Dry Shampoo 101

Dry Shampoo 101Oh, dry shampoo. I sorta feel like this post should be a love letter to dry shampoo. Where do I even start? Well firstly, let’s talk about what dry shampoo is, in case you don’t already know. Dry shampoo is a powder that you can spray or sprinkle on your hair to soak up excess oil, in hopes of making your hair look clean without washing. I use dry shampoo a lot because I tend to only wash my red locks about twice a week. This is partially to keep my color as long as possible, and partially because I’m just a busy person who doesn’t always have time to wash, dry, and style. I’ve tried many brands of dry shampoo over the years. Some were good to me and some… well, not so much.

I have a group of friends who aren’t interested in most store-bought dry shampoos because of the harsh chemicals that they sometimes contain. I did a little research on homemade dry shampoos, and here’s what I found works best:

Make your own dry shampooThe most popular ingredients for at-home dry shampoos are baking soda, baby powder, and corn starch (or arrowroot powder as an alternative). There are many recipes that mix corn starch with baking soda, or this with that, but I tried each of these on its own over the span of a week. Here are the results:

Baby powder: The baby powder was fine, but I don’t fancy walking around smelling like baby powder. It’s actually a smell I don’t care for, so this one was out for me no matter how well it worked. It soaked up the oil fairly well, though, so if you don’t mind the smell this is a pretty good option.

Baking soda: This made my hair feel pretty clean. As I was researching using baking soda for hair, I came across a lot of people commenting on how it irritated their skin. There is also some talk of long-term damage to your hair caused by baking soda, so this one wouldn’t be something I would use weekly. 

Corn starch: I have actually used corn starch before by suggestion of a friend, so I already knew how this one would go. It works really well to soak up the excess oil and doesn’t have a strong scent of its own. This is a good substance to keep in a jar combined with some wonderful smelling essential oils (2-5 drops, depending on how strong you’d like it to smell).

Dry shampoo from corn starch
Dry Shampoo tips and tricksNow let’s talk about application. (I hope we can still be friends after you look at that picture of my greasy hair. On the internet. Sheesh.) If you are making your own at home, there are a few ways you can apply your dry shampoo. I like to keep mine stored in a shaker and just shake it directly onto my roots. A clean makeup brush is another option if you would prefer to brush it on. However you get it on there, the next step is important: rub it in. A lot of people comb it through with a brush, but I like to massage it right into my roots. Plus if I have curls left over from the day before (which I don’t in these photos), I can skip the curling iron and wear them again.

A lot of people shy away from dry shampoo because of the Q-tip head… or snow cap… or white junk in the scalp. If you have darker hair or red hair I have two helps for it! Cocoa powder mixed in with your DIY dry shampoo is great for dark hair. Use about half powder/half cocoa powder (make sure this is not sweetened), and that should help take care of the super powder look. If you have red locks like me, cinnamon is your best friend. The corn starch can be a little powdery looking, so I like to add cinnamon to mine. It matches my color wonderfully AND I love the smell of cinnamon, so I don’t even need essential oils.

Tips for DIY Dry ShampooI’m still a lover of my old stand-by, Dove Dry Shampoo, but I do like having options. Dry shampoo, you make it possible for a working mama lady like myself to look decent even when I should have washed my hair many (MANY) days ago. Oh, and hats. Also, braids. I think I may need to send out a round of thank you cards to all my beauty helpers. xo. Katie

Credits // Author and Photography: Katie Shelton

  • Oh my goodness! Cocoa powder is such a brilliant idea and works so well. I’m only bummed that it took me 25 years and way too many “snowcapped” days to learn this. This is going to be one of my daily life hacks…thank you for a great blog!

  • I love Johnson’s Magnolia Blossom scented Baby powder. It smells nothing of ‘baby’ and has just the most lovely floral scent that isn’t over bearing. That being said, Batiste is my go-to source for dry shampoo!

  • I’m trying this. I’ll definitely be using the cocoa powder version for my dark locks. Thanks for sharing.


