Dutch Braided Bangs

Dutch braided bangs (click-through for the full tutorial)I’m pretty indecisive with my hair. I don’t think I’m an indecisive person in life in general, but yeah, when it comes to my hair, I do not have it figured out. Sometimes I want it short, other times long; I ping-pong between red, blonde, and even dabble in blue, but the thing I am the MOST indecisive about has to be my bangs. (Or fringe if you’re feeling British.)

I pretty much always have bangs because I never have the resolve to grow them out, but I’m always trying to find ways to style them away. Usually it’s just a deep side part and side sweep, but sometimes I like to get a little fancier. Enter Dutch braided bangs. Very fancy.

Dutch braided bangs (click-through for the full tutorial)Step One: This style works best with dirtier hair, especially if you have some short layers (bangs) you’re trying to hide. So work with hair a day or two after your shower or add some product to give your hair extra texture.

Step Two: Give yourself a deep side part where you want your braid to start.

Step Three: Separate a section of hair for your braid and tie the rest out of the way.

Step Four: Take a small section of hair near the start of your part and divide into three sections to begin your braid. A Dutch braid is like a French braid where you add a small section of hair after each cross, but it differs from a French braid because you cross the sections under each other.

Step Five: Take the left section, cross under the middle, then take the right section and cross under the middle. Add a little bit of hair to the new left section and again, cross under the middle.

Step Six: Braid down to the end of your hair, adding small sections as you go.

Step Seven: Pancake your braid for a fuller look. If you have a fringe, pull the braid apart very gently to avoid making your shorter fringe pieces poke out. If your fringe is sticking out, try adding a little bit of hair spray to your fingertips and smoothing those sections back into the braid.

Step Eight: Let down the rest of your hair and pin the braid behind your ear.

Dutch braided fringe (click-through for the full tutorial)If you’re familiar with Dutch braids, or French braids, then this style isn’t too hard. The trick is working with hair that is already a bit dirty and more willing to stay in the braid! You could also do this look with a traditional French braid or rope braid.

Rope braids would also be easier and work well for even shorter bangs. However you choose to do it, this is a great option for hiding your bangs while growing them out, or just trying a different look for the day. Cheers, Rebecca.

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Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. 

  • Ahh! I love doing this style with my hair! It’s a great way to get your hair out of your face and looks super cute too!

  • My dress is by L’ecole des Femmes! She makes sailor blouses too http://www.lecoledesfemmes.com

  • Rebecca, stop being so gorgeous. I do nothing with my hair on the daily but your simple tutorials make me want to start putting in a little effort. (:

  • This is such a cute look, and I’m jealous of the bright red hair!


  • You girls always put together the cutest hair tutorials. I have them all saved and need to just attempt them already! Haha. <3

  • How cute! I have shorter hair too, so this would work wonderfully with mine! Thanks for sharing!

  • I knew you looked familiar, Rebecca! I always struggle with deciding on a fringe or not (currently, I have one). This is a lovely way to do my hair when I grow it out!

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