Easy Goat Cheese Appetizer: 3 Ways

Homemade goat cheese appetizersIn a little under a week many of us will be entertaining guests to ring in the New Year. Hello 2013! Here is a SUPER easy appetizer idea that tastes delicious and will look beautiful on your table. You can customize the basic idea to fit whatever ingredients you have on hand or whatever flavors you prefer.
Honey nut goat cheese appetizerSimply buy a few small logs of goat cheese. You can usually find these in the deli section of most major grocery stores. Roll the logs in herbs, nuts or dried fruit to add your own custom flavors. I made honey nut, rosemary and sesame seed, and cranberry.
Easy homemade appetizer ideasSimply pulse the ingredients in a food processor for a few minutes. Lay the ingredients out on a plate and gently press and roll the goat cheese over the ingredients. Just before serving drizzle on a little honey or olive oil, depending on the flavor.
Easy goat cheese appetizersServe with crackers, apple slices and additional jams or jellies if you like. Have fun making up your own flavors! xo. Emma 

  • Mmhhh,I`m a sucker for cheese!!Well maybe because I am from Switzerland and we have a loooot of cheese…
    Which goat cheese did you use??I don`t know that much about goat cheese,because normally I use cow milk cheese.
    Have you ever tried feta??I love it and made some feta canapes for the Christmas dinner with my friends!


  • Goat cheese is amazing! Try it with dried cherries too, it is one of my favourites 🙂

  • My mouth is watering. I LOVE goat cheese! Beautiful + easy + delicious = my kind of recipe.

  • I love goat cheese–very mild so adding flavor is necessary 🙂 I will have to try this! wholeyum.com

  • Emma –

    I am a huge fan of the cheese plate. I have discovered the best cheeses from Trader Joes and usually bring a plate out to all parties that quickly disappears. I never think to add to the cheese besides meats, breads & olives but I love this idea!

    It makes it feel more personal and like I put more effort into other than unwrapping it!

    Dani // Andbubblegum.com

  • Oh, I just love goat cheese . so tangy and delicious. My husband hates it. Give him a jar of cheese whiz and he’s in heaven (sigh).


  • YUMM!!! These sound so delicious {and simple!!} just what i needed for a new years party!!

  • YUMMM. This is a go to for me when guests come over. Never thought to create my own flavors though!

  • This looks fantastic! Usually I go for cream cheese covered with sweet pepper jelly, but I think goat cheese would fit the rest of our meal plan better. Thank you for sharing this idea! 🙂

  • This is awesome, a great party idea

    thanks for sharing 🙂


  • YUM!!! Goat cheese is my favorite! Looks good:)
    I sugest doing a post on styles you can do with stort hair, that would be cool.


  • Really good simple idea 🙂 hope ye enjoyed the holidays, heres a little post about my Christmas: http://www.turquoiseflamingo.com/2012/12/nancys-first-christmas.html

    Cathy x
    Turquoise Flamingo

  • I love goat cheese on my toast in the morning, I’ve never really done a ton with it other than cheese balls on my spinach salads too. That’ super good too!

  • That’s not that hard and they look amazing. I’m getting hungry from looking at these photographs, Emma! I always love your recipes, they make me want to try it right away. This looks really good!

    Happy holidays xoxo

  • The honey nut one looks to die for! Great idea per usual!

    xx Kelly

  • I just had a cranberry goat cheese from Costco, last night at a party, and my friend and I were talking about how to make one. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh I adore this. What a simple but affective idea. Very Clever. I’ll defiantly be serving this on New Year’s Eve. Yum!

  • Oh how fancy looking! I’d definitely try the cranberry one, it looks so lovely and tasty!


  • Not a big fan of goat cheese but I bet this would be fab with cream cheese too. Mmm…

  • Cheese plates are the best! I’ve never had goat cheese but this is really making me want to try it 🙂

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  • So yummy. I had goat cheese rolled in blueberries and blueberry sauce at my wedding!

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