  • Ooh, the cinnamon is such a great idea! I have red hair that’s a similar shade. Super stoked to try that now… 🙂


  • Using dry shampoo the night before you plan not to wash your hair will give it time to absorb oil and wont give you the grey/white weird hair color! Preventative dry shampooing. I know I am only going to wash my hair twice a week so I use it even the night of the morning I washed my hair just to keep it fresh longer.

  • Love this! It’s good to know, as I’ve always been a little scared to try a dry shampoo.

    One random question @Katie: I know you must get this all the time but is your hair naturally red? I’ve been looking into colors and yours looks so much more natural than other reds! If you do dye it, what color/brand/shade do you use?

  • genius! i never thought of putting cocoa powder into it! this is going to change everything 🙂

    thanks for the tips!

  • Great post! I couldn’t stand the smell of baby powder either, so I bought just plain talc powder. It’s basically the same thing, just without the scent. You buy it in pool table supply section (or on the internet). Players use it to keep their hands dry. Think I’m going to give corn starch a shot though just to see the difference.

  • I just started using Lush’s dry shampoo and love it! It’s a corn starch mixture that also has some citrus oil in there. Once I run out though I might go ahead and try my own. And I love the shaker idea!!

  • out of all the dry shampoos ive tried i really hated the dove one the most….. it left my scalp feeling flaky….i dont understand how so many people swear by it… but i guess the saying goes- To each their own…

  • I’m a believer in dry shampoo, but usually buy mine. I love the idea of adding cocoa powder to cornstarch to make it perfect for my dark hair! Probably way cheaper!


  • I always have the white hair problem, but never thought to use cocoa powder! Will have to try that one next time.

  • Great advice! I’ve never heard of using cocoa. But that dress. Let’s talk about that dress. So cute.

  • Only just noticed your tattoos. LOVE THEM!



  • I love my Dove dry shampoo. It’s the best bang for your buck that I have found. I will give this all natural version a good try!!!


  • Hahaha…I have never heard of using an at-home version of Dry Shampoo!! But that’s so smart…I think I’ll stick to my favorite…the Suave Dry Shampoo (not the one with Keratin). It’s so cheap, has a nice soft smell, and works amazingly!!

    Don’t worry…we think nothing less of you and your greasy hair pic…that’s what Dry Shampoo and Hats are for 🙂

  • This isn’t the best smelling option, but paprika is really great for red hair. It even helps disguise my roots a little if I need to get them done. I use cacao powder and paprika + essential oils. I usually have my hair clipped up and dab the powder onto my roots with an old makeup brush, then let it sit while I do my makeup and whatever else. It has usually soaked most of the way in by the time I take my hair down and I just flip my head over and ruffle up/massage my roots to make sure it doesn’t look chalky. As long as you get the powder in all the right places this works well!

  • Oh! I’ll have to try the cornstarch and cinnamon! And for those who want another option you can buy at the drug store, try Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo. It is around $3 or $4 and works great!

  • Thank you so much for this post! I’ve always been curious about dry shampoo, because it seemed incredibly convenient, but I never knew how to use it so I never did. Dry shampoo will definitely be on my shopping list for my next shopping trip!

  • Wow, thanks a lot for that article, I never realised there were other options (and such convenient ones as corn starch!) to the store-bought dry shampoo!


  • I have never managed to find one that I love 🙁 Batiste is okay but I am sure there’s better!

  • While I love a good beauty post, I HAD to comment on this… I wish I had gotten first comment so all the readers could see this. As a hairstylist, I really, really discourage anyone from using baking soda in their hair. Baking soda is very alkaline, and is NOT good for your hair! The alkalinity weakens the disulfide bonds in your hair (sorry to get all scientific) Your hair may feel soft at first, but over time your hair is going to get very dry and brittle. PLEASE don’t use baking soda!

