Home Tour: Emma’s Bedroom

Emma Chapman's bedroom abeautifulmess.com   Welcome to our bedroom.Emma's bedroom before and afterI don't really have a true "before" picture of my bedroom, because it was the very first room I painted. Before I ever moved anything in to the house I painted the master bedroom white. I knew there was SO much about the house that I wasn't going to be able to change right away, so I at least wanted my room to get a fresh coat of paint. That way I wouldn't feel too much like I was just moving into someone else's house. The bedroom next to mine (where my neice lived for the first year and half I owned my home) was the same color and had the same carpet. So I'm including a photo of that room here to give you an idea of how it changed over time.Emma Chapman's bedroom abeautifulmess.com     Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.com Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.comEmma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.com   Emma Chapman's bedroom abeautifulmess.com    Emma Chapman's bedroom abeautifulmess.comEmma Chapman's bedroom abeautifulmess.com      Probably the biggest update that completely changed the feel of the room was getting rid of that old, dark tan carpet. I am not against carpet, by any means. But this carpet was old and stained from the previous home owner. I had the popcorn ceilings scraped (just like in the living room and kitchen) and this made the room feel so much bigger! We have a large, vintage American flag (proudly) displayed over our bed. My dad helped be build the wood bed frame from. I love it, because it's kind of a blank canvas to display whatever we want on it. We change it up pretty frequently. Beside the bed we've framed and hung our marriage license, a cross-stitch wedding gift (it's the Kanye quote we included on our wedding invites) and a few other little pieces of art. Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.com         Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.com     Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.com  Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.com        Emma Chapman's bedroom abeautifulmess.com Emma Chapman's bedroom abeautifulmess.com  Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.com      My goal for the bedroom was a little different from the living room and kitchen. I wanted the room to feel a little more open and bright, but still be cozy. The mostly white walls and wood floors allows for the color the palette of the rest of the decor to lean more towards brown and warm tones. My favorite detail in the room is our one wall paper wall. I love the pop of pattern and gold! Emma's bedroom tour abeautifulmess.com    Thanks for letting me show you around our bedroom! xo. Emma

Sources: duvet cover/Urban Outfitters, throw pillows/Skinny laMinx, bed frame/DIY, American flag, wooden wall art, lamp, dressers, wicker chair, hanging lanterns/vintage, side tables, crystal and mini (white) vases/Target, profile illustrations/Oana Befort, tree stump side tables/DIY, antler jewelry display/gift from Kinsey, other jewelry display/DIY, cow hide rug/Ebay, wallpaper/Hygge & West. Wall paint/Dove White (7002-7). If you're curious about anything else just leave a comment. 

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photos: Janae Hardy

  • Hi! I am blown away by your bedroom. I have been returning to these pictures again and again (since we just moved into a new rental). I was wondering if you had any ideas as to what I might search for to find similar vintage hanging lanterns. I would love to incorporate something similar and I cannot get them out of my head. Thanks!

  • Lovely! I love how airy this room is and the style…Girl…so pretty! 🙂


  • Hi Emma, What a beautiful room! Well done! Your floors are stunning, would you mind sharing the details on those or point me to a post where you have discussed them before please?

    thank you much!

  • I especially enjoyed your necklaces corner, feels so cozy. Also the way you displayed the necklaces is super!

  • I am in love with your duvet cover! Is it still for sale anywhere on the UO website? Matches perfectly with the throw pillows and the American flag, somehow. Your decorating style is so unique.


  • I love the wall with the golden spirals! How did you make the picture on the wooden plank that is standing by the mirror? Its so rustic, would love to make one like that.

  • Beautiful! That exact paint colour is what I’ve been looking for – I’ve tried 3 different ones and have not been happy with it but maybe it’ll be 4th time lucky?

    Erin // http://www.erinoxnam.com

  • i love the framed marriage certificate and wedding mementos all around the room! so special and romantic!

  • There seems to be a wall you haven’t shown up close, and it looks like you have a bunch of white feathers either individually washi taped or thumbtacked to the wall… Is that right? Looks intriguing and cool. Also love the sophisticated and warm glimmer of the wallpaper wall.

  • Is there a post about the DIY knob jewelry display?? thanks SO much for sharing!! I love ABM!

