DIY Simple Bed Frame

Homemade bedframeToday I’m happy to show you how I made my guest bedroom bed frame. First off, I’m not talking about the headboard (the part in the back that says “Sleepover”). If you’d like to know how to make that, you can check out the tutorial here

Before I built the bed frame, we had the box spring and mattress sitting on the floor. I’m not really against this look, since that’s what we do in our bedroom. But with the addition of the rug and the lack of much furniture in the room, I just felt that it would look more “finished” if I added a simple bed frame. 

Homemade bedframe. I used six short hairpin legs (they are each four inches tall) on the bottom of my bed frame. Full disclosure: I had purchased these legs about a year ago for a completely different project. It was a big fail! But since each leg is around $12, I saved them to use on another project in the future. So I decided this was the perfect opportunity. If I had not already had these legs available, I probably would have explored a few other (less expensive) options.

How to build a minimal bedframeSupplies:
-five 1x12x8
-one 1×3.5×8
-two 1x4x6
-two 1×3.5×8
-four 1x3x6 (I used all pine, except for these I used oak for extra support)
-box of fifty 1/2″ wood screws
-six 4″ hairpin legs (or other sturdy legs)
-semi-gloss polyurethane (and/or woodstain)

-circular saw

Cost: $210 (this could be significantly reduced if you choose less expensive legs than hairpin)

Step One: Measure your space and the bed. The mattress and box spring set I created my bed frame for is a queen size. I also decided that I wanted the frame to be just lightly (1/2″ or so) wider and longer than the mattress and box spring, so this informed my overall project measurements. I then cut my lumber down to size (as the lumber yard did not have the exact measurements I needed, of course).

How to build a minimal bedframe Step Two: Once I had the body of the frame made, I created a frame for it and screwed those boards in place.

How to build a minimal bedframe Step Three: I screwed the hairpin legs into each of the four corners of the frame. 

How to build a minimal bedframe Step Four: In the above photo you can see where I added the oak boards which provide the support for the bed frame (so actual adults can lie on top of the bed without breaking the frame). I also added the remaining two hairpin legs to help to distribute weight once the frame is in use. 

Note: You can create this project on your own quite easily, but you will likely need help moving the bed frame into place once built. It gets pretty heavy!

Homemade bedframe. Thanks for letting me share my super simple bed frame with you. And if you missed it, here’s a link to my entire guest bedroom tour (with before and after photos). Happy decorating! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

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