    If you want to use dry shampoo, I would really suggest using salon products (as in from an actual salon, not the drugstore or Target!!). Colorproof is a great brand and all of their products are color-safe and 100% vegan. Their dry shampoo is called DrySpell and it’s amazing! Not an advertisement, but maybe next time y’all decide to talk about hair care, you could include salon products and not methods that are actually very damaging to your hair! 😉

  • I’ve found that most kinds of shampoos and conditioners seem to just weigh down my hair (and make it static-y all at the same time, weirdly enough) until I came across the No ‘Poo idea of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. After I get into the shower and rinse my hair thoroughly with warm water, I dump 1/4 – 1/3 cup of baking soda (depending on if I have any product build up) through my scalp and rub it in, as well as through the length. I rinse it right away and then mix 1 tbsp of ACV in a large cup of warm water and just let the tips soak for about 30 seconds while I just enjoy the warm water.. After my shower, I don’t need to use any product whatsoever and my waves/curls have never looked better (once towel dried of course). Not even any static. And then my hair doesn’t start to get greasy for about 4 – 5 days. Once I’ve decided its time to wash my hair again, I soak my hair in a mixture of 1 part coconut oil and 10 parts warm water and leave it over night for a deep conditioner. I use a Dr Bronner’s soap the next morning as a regular shampoo to get the oil out and do the baking soda all over again the next morning. It seems like a lot of work but it really actually beats shampooing and conditioning every day. Plus in the end costs less 🙂 PS coconut oil also works magic on my skin before bed! And tastes amazing for cooking

  • johnson’s also makes scented baby powders. i like to use the lavender and chamomile–it still smells like baby powder, but maybe the scent isn’t as bad? i have red hair, so i apply and tousle my hair, then wait five minutes and run a towel over my head to catch some of the excess.

  • Burt’s Bees makes a talc free, unscented baby powder. It works great; I use it all the time!

  • Thanks for all of the tips! I will have to try the coco powder, I tried the arrowroot and it was way to white for me. I really like the idea of putting it on the night before!

  • I didn’t realise corn starch was a possibility. I should try that as it’s cheaper too. I’ve always used talcum powder, but not baby powder as I also don’t like to smell like baby all day! My favourite is Crabtree and Evelyn’s “Nantucket Briar.”

  • Try rice flour! It goes clear when it absorbs the oil rather than staying white like other things like baby powder and bi carb (not sure about corn starch). It’s one of the ingredients in Klorane dry shampoo which I really love.

  • Batiste is actually harsher than it appears, so it might be the culprit. I have semi-sensitive skin, and while I rarely violently react to products, Batiste made both my forehead and scalp flake off 🙁

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  • This. Is. Great.

    Thank you for all of the great tips and the recipes. I am so excited to try this and share with my friends. 🙂

  • I have strawberry blonde hair but often dye it a darker shade of red…i’ve used baby powder, but cinnamon! Brilliant!

  • I just discovered dry shampoo recently and can’t believe i’ve lived all these years without it, i love my hair now! I use Dr. Hauschka Body Silk, smells great, so silky and smooth, and is all-natural…plus has other uses 🙂

  • I’m such an advocate for dry shampoo! Of the ones I’ve tried, Dove is also my fave. Glad you guys are also on board!

    // Regina


  • Yes! I use my own homemade dry shampoo also. I’ve found the aerosol spray cans to be SOOOO scented it gives me headaches and the cloud just follows me around all day.

    I have dark brown hair so I mix cocoa powder and cornstarch and it works like a dream. I want to start using it more often actually, so that I can work on a No ‘Poo program. I wash my hair every day right now but it’s so damaged I really want to give it some relief! I also don’t mind the smell of a little cocoa powder 😉

  • You must try the dry shampoo at LUSH–it’s called “No Drought!” It works wonders and smells absolutely amazing–like lime & grapefruit!

  • Thanks for this, I’ve been considering dry shampoo for a while as I prefer to shower and wash my hair at night, but my hair is super fine so it starts looking greasy by the end of the work day. I just bought some dry shampoo but had no idea how to apply it! Think I might try making some of my own, too, after reading this. Love the idea of using spices to adjust the color.

