Easy Twisted Updo

Perfect holiday party updo (click through for tutorial)Fun fact: I haven’t had long hair for very long. A few years ago I had a pixie cut—the Jean Seberg cut to be exact—and it’s taken around three years to get to this length. When I had short hair, what I was most envious of was the different hairstyles girls with long hair could do when my hair basically did nothing. So I promised myself that when my hair was finally “long”, I’d learn all sorts of interesting hairstyles. I’m still on that journey because I really do have to learn how to do different hairstyles; each one takes several attempts to get right and practice to make it perfect. This summer I learned the simple trick of making a rope braid and now it’s my favorite go-to style. Today I’m sharing a twisted updo that uses rope braids; it’s quite easy and a perfect hairstyle to try for any holiday parties you’re attending this season.

Perfect holiday party updo (click through for the tutorial) Step one: Start by dividing your hair into two sections following your part down the back of your head as if you’re making ponytails. You can tie/clip one side up to keep it out of the way and leave the other side down to begin.

Step two: Take two small sections of hair towards the top of your head. Twist these sections in the same direction. I like to twist my sections towards my face.

Step three: Take the two twists and cross them over each other in the opposite direction from your twist. Since I twisted them towards my face, I cross them over towards the back of my head.

Step four: Add a small amount of hair to your back twist, twist it towards your face again and cross it over.

Step five: Repeat step four using your other twist: add a small amount of hair, twist it a few times towards your face and cross it over. 

Step six: Keep repeating the process. It’s very simple, but you must keep your twists going in the same direction and crossing them in the opposite direction, this keeps the twists from unraveling and blending together. Tie the rope braid off with a small elastic when you reach the ends of your hair.

Perfect holiday party updo (click through for the tutorial) Step seven: Repeat the process on the other side of your head. Again I find it less confusing to keep the same exact process: twist towards my face, cross away from my face, add a bit of hair to each twist until all of my hair is twisted to the ends.

Step eight: Take your two rope braids and cross them over on the back of your head, pinning them in place and tucking the ends underneath.

Perfect holiday party updo (click through for tutorial) Perfect holiday party updo (click through for the tutorial) That’s it! Once you get comfortable making rope braids, there are so many different styles you can do—twisted milkmaid braids, a twisted crown braid, or this twisted updo. Another thing I love about this particular updo is how great it looks with a festive headpiece or sparkly headband. You could even just add a little twig of holly to offset this style at your next Christmas party! Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits // Author & Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess preset Cecelia for Lightroom.

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