Easy (Wonder Woman Inspired) Knotted Braid

For me, sometimes I just need a get-stuff-done kind of hairstyle because some days I just don’t have time for hair in my face or a style that is going to take the better part of the morning to accomplish! Whether you’re headed to the gym, running errands, or just working around the house, this is something that can be done in minutes. Not to mention you look like you’re about to save the world from Ares. Here’s how I did this braid on Emma, but it’s done just as easy on yourself!

1. I started with a side parting, taking two triangle sections at the hairline. (With this style, looking straight on, it may feel a little awkward right in the middle, but feel free to experiment!) If you have flyaways up front, it’s a good idea to use a bit of smoothing creme in the front section.

2. Take your two triangle pieces and tie them in a simple knot. Tighten it so it’s secure, but leave it somewhat loose to give some volume to the braid.

3. Secure the tails of the knot in one hand and scoop a section of hair from each side, sort of like you’re making a French braid.

4. On each side, add the new section of hair to each of the tails to create thicker strands.

5. Use your new strands of hair and tie another knot!

6. Continue these steps, adding more hair all the way down to the nape. Each knot will get bigger as you move down the head.

7. Once you run out of hair to add to the braid, continue the knot pattern with the strands you have.

8. Once you’ve completed your braid, you can hold it secure with one hand and use the other to pull apart the loops and knots gently for some added shape and volume (sprinkling a little plumping powder before pulling apart will really help too!). Secure with an elastic (these are great for braids) and go save the world!

Super easy, right?! I love that this could easily be done on so many lengths of hair and for just about any occasion. If you love this braid but want to dress it up a little, try only collecting hair until about halfway through, and continue the single strand knots for a cute yet fierce half up style, then curl or wave the hair you left out! <3 Erin

Credits // Author: Erin Wheaton, Photography: Elise Abigail Randolph. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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