  • Katie, where did you get that dress/shirt? I would totally buy like 5 different colors and wear them a lot this summer…

  • I LIVE for dry shampoo. Nothing quite like being cosy on a Sunday night and thinking “I really should wash my hair before work tomorrow!” NO MORE! I use Batiste (not sure if that’s a brand which is available in the US)
    Rosie x
    Every Word Handwritten

  • Dry shampoo and my hair are best friends! I have hair that gets greasy super quick and in an ideal world needs to washed daily in order to look presentable so dry shampoo is quite literally a must have in my beauty kit! I am a fan of Batiste blush and tropical but I have been told by my hairdresser not to overuse it as it does dry hair out a lot, she recommended the Tresemme version in the UK (don’t know if it is available in the US) as apparently that is kinder to your hair but I have yet to try a homemade version! I do remember using Talc on my (at the time) very blonde hair as a teenager but that did have the unfortunately white cap side effect!

  • When I was Paris, I discovered Klorane dry shampoo. I’m absolutely obsessed and you can buy it in the States too. Would absolutely recommend.


  • I use dry shampoo to give my hair some body and I absolutely love it. I’ll be honest, there may have even been a time last summer where I was rocking a slight addiction. In summer I use Batiste tropical. It makes me smile because it smells SO good!

  • Also potatoe starch works just at well as corn starch and is easier to come by in Europe (at least where I am). And best way to apply according to me: Tea strainer!

  • Such an interesting post, would never think of using those home items!


  • So far baby powder works very well for m3, but I don’t even know how to use it well until I read this post. Thank you so much, Katie!

  • “I have a group of friends who aren’t interested in most store-bought dry shampoos because of the harsh chemicals that they sometimes contain.”

    Well, water is also a chemical, so I guess they have to stop showering. 🙂

  • Dove!!!! They are such a bad company!!! Human rights abuse, animal testing, ,bad child labour score card, micro plastics, possible GE in products. I had it in my head that you guys are super aware of the environment and our impact on buying choices. I still love your blog but now I am a little sad:(

  • I’ve been curious about dry shampoo for awhile now because I hate washing and styling my naturally churlish (frizzy) hair. Thanks for the tips–I might give it a go! I’ll have to research the baking soda thing because I’ve been using it to wash my hair lately because I read about it being better for your hair than shampoo…

  • How interesting! I should give this a go!

    – Taryn Elise xx

  • i swear by this dry shampoo by NYC based hair master, Sam Brocato. what volume! i only wash my hair twice a week and this stuff saves my life, er, hair.


  • I love Lush dry shampoo! I currently have No Drought. They don’t use harsh chemicals, they are all natural and handmade, and they smell amazing.
    I don’t wash my hair every day because its so thick it can usually go 2 days without looking dirty. Styling takes forever, drying at least an hour if I do it right out of the shower.

  • Thanks for this. I am going to have to give it a try. I do not like to wash my hair more than once or twice a week since I find it ways down my curls, but I hate the greasiness in between.

  • I am such a dry shampoo advocate! Especially on bangs! I love the dove one as well, far more affordable than Batiste (sigh). I’ve also used the cocoa powder/cornstarch trick in a pinch as well but I find it a bit more difficult to brush/massage out so my part ends up looking a tad brown, haha.

  • Oooh, good idea. I’m adding that to the list of things to try!

  • I used dry shampoo for the first time when I went on a 3 week trek in Nepal where showering wasn’t an option! I loved it and have used it ever since! I’m not interested in chemicals either, and after a lot of searching I found one that is free of parabens, sulfates + fragrance – it’s called Frederic Fekkai Au Naturel Dry Shampoo, google it! I haven’t used any other dry shampoos to compare, but I love this one!

