DIY Telephone Bookends

DIY Telephone BookendsToday we have a special treat for you! We invited our friends, Erin and Stefanie, from Oh So Lovely to share a fun DIY project with you. If you haven't heard of Oh So Lovely, it's a beautiful vintage boutique (run by two best friends!) based in Winnipeg. Erin and Stef have amazing vintage styles. We're loving this project they created just for you. Enjoy! Supplies NeededSupplies Needed: 2 old phones, 2 pieces of thin metal 1.5" wide, cut into 7.5" long strips. We found these at our local hardware store and cut them ourselves with a hacksaw, but you can get your hardware store to cut it for you! 2 pieces of felt in whatever color you chose, cut just a tiny bit smaller than the metal strips, 2 flathead screws, 2 drill bits, one a bit larger than the other, 1 can of metal spray paint in whatever color you chose, Cordless drill, Hot glue gun, or whatever glue you have on hand.Steps 1-2Step 1: Find 2 old phones and cut off the cords. If you are using a rotary phone, be sure to unscrew the part that you would talk into (the microphone cover) and take out the microphone, because you don't want to drill into it later! Step 2: Drill a centred hole (pilot hole) using the smaller drill bit, 1" down from the top of the piece of metal. Make sure you put something like a scrap piece of wood underneath it so that you don't drill into your table or floor!Step 3Step 3: Use the larger hole to drill a countersink (a larger hole not all the way through) so that the screw can sit flush.Steps 4-5Step 4: Spray the pieces of metal and be sure to get the sides, give them two coats and let dry. Step 5: Once they are dry, simply position the phone how you would like it to stand, and carefully screw the metal piece to the bottom of the phone, using a cordless drill. Step 6: Using a hot glue gun, glue your strips of felt to the bottom.DIY Bookends (via A Beautiful Mess)DIY Bookends (via A Beautiful Mess)DIY Bookends (via A Beautiful Mess)Ta-da! Your repurposed phone bookends are ready to go! 

Thanks so much, Erin and Stef! Check out the Oh So Lovely Blog or follow them on twitter. Now, who's in the mood for a flea market trip? Happy weekend! xoxo. Elsie 

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