  • Emma, I love your bedroom – it is very unique and very “you”. Love the headboard and love the jewelry “hanging racks” –

    My question is about the beautiful notebook/binder on the side table – I have been looking for a black and white binder like that for months – is it a russell + hazel binder?

  • It looks amazing Emma, I love the wall paper a lot, and the tiger print. And the feathers on the wall. And the framed certificate. So basically, all of it. 🙂

  • stunning room!
    love the head board and the reading chair! and the Bengal tiger!


  • Again: amazing! That wall paper is gorgeous!!! And I love how original your wall art is!

  • The bed with palets, love it
    The palette of colors is great
    The necklace storage
    Everything is so cute!

  • Great job Emma&Trey. Your bedroom is so cozy, yet classy and stylish!

  • Is the wedding photo on the bedside table a DIY piece following your instructions for doing a photo transfer using gel medium?

  • This is amazing space. Love the jewelry storage and that painting of Emma and Trey.


  • How did you go about finding someone to scrape your ceilings, and did it cost a million dollars? I have them in my house and hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

  • So pretty! Especially those jewelry holders. Love them A LOT. Such a sweet home!

  • I got them all at Hobby Lobby. I didn’t even realize they sold hardware until I walked past it one day.

  • Amazing!!

    Where did you get those little knobs for the DIY jewelry display? They look tiny compared to the ones i’ve thrifted and have seen around.

  • Some really great pieces in there. Love the little corner with the chair and the hanging light fixtures. We have a similar arrangement but totally different style in our bedroom 🙂

  • I’m pretty much in love with everything about your bedroom! Especially that chair in the corner and the way you hung your jewelry. So cute, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I LOVE the flag!! We just bought a house and will be moving in next week some time. Eeeeep! We are planning to hang a flag in the living room. I just love it. Also, we have popcorn ceilings in a couple rooms and would like to remove it. Did you do it yourself or have someone do it? Just curious.

  • Really lovely! I’m so enjoying your whole house tour and I like that you’re doing it room by room so we can really digest it all! Each room is exciting and fun but relaxing at the same time. I LOVE white walls with natural wood accents- perfect. I also love that you don’t have a GIANT bed! My husband and I don’t have a gigantic bed either and I love it. Plus there is more space in our small(ish) room without it being all bed! 🙂

  • obsessed with that wall paper! killer.


  • I am loving the rustic vibe of your home so far emma! It is very nice. I almost found a wicker chair like that one on the side of the road but it just hadn’t stood the test of time. I was so disappointed.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • I love how crisp and clean it is- looks awesome!


  • I love the profile illustration of you and your hubby so much I think I want one of my own (with me and hubby, of course) and love the statement wallpaper. How big is your bed though? I can’t go back to having less than a king-sized bed!

  • such a pretty room! i love how you displayed your jewelry and the portraits of you and your husband!



  • Wow, such an amazing bedroom, love it, those cushions are such fun prints! And I love that you have a cute basket of knitting/crochet!

  • Its beautiful!I love it a lot my dear! 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • If I had seen all these parts individually I don’t think I would have thought I would like them, but seeing them together they are amazing! I love the way it looks now. Especially your gold wall.

  • Totally digging the flag. And those antler jewelry hangers are amazing. Like I really love them. Such a great space!


  • I love the Americana themes running through the home! Reminds me of road trips through the USA.

  • It is so awesome! I love all of the gold accents as well.

    xo Lisa | Making Life’s Lemons

  • So many things I adore about this, the lamp, the jewelry display, and the couple’s portraits especially.

  • Oh wow. I’m not sure if anyone else already commented on this but that bronze statement necklace is amazing! Can I ask where it’s from?

  • That headboard is amazing. I’d put shelves in it and fill it with books!


  • I love the American flag / wood frame. Americana is my fave. What size of bed do you have? Just wondering because we have a double and yours looks comparable in size.
    xx Abby | http://www.ageektragedy.net

  • Love your room. I have a couple of questions:

    Where did you get your awesome gold feather necklace?

    Also, where did you get the cool patterned black necklace and apple necklace?

    Can you tell I am on an accessorie kick today?

    Thank you for sharing your fantastic bedroom. I love the vintage American flag.