  • This cornstarch+cocoa method is amazing! I’ve used dry shampoo for years, but have never found one that really gets into the roots of my thick, brown hair. I saw your post this morning and had all the supplies needed, so I figured I’d have a go at it. Best results ever! You can really massage it in when its a powder, but it is not sticky like some of the ones you get at the store. I’m sold! Thank you so much Katie!

  • I occasionally use dry shampoo but I can’t go more than a day without washing my hair because I go to the gym 3-4 times per week and I also sweat a lot at work. I don’t know how I feel about the idea of putting food in my hair… I like Klorane dry shampoo. I discovered it through Birchbox!

  • oh katie, i’ll always want to be your friend! i only wash my hair once or twice a week, too, so this is perfect. i’ve always been curious about dry shampoo!

  • I use lulu organics, their lavender and clary sage scent is incredible.


  • Thanks for the DIY tips, Katie! I’ve been wanting to make my own dry shampoo.

  • I’ve actually never tried any dry shampoo, it’s been on my list of things that I want to try because there are some days when I quite honestly don’t feel like washing my hair but I really need to in order to look presentable, so I found this to be very interesting.

    Sophie xxx

  • As a person with frizzy curly bright red hair, dry shampoo is my best friend. I also only wash my hair once or twice a week because having my ends get a little oily helps with the frizz but I can’t stand oily roots and bangs!! I use Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo and it is awesome! I can also relate to the hats and braids too!

  • I was just thinking about dry shampoo the other day! I have used Tresemme dry shampoo but I wasn’t impressed. I love Dove products so perhaps I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  • As a gal with blue hair (at the moment) dry shampoo is my absolute saviour.
    I also have my hair in a bun for work, which not only takes 2 minutes but also means no one else gets to see just how greasy my hair is.

    I wonder what I could put with corn starch to keep the blue colour?

  • This is a fun post and I have tried the Suave brand of dry shampoo, however… dry shampoo is not my friend. I have African genes and my hair tend to be really dry so the dry shampoo actually made more frizzy and damaged-looking. I guess that is why a lot of African-American women use oils in their hair. Oh well, live and learn!

  • OH MY GOODNESS. I’m totally going to do this for my dark hair! I bet the cocoa powder will work brilliantly!! =) I recently tried the Batiste dry shampoo for dark hair, and I absolutely despise that stuff. I’ll definitely be stealing this from you as soon as I use up the rest of that wretched stuff!! =) xo- Salamanda


  • Tip re mixing with cocoa powder is genius!! Cocoa scented hair is a bonus x

    June Lorraine

  • I love just using a powder like cornstarch helps when I’m in a hurry and want to catch a few extras zzzz’s in the morning! aworkinggirlscloset.wordpress.com

  • Your hair is so beautiful. I’ve got medium blonde hair and one would think baby powder would blend fine but i have the hardest time getting rid of the white/patchy spots. Plus, it makes my hair EXTREMELY static-y which drives me insane. Not sure what to do.

  • I recently had to purchase a box of corn starch for ONE recipe and was agonizing over what I would do with the rest of it. Thanks so much for the tip, I’ll definitely be trying this!!

  • love me some dry shampoo…and im lovin that dress lady! may i ask where to find that business?

  • Ahh cocoa powder! Great idea I must try. I used to use my bronzer when times got desperate!

  • I’ve been using scented body powder on my very dark hair for ages, and it really does the job without effecting the colour of my hair. You just have to brush it well after putting the powder on, which I do with a big powder puff. Plus it makes your hair smell like your favourite perfumes, because most perfumes have a body powder amoung their assortment of available products.

  • I also wash my hair only 1 to 2 times a week and use baby powder in between. It’s my best beauty secret to date. I can’t imagine going back to washing it any more than that. No time for this busy mama:)

  • Entirely unrelated to the topic, but your dress is absolutely lovely. Where did you purchase it?

  • I actually use cocoa powder because I have dark hair, though it’s not very effective.
    I think I’ll try the baby powder/cocoa powder mixture.

