DIY Tassel Dress

Darling way to spice up a dress!I love a good white dress. As I was surveying my closet the other day, I realized maybe I love a good white dress a little TOO much. There was a lot of white happening in there. Rather than go my typical route with a box of RIT dye, I decided to add a colorful touch in a different way. Tassel DIY stepsTo make the tassels, first pick your colors of embroidery floss. Wrap the floss around your fingers until you reach your desired thickness. Slide the loops off of your fingers and tie a piece of thread in the same color around the top. Trim the bottom and sew onto the hem and sleeves of your dress! Love this tassel DIYAdorable tassel dress DIY via A Beautiful MessIn love with this tassel DIYTassel DIY for dressesI love the rainbow of color this adds to an otherwise plain dress! Happy embellishing! xo. Katie

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