara, I love that you always have your name in the first line of your posts! Makes it so easy to scan for writers who’s posts I am particularly fond of! These soaps are super cute, and make me wish I had the soap making supplies from my childhood around so i could give this a go! xSusan

  • These soaps are cute! You should totally open your own soap shop!


  • You guys always have the best diy’s! Not sure I’ll be able to replicate this and make it as aesthetically pleasing as yours but I’m going to try haha!

  • So fun! I’ve been wanting to make soap for a while so now I have no excuse 🙂


  • I love this idea, they look so cool!

  • Wow, not sure I’d be able to to such intricate work, but the soaps sure look so pretty! Maybe I’ll try a daisy first while I get used to it haha.

    • They are actually surprisingly easy to make! And the soap is pretty forgiving when it’s still flexible. You should try it!

  • The palm leaves are a perfect fit for summer. I love the colour combination with pink, too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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