DIY Simple Bed Frame

Homemade bedframeToday I’m happy to show you how I made my guest bedroom bed frame. First off, I’m not talking about the headboard (the part in the back that says “Sleepover”). If you’d like to know how to make that, you can check out the tutorial here

Before I built the bed frame, we had the box spring and mattress sitting on the floor. I’m not really against this look, since that’s what we do in our bedroom. But with the addition of the rug and the lack of much furniture in the room, I just felt that it would look more “finished” if I added a simple bed frame. 

Homemade bedframe. I used six short hairpin legs (they are each four inches tall) on the bottom of my bed frame. Full disclosure: I had purchased these legs about a year ago for a completely different project. It was a big fail! But since each leg is around $12, I saved them to use on another project in the future. So I decided this was the perfect opportunity. If I had not already had these legs available, I probably would have explored a few other (less expensive) options.

How to build a minimal bedframeSupplies:
-five 1x12x8
-one 1×3.5×8
-two 1x4x6
-two 1×3.5×8
-four 1x3x6 (I used all pine, except for these I used oak for extra support)
-box of fifty 1/2″ wood screws
-six 4″ hairpin legs (or other sturdy legs)
-semi-gloss polyurethane (and/or woodstain)

-circular saw

Cost: $210 (this could be significantly reduced if you choose less expensive legs than hairpin)

Step One: Measure your space and the bed. The mattress and box spring set I created my bed frame for is a queen size. I also decided that I wanted the frame to be just lightly (1/2″ or so) wider and longer than the mattress and box spring, so this informed my overall project measurements. I then cut my lumber down to size (as the lumber yard did not have the exact measurements I needed, of course).

How to build a minimal bedframe Step Two: Once I had the body of the frame made, I created a frame for it and screwed those boards in place.

How to build a minimal bedframe Step Three: I screwed the hairpin legs into each of the four corners of the frame. 

How to build a minimal bedframe Step Four: In the above photo you can see where I added the oak boards which provide the support for the bed frame (so actual adults can lie on top of the bed without breaking the frame). I also added the remaining two hairpin legs to help to distribute weight once the frame is in use. 

Note: You can create this project on your own quite easily, but you will likely need help moving the bed frame into place once built. It gets pretty heavy!

Homemade bedframe. Thanks for letting me share my super simple bed frame with you. And if you missed it, here’s a link to my entire guest bedroom tour (with before and after photos). Happy decorating! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Donlt forget to drill decent holes in it to air out the mattress and reduce chance of mold – particularly if it’s a pocket spring mattress

  • We made our bed frame using this great tutorial. Thanks Emma!!! It turned out beautiful and only took about 3 hours from start to finish.

  • Love the bed frame! But I am definitely loving what you did with the magazines & old wodden hangers as well! I have tons of these that I decorate with & this is just another cute way to utilize them. SO gonna copy you!

  • Almost the exact feel I’m going for in my bedroom. Loved the decor!

  • Wow, that’s fabulous and looks so easy to make.
    I think I would add some holes to provide extra air circulation for the mattress…Maybe it’s not necessary fot a bed that’s not used daily?

  • Nice tutorial! Kind of got me wondering though, do you think it is better to post a room reveal then the subsequent tutorials, or post the tutorials and then the room reveal? I’m new to blogging and was wondering if you guys had a preference for either order, or even if anyone scanning the comments could weigh in 🙂 It would really help me plan my post for the next couple of weeks 🙂

  • This is fantastic! So inspirational, thank you so much for sharing! Will be trying this.

  • The Idea is great and amazing.
    You are welcome at

  • I’d love to try making this, because it looks great. But I have a feeling I’d destroy the bed and myself. Too clumsy! 🙁 Maybe I should give it a try though…

  • this is a nice alternative to just pushing 4 wooden pallets together! we are thinking of making our own king size bed frame as our double is too small for us and the toddler! but a new frame would be as expensive as a new mattress (ours is a hand me down from my husband’s aunt from when she was a teenager omg i need a memory foam waaa!)

  • This looks so cool, love it. The hangers on the wall are a great idea as well.

  • This DIY looks so simple! I guess it’s in the title… I love how it turned out. The nerd in me totally wants to calculate how a load would be distributed over this bed frame because those angled legs are throwing me off (in a good way). Nice job, Emma!

  • It’s from Ashley G for UO. This one is sold out but they have two others by her that are fantastic!


  • I bought these at

    You can sometimes find them on ebay. Also if you see some on ruined furniture at a thrift or craigslist then you can remove them and reuse them.


  • perfect, and just my style – thanks for the simple directions!!

  • The final bed frame is 5×7 feet, since I cut the boards to the size I wanted. I would recommend measuring your bed. I am nearly certain most queens are the same size but I’d hate to led you astray on that.


  • We’ve laid on the bed. Didn’t try jumping on it, so we’ll see. 😉


  • Holy moly This is perfect!!!! I could see making little side tables to go with! Also the coat hangers as a magazine rack is brilliant!

  • Very cool! I love the look of raw wood. I wish I had seen this before my trip to IKEA. haha

  • Thanks for sharing! Loved the guest room post 🙂

  • David and I have been in need of a new bed frame and have wanted to make our own. This is simple and pretty cute! Can’t wait to try it out!


  • Are there any websites/links you recommend for purchasing inexpensive yet good quality hairpin legs?

  • Yes! I plan on getting rid of my huge, modern antique looking bedroom furniture for a simpler look and a platform bed is what I want. I feel like it should be simple enough to DIY but have always wondered what it would cost. This post came right on time, thank you so much!

  • amazing , simple and beautiful
    But for a diy project I think 210 is too expensive
    Rhe thing with DIY is recicle, saving money and be resourceful

  • I so admire your crafting spirit! You are an inspiration – I’d love to make the things in my home and you do such a beautiful job of it. I love the hair pin legs!

    Warm regards,

  • So clever! I love that frame!

  • All of your things are so cool and inspiring. I am hunting for a new place to live and would love to make this. I also love the hangers on the wall.

  • This could not come at a better time! I was just shopping for bedframes at Ikea, but this is so much cuter and more affordable. Love what you’ve done with the guest room!


  • Emma,

    Could we have the exact dimensions? I’m looking to build a frame for by queen bed also, and this looks right up my alley.


  • I really like this style – very clean and modern but could go with a lot of different themes. Looks super easy to make too. I just have my bed on a frame and I’ve been thinking it’s time to do something a bit more put together so I might take on this DIY!

  • Have you tried jumping up and down on it? I hope it’s as strong as it is good looking! Hopefully your guests won’t be up to any funny business, but hey you never know! Looks great, nice work! 🙂

  • This looks very cost effective and easy to do..the bed frame looks so well made.. thanks for sharing..


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