DIY Triangle Shelves

Triangle-shelves by subtletakeoverTriangle-shelveDon’t you just love these mini triangle shelves!? Today husband and wife team Josh + Sarah show us how to make your own.Steps1-4Supplies needed: 1″x4″ by 6-foot pine boards (x2), wood glue, sandpaper (100 and 220 grit), miter saw, measuring tape.
*Optional: paint (we used acrylic) or stain,gloss medium & varnish (for acrylic paint).

Step 1. Set miter saw to 30˚ Step 2. Cut 1st 30˚ angle then flip board and measure long end 6″. Step 3. Cut 18 6″ (long side) pieces with 30˚ angles on either end. (*Length is optional, you can make these as big or small as you like, as long as all sides are equal.) Optional Step: Cut 2″ (long side) pieces with 30˚ angles if you’d like to add inset shelves for the triangles that will hang upside down. Step 4. Sand off all burrs and rough spots with the 100 grit sandpaper, making all the pieces nice and smooth.Steps5-7Step 5. Arrange the first triangle (as pictured). Step 6. Glue together using a thin yet generous smear along connecting edge. Be sure to press pieces nice and tight together. Wipe off any excess glue. Repeat for all 6 triangles. Let glue dry for at least 4 hrs. Step 7. Sand any exposed, dried glue. Now you can paint your shelves if you choose to.

Tip: When painting smaller pieces, use a tack to keep it from getting too messy!How to make triangle shelvesMini triangle-shelvesYou could give these as a gift or hang in your home! Thanks so much Josh + Sarah! (You can meet them on Instagram: Josh @subtletakeover and Sarah @arrowandapple)

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