  • Ive found that it works best to put dry shampoo on freshly washed hair… it soaks up the oil as the day progresses. I add a little each morning, and then on day 3 (sometimes 4) I have the best giant hair that isn’t greasy. Day 4 or 5 is also a really rockin’ giant bun if I wear my hair up. I swear by Suave Dry Shampoo in the gold can, not the silver.

  • I have suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper straight thick black Asian hair that tends to get oily fairly quickly, so dry shampoo is my dearest friend. It also adds volume! My favorite is Rockaholic dry shampoo (if you’re ok to spend the money. I think it has the best clean/fresh scent. For a more affordable choice, I buy Pssst dry shampoo. I’ll have to try the homemade corn starch w/ cocoa powder someday!

  • Please, please do a post on hair dye/coloring. I love dying my hair red and I’m always looking for new DIY coloring ideas. Red is such a tricky color and I have had my fair share of mistakes, but I absolutely love your red.

    great post by the way. I’ve been wanting to try dry shampoo and now i definitely will.

    thanks 🙂

  • Cocoa powder! That’s genius. My hair is straight and shiny, and looks greasy if I go a day without washing it. I’m definetly trying this.

  • I wish I could go longer without washing my hair! Right now I wash about every other day and that’s all I can stand.


  • I’m quite tempted 🙂 – never tried dry shampoo before but the corn starch sounds good to me. Curious though: I’m a brunette so adding cocoa powder makes sense – but why unsweetened? What difference does that make? I wonder – I have reddish tints so perhaps a touch of cinnamon would be nice, mix it together with the cocoa and starch?

  • I’ve been using corn starch as dry shampoo for a while now, and I absolutely love it!


  • LOVE the dove shampoo!


  • Due to my red hair I also have the problem, that I want to protect the color so I try not to wash it every day.
    I tried some dry shampoos before but they all left this ugly white powder on my hairline :/ (no matter how hard I brush it out or use a hairdryer) so I’m grateful for your tip with the cinnamon 😀

  • Love dry shampoo! I have dark hair so I mix cocoa powder with arrowroot power and it works so well and smells amazing! I mix mine in a mason jar and use and old make-up brush to apply it. Awesome post!

  • Interesting blogpost – i gotta try dry shampoo some day… I tried it once, but it was not a good experience… Hope it has something to do with the brand 🙂


  • Love this. Been looking for alternatives for dry shampoo.


  • I actually found out about dry shampoo about a year ago. I didn’t go through all the hassle of making my own but maybe now I have a higher rent.. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea!

  • Love this! I only wash my hair a few times a week as well, but I have a hard time finding any super great store-bought ones. I love the idea of cornstarch mixed with some cinnamon though! I love the smell of cinnamon, but also using a more natural dry shampoo.



  • Seriously, I NEVER heard of dry shampoo. What planet am I from? Geez! But I’m loving the idea!!! I’ll look for a brand one and skip the homemade process time.

  • i’ve been meaning to get some! i’ll have to try the dove kind!



  • When you say “baby powder” do you mean talc? I have seen some baby powders that are just cornstarch with scent, so I’m not sure there’s a consensus on what constitutes “baby powder”. I’m just curious what it is that you are using.

  • Thanks for your recommendation on the dry shampoo. I’ve tried a couple of different kinds, with different (and rather unsatisfying) results, but have not yet tried the Dove!

  • I love dry shampoo and recently found out the no poo method to avoid the harsh chemicals and have a healthier looking hair. I love the results! Have a look at this site to know what I’m talking about http://www.love-yourself-naturally.com/2013/04/welcome-to-no-poo-hair-care/

  • This is a great idea! I only wash my hair once a week (since I got it cut into a bob, my fine hair isn’t so good freshly washed – very flat, and I like to make it wavy by braiding it each night, which only really works with dirty hair!), but recently have been concerning about the amount of aerosols and chemicals that I’m using. Definitely going to be using the cocoa powder/corn starch method!

