Double Dip Dyed Napkin Set

Napkin Set- Easy DIY & safe to machine wash too! We've experimented with dip dying several times here on ABM. It's so fun and something that can be done in just a few hours at home. The effect is beautiful, delicate and unique to each piece! When creating this napkin set (we got our 8-pack of white napkins from Target), we experimented with several different techniques, dye times and colors to find the prettiest and longest lasting results. Follow these instructions carefully, and you can machine wash these napkins too! Here's what we did…Dip Dye Step 1Step 1: We used the stove top method for dip dyeing and added 1 part dye to 8 parts water and 1/8 cup of salt to help set the dye. You can use liquid or powder dye, we used both. Once the dye is hot, wet your napkin with water and fold your napkin in half. Dip the bottom 2/3 of your folded napkin into the dye, leaving the top folded edge un-dyed. Dip Dye Step 2Step 2: Rinse the napkin in cold water as you squeeze out excess dye, but make sure to rinse with the folded white area of the napkin at the top near the faucet so all the extra dye drains away from your white area. 

Dip Dye Step 3Step 3: Allow the napkin to dry on a drying rack while you add more dye to your original dye mixture. You’ll want to increase the dye ratio to about 3 parts dye to 8 parts water, but you can do more or less depending on how dark you want the final color. Once the napkin is halfway dry, dip the bottom third into the darker dye and repeat the rinsing process again. The salt that we mixed in with the dye should help set the color, so you should be able to machine wash your napkins on a delicate cycle (with cold water) with minimal loss of dye (make sure to wash the napkins separately from other items the first few times through the machine).

Double Dip Dyed Napkin SetDouble Dip Dyed Napkin SetDouble Dip Dyed Napkin SetFun, right?! I love these napkins and can't wait to host a backyard party now! 

Dip dye tank top We tried this same technique on a plain white tank top. Yea… we're a little addicted now! :) 

xo. Elsie 

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