Easy Retro Victory Rolls

Easy victory rolls (click through for the full tutorial)I grew up watching more old films than modern TV shows or cartoons, so it’s no surprise that now some of my favorite daily outfits look like Halloween pinup costumes!

Still, I haven’t tried doing Victory Rolls in a while (a style that became popular in the 1940s), and I’m happy to say this style can be pulled off with all lengths of hair. Perfect if you’re planning a retro look for any theme parties this month, or you just want to add some retro flair to your beauty routine.

Easy victory rolls (click through for the full tutorial)
Step One: Section off a large chunk of hair on either side of your head and tie the rest of your hair back.

Step Two: Pull one side of your hair up (you can brush it upwards to keep it smooth) and form a small loop at the end.

Step Three: Roll the section of hair down towards your head following the loop and pin in place. Place pins at the front and the back of your roll to keep it in place.

Step Four: Repeat on the other side of your head.

Step Five: Clean it up! Pin up any loose hair (or runaway bangs!) and style the remaining section of hair from the back however you want. Spritz some hairspray to keep it all in place. When my hair was longer, I would wear the back section down and curl it slightly. Now that it is quite short, I rolled it into a tiny bun.

Retro victory rolls (click-through for the full tutorial)That’s it! Victory rolls are really easy once you get the hang of them. Like a lot of retro hairstyles, it just takes a bit of practice.

If this look is too much, you can always just try one roll or use it as an accent with a high ponytail. Some of my favorite looks combine the retro and the modern—like red lipstick and victory rolls but a more casual outfit of tee shirt and jeans!

But if you’re looking to channel a retro pinup look this Halloween, then definitely try this style out. Playing with this hair style again makes me want to watch all of the vintage films! Maybe a Betty Grable marathon is in order. Cheers, Rebecca.

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Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. 

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