  • great at home idea, dry shampoo is my saviour when I need to get big hair !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography – www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk
    Support my Photography Project here !

  • I love dry shampoo, but the Suave kind I’ve been using has SUCH a strong smell, it drives me nuts. I don’t like baby powder smell either, so I’ll have to try cornstarch or Dove! Cool.

  • I am sorry but it just doesn’t look right. If you want a long healthy hair then make an extra effort. I don’t think rubbing baking powder on your scalp is one of them!

    • Celine, you are giving yourself away as a “I’ve actually never tried it before” person! Try it for a week, then post 🙂

  • Heaven sent!!! How did we survive before this stuff?? Great tip with the cinnamon or cocoa!! Right on!

  • My most favorite dry shampoo is a a combination of 1 pt baking soda, 1 pt cocoa powder (because I’m a brunette) and 3 parts cornstarch. I keep it in a leftover artichoke jar and apply it with an old powder brush from my makeup collection! I’ve never found anything that works better for me!

  • OMG love this! SInce entering mommyhood showers are few and far between so this is perfect to keep my hair still looking decent during the day. Thanks girl!

  • One of us must wash her hair everyday, nice idea because she’s almost bald!


  • Thank you so much for this. I´m a redhead and I think I look not so bright with baby powder. I´ll try corn starch and cinnamon. Is it also a half cinnamon and half corn starch mix?

  • Thanks for the tips! I may need to try cornstarch! I typically use baby powder and love the smell, so it works great! And I have light blonde hair….so it seems to blend right in!
    This really is a girls best friend!

  • I’ve heard of baby powder and baking soda, but for some reason I never thought of corn starch! What a great idea!

    It’s so hard to find a great dry shampoo, so this is definitely worth a try!

    xo Denise

  • my hair is really dark and i have never thought of adding cocoa powder…so genius and um who wouldn’t want to smell like chocolate?!

  • Wow what an excellent post! I have always wondered about dry shampoo. You could have not put in an any easier terms for me! Thank you 🙂


  • much much needed post! constantly looking for a dry shampoo alternative

    xx Milly


  • Great tips! Will have to try the cinnamon one, white is what always puts my off about dry shampooing. May I ask where’s your top from? So cute and such a beautiful color 🙂

  • i just bought my first bottle on sunday and i’m hooked!

  • I’ve totally tried using this technique on my hair and it doesn’t work for my dark brown hair. I was left with grayish roots, even if I only use a little bit. Perhaps it just works better on lighter hair?

  • I am a red head so I need to try the cinnamon! I love the smell too. Yum!

  • Try wetting your hair, revamping, and blow-drying it, and THEN add the dry shampoo.

    • DON’T blow dry it if your hair is dyed or bleached, because your color will fade very quickly. No heat ever on dyed or bleached hair.

  • I’m obsessed with dry shampoo! I use Suave pretty regularly most due to the cheap price and the fact that it smells nice and does a pretty decent job,. I’m not a big fan of the baby powder method simply because I don’t fancy smelling like baby powder either and I have dark brown hair. I can never get it mixed in well enough without it making my scalp obviously snowy looking. I’ll definitely have to give the cornstarch method a try!


  • I’ve always been a baking soda girl, since I have super dry skin washing my hair more than 2x a week ends in bleeding scalp (no thanks). I have red hair and never had a problem with the white stuff in my hair thing.

    Also I find that if i have my natural curls going that spritzing my hair with water and baking soda in a squeegie bottle works better because it allows the hair to re-curl a little if that makes any sense.

  • the Not Your Mom’s dry shampoo spray is the best one i’ve found yet. I used to use Psssst, which is still fantastic. Suave is the worst. It just doesn’t work well and i feel like i’m suffocating when i spray even a little.
    I only wash my hair every 4-5 days, so dry shampoo is my best best best friend.

