Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY

Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial There’s nothing worse than gearing yourself up to finally go for a run (especially if you don’t run that often) only to find your headphones are a tangled mess. So, rather than starting your workout off on a high note, you spend the first few minutes in a brisk walk while you attempt to untangle the knot so you can finally get your workout playlist pumping. Well with a quick DIY cord keeper, your knotty days are behind you, and you’ll never have to spend half your flight trying to untangle your headphones again!

Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial) Supplies:
-leather or faux leather in two colors
Crop-a-dile or 1/8″ and 3/16″ leather hole punches
-fabric glue
button stud with screwback (I used the 7mm for the small keeper and the 8mm for the medium keeper.)
-fabric scissors

Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial)Use a marker to trace a 2.5″ circle on the underside of your leather (I used the bottom of a spray paint can to get my circle). You can also trace a 2″ circle if you want a mini cord keeper.

Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial Use fabric scissors to cut out as many circles as you want cord keepers. Cut a small triangle out of your circle with scissors so you have a pac-man shape. Trace a portion of the curve of your circle onto the back of your other color of leather. Line up the curve with the triangle opening in your original circle and trace the cutout area.

Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial Use scissors to cut the curve of your second color circle on the line, and then cut 1/4″ out from your traced triangle lines so the fabrics will have a bit of overlap for gluing together. Place a small line of fabric glue next to the edges of your triangle cutout on your original circle and place your second color cutout on top of the glue so that the top circle edge lines up with the rest of the circle.

Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial Allow the glue to fully dry, fold your cord keeper in half, and mark with a pen where you want your button stud closure to sit. Use your Crop-a-dile to punch a 1/8″ hole through your folded circle at the marked location, and then punch a slightly bigger 3/16″ hole over the first hole on the side that is the front of your cord keeper. Use scissors to cut a small slit out from the bottom of the 3/16″ hole so that it has a “keyhole” shape that will fit over the top knob of your button stud.

Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial Screw your button stud through the smaller hole in the back and push the button stud knob through the front hole to close. Wind whatever cord you want to keep tidy around your hand, and then use your keeper to keep the cord from unraveling.

Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial Easy Leather Cord Keeper DIY (click through for tutorial) Ahh, a cute solution to an irritating problem—what’s better than that? I also like that I can use whatever colors of leather I want too so I can match the headphones to their keeper as well. These are quick to make a few at a time so they would be a perfect handmade gift for a techie friend, or come to think of it, just anyone else that hates to untangle cords as well! And isn’t that basically everybody? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman

  • These ideas are looking very simple to make and I really love this. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is a great DIY gift idea especially for Christmas stocking stuffers.


  • Awesome idea. I’ll try it! I hope I will get rid of tangled earbuds. Thanks! Kisses!

  • Awesome! I’m so impressed.

  • What a great idea, and so simple and pretty! I am always having to untangle my earbuds so I could really use one of these. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  • Where did you get the iPhone case? I am having some trouble to find one I like, and this one is beautiful!

  • Oh genius, this is so useful! A brilliant idea, and they look super pretty and ~*fashionable*~ without being too hard to put together, haha. Thanks for posting this!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  • I saw this at Anthropology and of course was thinking how could I make this at home? I am so glad I saw this! Looks so easy!


  • Such a simple idea anyone can do and could work with all kinds of cords! I’m going to try a version of this to deal with the enormous mess behind my TV! 🙂

  • That’s such a cool idea, love the colors you used! Very pretty!

  • CORD TACOS!!! These things are the best! Never would have thought to make my own, but this is such a creative idea. Love the colors you chose too!

  • These are so cute and look really simple to make. My cords are always getting tangled so this is a great idea!

  • I love these! Fab way of keeping the wires from tangling… they are cute too!


  • Genius idea! My headphones are always getting tangled. Claire x. http://daydreamsinthegarden.blogspot.com

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