Simple and Sweet Donut Pillow

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Hi! It’s Mandi. I’m so glad donuts are finally en vogue, because now that everyone (on the Internet, at least) is gobbling up my favorite treat, I have a great excuse to indulge in this sweet donut pillow tutorial! I must confess, while brainstorming this project I looked at so many donut pictures online that I finally couldn’t stand it any more and ran to the store (actually, I walked) to get a couple of real, live donuts from my favorite local bakery. One pink, frosted donut looked just like this cute pillow, except way more tasty!

This donut pillow is pretty cute, and it’s easy to make too. Check out the complete step-by-step instructions below.

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Supplies:
-1/2 yard tan felt or fleece
-1/2 yard felt or fleece in the frosting color of your choice (I chose pink)
-small pieces of green, orange, yellow, white, brown, and dark pink felt
-thread in tan and frosting color
-polyfill or batting material of your choice

-fabric scissors

-sewing machine
-fabric pen
-large circular object (I used a laundry basket)
-small circular object (I used a cereal bowl)
-straight pins
-sewing needle (optional)

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Step One: Fold the tan fabric in half, and using a fabric pen, trace around a large, circular object from your home (like a laundry basket), or use a makeshift compass technique like I used in this past project. Cut out the two layers of fabric at the same time.

Step Two: In the middle of the stacked circles you just cut, trace around a bowl to make the inside donut hole. Then cut out the opening.

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Step Three: Now trace the large circle onto the frosting-colored fabric, cut out the circle, and trace a bowl in the middle like you did in step two.

Step Four: With a fabric pen, draw a free-form shape on the fabric to mimic the look of drippy frosting, and then cut out the shape.

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Step Five: Cut out small strips of felt from your craft felt squares. These will be your sprinkles.

Step Six: Lay the sprinkles somewhat randomly across the surface of your frosting-glob fabric, and pin them into place.

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Step Seven: Using a straight stitch, sew each of the sprinkles into place down the middle of the felt pieces.

Step Eight: After the sprinkles have all been sewn into place and the hanging threads have been trimmed, pin the frosting glob of fabric onto one of the tan donut-shaped pieces of fabric.

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Step Nine: Using a zigzag stitch, sew the frosting glob of fabric onto the tan fabric you pinned together in step eight.

Step Ten: Now pin the two tan pieces of fabric together. Normally when you make a pillow you would pin the good sides together and flip them right side out after sewing. That’s not possible with a donut shape, so instead, you should sew the two pieces together right side out using a zigzag stitch along the edge. This stitch style will act almost like a serger and take care of any slightly uneven cutting of the fabric’s edge. Make sure to leave an opening on the stitching around the outside of the donut so you can fill the pillow with batting.

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Step Eleven: Reach your hand through the opening you left in the stitching and stuff the pillow with batting.

Step Twelve: Pin the opening closed, and either use your sewing machine (which requires quite a bit of finesse) or a needle and thread to close the opening.

Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!Simple doughnut pillow tutorial- for both kiddos AND grown-up kiddos!This cute, little donut pillow brings back memories of my using an ugly, inflatable donut pillow for medical reasons after little Lucy was born. I even brought that thing to a wedding with me and blew it up right in front of everyone at the ceremony and reception to keep comfortable. Wouldn’t it have been funny if I had brought this very literal donut pillow along instead? Hey—there’s always next time! –Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Color Pop, Valentine, and Poppy of the Signature Collection.

  • Love this and I’m going to make one for my daughter. Love her little thighs in the last picture. Sooooo cute!!

  • AHHHH! I HAVE TO MAKE THIS! It’s so adorable! I work at a donut shop in San Francisco and my boss lady will love it!!!

  • your website is amazing i love it…. visit also my blog

  • Such a great way to celebrate national donut day, haha! Love this and so cute!

  • LOVE the idea! So simply and so lovely! And love those legs! Looks like my lil girls…. OMG I wanna bite! lol.

  • This is adorable! My kids saw something similar at Barnes & Noble and it cost way more money than I wanted to pay. They’ll be so excited when I make this one for them!

  • Super cute idea for a little girl’s birthday gift:) Thanks a bunch!!!

  • So creative, i love this idea so much x

  • This is such a cute little DIY! Also, Lucy’s chunky little legs are so stinkin’ adorable!!! I have a little sister that would love this!


  • LaurDIY on YouTube did a similar thing! I’m loving everything donut related, especially eating them 😛

    timid lioness

  • That is too adorable! My daughter and I sewed little felt donuts that look similar to that, but I hadn’t thought of doing a big pillow. Love it!


  • omg, that donut pillow is so cute! I want to do thisssssss . X3 anyway , great post as always <3 xo

  • Yes!! This is so cute!
    Who is coming up with these ideas??
    Makes me think about the great stuffed anima- eh.. stuffed legumes they sold at ikea.
    stuffed carrot, stuffed broccoli ^^ and they had faces on them too!
    great diy project this Donut!

  • Oh my! This is incredible, just the cutest thing, I’m obsessed x

  • This seriously looks store bought! What an amazing DIY, thanks so much for sharing! And it’s so adorable, I just might want to make one for myself 😉

  • LOL I cannot stop laughing! I literally texted a photo of this telling my mom & sisters that someone needed to make this for me before I give birth – since I went through two blow up ones last time! Then I went back and read Mandi’s story at the bottom! SO FUNNY!

  • Oh my dear heavens. This lil pillow is adorable. Perfect for people & pets. :] // ☼

  • What a cute idea! I’m definitely going to try that out! Thanks! 🙂

  • Haha this pillow totally reminded me of those medicinal donut pillows too — except way cuter, obviously. This pillow is so cute and realistic looking that it made me hungry for a doughnut!

  • That’s adorable, there’s a designer here who makes classic biscuits into pillows, they’re fab

  • This is the cutest! I would absolutely use one of those at work or in my bedroom!

  • I can’t believe you made this, it looks amazing! And edible.

  • So cute!! (And I totally wish I had one after my first baby. Here’s hoping you won’t need one if there’s a #2, like I didn’t!)

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  • This is too cute for words! Such a sweet DIY for a little one (or hey, even I’d put this in my place!) XO, D

  • Very cute. Love the idea of just using a laundry basket and bowl to create your own template.

  • What an adorable idea! The little girl is so cute 🙂 Awe!


    Laurali Star

  • Now this is the kind of DIY I’m talking about… not that I have a sewing machine presently, but I totally want to make this!

  • This is so cute, I want to drop everything I’m doing and make this, even though my sewing machine skills suck. Love the first picture, she’s so adorable.

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  • That first and last picture made me smile so much 🙂
    The donut is pretty cute too.

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