  • Birdy over here at fatcatconnection adores dry shampoo, but I feel that it’s nothing for us curly-haired girls….I just end up looking greyish:-)

    Love from Germany and thanks for sharing,



  • Thanks for the post! I was thinking that your hair would look much healthier and voluminous if you’d cut your lenghts!

  • I dye my hair red like you, Katie, and I use dry shampoo to keep the red lasting longer (and also because it is so nice to have get-up-and-go hair! It took for-EVER when I had to wash and style. I use Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo, and I love it. But I have been worried about chemicals, etc from the spray. I am going to try cornstarch and cinnamon! Even if I still use the store-bought one sometimes, it’s nice to have the homemade option. Thank you so much for this post!

  • I love the Dove brand dry shampoo. It smells great and works really well and its only about $4. Last time I was at the store they were out of it so I picked up a kind by Pantene. It was $5 and I swear it works even better. I have dark brown almost black hair and it leaves NO RESIDUE. The only problem is that it has a very strong smell that I am not a huge fan of. Dry shampoo has been a serious game changer for me since it makes a blow out last 2-3 days instead of just one.

  • I like to spray it in the night before! Then in the morning all the oil’s gone! Magic!

  • So glad to see this post! I am also a busy lady that doesn’t like taking time out to wash and dry my extremely thick hair. It takes hours! No shame in only washing a couple times a week! I’m glad you own it too. Also with my hair being curly and coarse, washing it too much isn’t good for it and just dries it out. I used to use store bought dry shampoo, but found it just doesn’t work as well as good-old-fashioned baking powder or baby powder! I have bangs too and will sometimes just wash my bangs and not the rest of my hair because they get greasy faster. It is a silly sight seeing me leaning over the sink carefully washing my bangs. 🙂

  • I use baby powder and that’ it. Not a fan of the small either, but you can buy unscented!

  • Thanks for the tips. I’ve only ever tried the store bought varieties, but I’m tempted to try the corn starch. I do like the Batiste for red hair. Perhaps you should try it.

    • I use corn starch frequently. I keep a container of it in my bathroom. When I want to use it, I just stick my fingers in it to grab some, rub my hands together and then run my fingers through my roots and massage it into my scalp. Since it’s not a lot of powder at a time, it’s easier to eliminate the white color. I repeat a few times until the oil is gone and then style my hair as usual. It’s not quite as good as dry shampoo, but it’s way better than having to wash and dry every morning.

  • Dry shampoo has literally saved my hair. I just used it this morning. It is a must if you are a mama!

  • Dry shampoo is my go-to beauty quick fix. My coarse and thick hair benefits from not being washed daily, and dry shampoo keeps me feeling fresh. Instant confidence! 🙂

  • Batiste tropical is my favorite favorite! It works better than Dove and smells amazing! I like to leave mine in for a few minutes before rubbing/brushing it in.

  • I think I use dry shampoo more than I actually wash my hair, but I think it has made my hair more dry/damaged, so I’ve started washing my hair more often (maybe every 2nd day). I’ll never give up on my Batiste dry shampoo though. Dove’s is great too for an affordable pick.

  • My life changed the day I discovered dry shampoo … seriously! I don’t like chemicals, so I use Acure Organics Dry Shampoo Argan Stem Cell + CoQ10 … it’s AWESOME!!! You can find it online or at WholeFoods. I have blonde hair, so white isn’t a problem. But the cocoa powder is such a good suggestion for brunettes!

  • I love the measuring cups and spoons. I was gifted these recently and Love them.

  • I love dry shampoo, but sometimes I just don’t know how to spruce the style without getting my hair wet so that I can blow dry it. Especially bangs! Do you have any tips? I’d love to see a progression of your hairstyles for a full week to see how you manage the just-washed-hair vs. the one-day-dirty-hair vs. the dry-shampoo-hair …you know what I mean!

    Also, I am definitely going to try a cocoa powder/corn starch blend after my next can runs out. I just switched from the original Batiste to the Batiste for brown hair…but it just doesn’t work as well! Thanks for the ideas.

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