  • WOW. That IS a big difference! What an amaaaaazingly beautiful room! So inspiring!


  • I would love to see a post about how you changed your house when your bf (now husband) moved into your house, to make it feel like that place belonged to both of you and it wasn’t like he was staying in your house. Love your blog! Xx. (From Argentina, I always read but never write).

  • I’m crazy loving on your bedroom Emma. My fav piece is the carved art beside your marriage cert. thanks for sharing your home. It looks like a great place to live.

  • This is so beautiful! Gives me so many ideas for the cottage.. I just have no idea where to start? Paint, carpet? so much work!! But great inspiration, great post!



  • I got wood laminate. It’s fake wood. 🙂 It was already in my living room and halls so it all matches, basically. And it was MUCH more affordable than wood. I had it installed professionally.

  • It’s actually a queen. I think it just looks smaller next to the wood frame bc it’s very oversized.

  • I wanted to keep some brown/wood in the room. So leaving the trim was a super easy (as in I just do nothing) way to do that. 🙂

  • After you took out the carpet, what type of flooring did you go for(wood, laminate, vinyl, etc..)? Did you have to hire someone, or do it yourself? Just curious because my home is mostly carpet and it needs to go! I am not a carpet person.

  • all i kept thinking as i looked at your photos was, “WOW! i love this bedroom!”. it looks great, emma! definitely inspiring me to mix things up in my room right now 🙂

  • I love that you display your marriage certificate. It’s sad to me when people just put it in a drawer with other important papers. That’s the only thing that really means you’re married!

    xo Ashley

  • Wow you did such a great job, it looks like something from a magazine!


  • THAT WALLPAPER!!! So amazing. I also love the warm but neutral color palette. It looks very soothing and cozy.

  • Beautiful! I love the antlers to hang your jewelry! Such a fun room. SO much detail to take in! 🙂


  • So lovely !


    Discover a slice of accessories heaven, today on

  • The wallpaper kills me. Did someone cross stitch the Kanye lyrics for you? I’ve been wanting to so something similar lately 🙂

  • I love the lights and the hooks displaying the necklaces.

  • Love that gold wallpaper, where is it from? And the wood accents (especially the side table lap, I love!)

  • even though this room looks different from the kitchen and living room, there is a certain flow- maybe it’s the antlers? the whole house feels like YOUR house, but this room is my favorite.

  • I have really been enjoying your house tour. You have done a lovely job. I especially like how you have hung your necklaces.


  • Pretty–fresh and bright, but I have to ask…what made you NOT paint the doors and/or the trim white (or another color)? The don’t appear to be solid wood…but maybe they are.. (?) They seem to sort of take away from the gorgeous wallpaper wall…just curious!

  • That’s one of the most beautiful and creative bedrooms I have ever seen. Love it! The wallpaper is my fave too, and the antler necklace holder. I may have to copy this…

  • okay your house is honestly so cool. It’s so unique and inspiring to me! Thank you for showing us these pictures 🙂

  • Oh my goodness who made the small portraits of you and Trey, I’ve been looking for something similar for Christmas presents.

  • Wow, it’s so unique!! I normally hate white walls, it just feels so blah. But you really made it come to life with the warm accents.

  • That gold wall – LOVE!

    The Lemon Hive
    —Making the best of the small moments, creatively.–

  • Stunning room! Everything is so different, yet all of the elements and colors come together so well. I’m a huge fan of the antler jewelry holder – I want to recreate it!

  • Beautiful room. I love the wallpaper. I must say I could never share a bed that small with my husband! I would be tossing and turning!

  • gosh, this is awesome. I also love the wall papered wall best from your room, but seriously, i want this room.


  • This whole house looks so YOU. i love those portraits. Its lovely!

    Esther x

  • Adorable room! I’m not a big “gold” fan but you make me like it. Looks awesome!

  • Typically, this would not be my style at all, but I LOVE this room! Awesome! I think it might be because of the American flag behind your bed. There is just something about how it looks in this room…!!! 🙂

  • What a transformation!! For some reason, I had always thought that the Sleepover headboard DIY that you did would’ve been a permanent part of your room. The little lights were so cute, but I love the look and feel you have going in your current decor too.


  • i love this! so beautiful and original! def will steal some inspo from here 😉

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