(Easy) Espresso Martini

Homemade espresso martini (click through for recipe)Three ingredient espresso martiniMaking cocktails does NOT have to be intimidating. At all. This one is super delicious and super easy. It only calls for three ingredients! An espresso martini is a great to serve to guests just before or after dinner. It can be a great conversation starter. I know I'm a little bit more talkative when I have a little jolt of caffeine in my system. 🙂How to make an espresso martiniEspresso Martini, makes two.

2 shots (about 1.5 ounces each) espresso*
2 ounces vodka
3 ounces Kahlua
coffee beans for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour in the espresso, vodka and Kahlua. Shake until chilled. Pour into two chilled glasses. Garnish with a few coffee beans. Homemade espresso*At home I use my DeLonghi kMix espresso maker to, well, make espresso. Another option is to use espresso powder. You can often find espresso powder in the coffee or baking section of grocery stores. It is most often used in baking, to enhance the flavor of chocolate. But in a pinch you could make homemade espresso too. If you can't find espresso powder just brew some super strong coffee and use that in place of the espresso in this recipe. Lots of options here. Easy and delicious espresso martini (click through for recipe)To chill your glasses simply place them in the freezer a few minutes (5-6) before you need them. Guests will be super impressed by the chilly glasses and coffee bean garnish. It's the little things, right? Happy cocktail making! xo. Emma

Credits// Author and Photography: Emma Chapman 

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